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The Legendary Man Chapter 743

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Hossom wielded the long club and stabbed it in the direction where Jonathan disappeared.

Despite his best effort, he failed to locate Jonathan as the latter had disappeared under the sand dune.
He had stabbed his tool two to three meters deep into the sand, but it proved to be useless.

“You want me to divert their attention, huh? Dream on!”

Hossom cursed out loud as he heard the siren from the base and turned to flee the scene.

He had just taken a few strides when he clenched his jaw and decided to return to pick up the magical

Jonathan might’ve put a restriction on the magical item a while ago, but he didn’t engrave his spiritual
sense on it and only filled it with his spiritual energy.

Hossom couldn’t bear to lose such a superior magical item. However, he had to finish utilizing
Jonathan’s spiritual energy within the magical item to control it completely.

As a result, Hossom became a torchbearer running across the desert.

The pole that was over ten meters tall became the best beacon for the West Region Army.

The sound of gunshots echoed as the soldiers aimed and fired their guns in the direction of the flames.

Hossom could only run with all his might as he cursed Jonathan under his breath.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was rushing ahead underneath the sand.

He unleashed his spiritual sense to cover the area above his head.

Upon detecting a group of men dressed in plain clothes, Jonathan raised the Heaven Sword and
directed it upward with a powerful thrust.

Everyone in the West Region Army was paying attention to the siren and gunshots that sounded
without warning outside.

Hence, no one had expected the ground beneath their feet to suddenly split open.

With two metallic flashes, three military officers were sliced in half.

The ground cracked open, and Jonathan shot up with the bronze handbell, his cheeks flushed red.

The West Region Army’s base, while not as elaborate as the Northern Crimson Prison, was still heavily
fortified. The base had several dozen meters of thick boulders and over three meters of concrete buried
beneath it.

If he had taken any longer, Jonathan might have suffocated and died underground.

“Who is Caspian?” he declared icily, brandishing the Heaven Sword.

“A Chanaean cultivator?”

A middle-aged military officer standing in front of Jonathan pulled out a strange-looking staff and
launched an attack without hesitation.

A middle phase Grandmaster!

Jonathan kept his bronze handbell and used his Heaven Sword to send the staff flying.

Jonathan kept his bronze handbell and used his Heaven Sword to send the staff flying.

A blood mist was formed when Jonathan’s Heaven Sword stabbed into the military officer’s shoulder.

“I’m glad you can understand Chanaean. I’m not here to wipe out your army. All I want is to talk to
Caspian. Where is he?”

“Caspian is severely injured and has been sent back to Newcove to receive treatment.”

Hearing that, Jonathan chopped off the military officer’s head without hesitation.

He extended his spiritual sense to encompass the surrounding area, spanning hundreds of meters.

There are three Grandmasters!

It took Jonathan only an instant to pinpoint the three Grandmasters in the base.

He instantly recognized that the West Region had increased its forces at the border.

If I hadn’t shown up today, during our next battle, Dorian would have most probably gotten killed by the
four Grandmasters. What a great plan!

Jonathan snorted icily and pushed the door open to head out.

As soon as the door opened, several dozen guns were immediately fired.

Jonathan didn’t bother holding back when he scoured the area earlier, so the three Grandmasters
could naturally sense his existence.

They immediately mobilized the troops to surround the area.

The bullets flew through the air as the shells clattered to the ground, creating a chilling soundtrack that
seemed to herald the arrival of the Grim Reaper itself.

The gunfire was enough to destroy everything in sight, but Jonathan didn’t bother avoiding it.

He held the bronze handbell and charged forward.

The blood mist faded away. At once, three soldiers spat out blood and died on the spot under the
impact of the collision.

The moment the golden glow disappeared, Jonathan waved his Heaven Sword in the night air.

It was a simple action, but about ten heads shot up into the air before dropping to the ground.


Following Jonathan’s roar, over ten magical items flew out of the storage ring. They circled in the air for
a moment before spreading out.

Casualties were common in battle.

Jonathan didn’t waver even though countless soldiers collapsed to the ground and died around him as
the magical items weaved around in the air.

Two men and a woman landed beside him, making sure he had nowhere to escape.

Opposite Jonathan stood a woman with a crew cut. As she landed on the ground, she smacked a small
drum in her hands.

Following that smack, Jonathan’s spiritual energy that was coursing wildly in his body suddenly calmed

He wasn’t the only one who felt the call of the drums. All around him, the soldiers who had been
panicking ceased in their tracks, their faces now relieved. They ceased their retreat, allowing the
magical items to fly by them as they stood transfixed by the sound of the drum.

Despite their imminent death, the soldiers wore smiles on their faces, creating a mystifying sight.

Thump, thump!

Following the thumps, Jonathan could feel his spiritual energy decreasing.

His mind was at peace, and he couldn’t even summon any energy to fight.

It occurred to him that he was exhausted from going to war for so many years.

Jonathan’s soul was filled with a sense of inner tranquility, and he wanted to prolong this peacefulness.

At the same time, the other two Grandmasters leaped into the air and aimed their long swords at
Jonathan’s ribs.


Jonathan suffered a concussion in his organs due to the force of the Grandmasters’ attack, but the
bronze handbell was able to withstand it. However, the aftermath of the attack caused him to suffer
from a severe internal injury.

Thanks to their attacks, Jonathan was able to regain his senses.

He quickly gestured a spell and used the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique to protect his spiritual
sense. He dared not let his guard down anymore.

There was something strange about the drum.

Without the protection of the bronze handbell, Jonathan would have been vulnerable to the long swords
and likely would have been stabbed to death.

The Grandmasters are capable, and I’ve underestimated them!

“Die!” Jonathan let out a low growl.

The magical items hovering in the sky came for the woman in all directions.

Jonathan disappeared in a flash. His target was the man on his left.

Thump, thump, thump…

The rapid drumbeat reverberated around Jonathan, making his spiritual energy surge and his
meridians swell with pain. He tried to steel himself against the onslaught, but the intensity of the sound
was too much for him to bear.

The two Grandmasters by his side seemed to have gone crazy.

Their bodies enlarged to almost twice their original size, making them appear like wild beasts as they
charged toward Jonathan with unbridled ferocity.

Jonathan noticed that the cultivators’ movements appeared differently in his spiritual sense compared
to what he saw with his eyes.

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