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The Legendary Man Chapter 744

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-In a battle between cultivators, low-ranked cultivators could win if
they were fast enough.

Those who had not yet reached the Grandmaster Realm had to constantly train and refine their bodies
in order to utilize them to their fullest potential during battles for both offense and defense.

Upon achieving the Grandmaster Realm, they could use their own spiritual energy to create force

In their own force fields, they could sense everything in an instant.

However, there was a lag in the feedback of spiritual energy.

After all, spiritual energy was like a force of nature in the water. If someone was behind you and caused
a ripple in the water, your body would need to sense the change in the water before you could react.

Thus, even Grandmasters saw spiritual energy as only a supporting tool during battle.

They would use this technique to detect if there were any enemies in their blind spots.

Those in the Grandmaster Realm had the ability to independently unleash their spiritual sense to scour
an area. However, the area of coverage was limited as they could only use a limited amount of spiritual

Additionally, if they sensed an enemy with their spiritual sense, they still might not be able to react in
time as the enemy might be too near.

Novice cultivators who had just learned to release their spiritual sense could expand their perception as
their spiritual sense was an extension of their body.

Every signal and action within the area covered by their spiritual sense would trigger their instinctive

For example, if one was eating, one’s mind would be on one’s food.

However, if someone’s spiritual sense were to cover the entire house, their brain would have to process
everything happening within the house. They would be able to pick up on sounds of cooking, sweeping,
and talking, as well as any other activities happening in the house. This influx of information would be
overwhelming for their mind to process.

Many people envied those who were capable of creating force fields, but they had no idea how hard it
was to get used to it.

Some cultivators even destroyed their cultivation level voluntarily as they couldn’t bear the suffering.

A cultivator in the God Realm like Jonathan could control the feedback of their spiritual sense. During a
battle, they could release their spiritual sense to perceive what was happening within dozens of meters.

However, it was rare to see someone like Jonathan who could extend his spiritual sense to a radius of
hundreds of meters.

It could be said that cultivators who had achieved the God Realm would grow increasingly addicted to
creating force fields with their spiritual sense.

Using their spiritual sense, they could anticipate their enemy’s actions even before they could see
anything with their eyes.

Using their spiritual sense, they could anticipate their enemy’s actions even before they could see
anything with their eyes.

However, what Jonathan saw was different from what his spiritual sense had sensed.


As he spoke, visible ripples started unfurling and spreading outward.

If his eyes and sense told him two different things, he would have to rely on third-party spiritual energy
to learn the truth.

Instantly, Jonathan’s force field expanded dozens of meters in all directions, allowing him to uncover
the truth through the feedback of his spiritual energy.

One of them is fake, and the other is real!

Jonathan struck his Heaven Sword to his right, aiming for nothing. Suddenly, a sword materialized in
midair, blocking the attack.

He suddenly spun around and gave a swift kick to the air. In an instant, a figure materialized and flew
back from the force.

The other cultivator stabbed Jonathan’s back, intending to pierce through his chest.

Above him, the bronze handbell glowed brilliantly. The long sword stabbed into the light, causing a loud

Jonathan’s face reddened after he withstood another attack from a Grandmaster. It was so intense that
he felt his blood boiling as if it was about to surge up and explode out of his head.

“Die!” Jonathan roared.

He spun on his heels and removed the bronze handbell, reaching out to grab the cultivator’s wrist.

With a jerk of his arm, he tugged the cultivator down and slammed his knee into the latter’s neck,
breaking it in an instant.


Despite that, the West Region cultivator wasn’t dead and struggled to escape.

“You won’t die, huh?”

Jonathan delivered a forceful kick against the cultivator’s head.

A crack was heard, and the head burst into pieces like a crushed watermelon. White and red bits filled
the air.

Jonathan reached out to remove the spirit shield, and the blood in the air splattered to the ground
beside the headless body.

Jonathan then turned to look at the female cultivator and sneered, “One cultivator is only visible to the
naked eye, and the other detectable only by spiritual sense. Your drum is a great magical tool as it can
disturb both the spiritual sense and eyesight. Let me have a go at it!”

The concrete ground exploded, and Jonathan’s body appeared in front of the female cultivator.

The Heaven Sword cut across the woman’s arm, but there wasn’t any resistance.

This is a fake!

Jonathan narrowed his gaze and spread his spiritual sense in all directions.

Through his spiritual sense, he sensed two figures dashing out of the camp. They were currently
dozens of meters away.

However, his spiritual energy told him they were in the opposite direction.

In fact, two main battle tanks were currently aiming at Jonathan right before his eyes.

However, everything was concealed by the woman’s drumbeats.

Had Jonathan not extended his spiritual sense beyond the usual range, he would not have detected the
danger even when the tanks fired their cannons at him.

He couldn’t believe that the drum was able to conceal the sound of the tanks moving.

It sure is a rare treasure!

Without any audible warning, Jonathan dropped to the ground as he felt the main battle tanks’ barrels
begin to tremble. He then proceeded to crawl to the side.

The cannonballs whizzed past Jonathan’s head.

However, in Jonathan’s sight, he could only see the female cultivator from the West Region and
nothing else.

His spiritual sense and force field kept giving him feedback.

HIs sight, spiritual sense, and spiritual energy gave him contrasting feedback of the three figures.


Following the noise, Jonathan stabbed his Heaven Sword backward as a glint appeared in his eyes.

His Heaven Sword was blocked by a long sword.

It belonged to the West Region cultivator who had vanished some time ago. Despite Jonathan’s efforts,
he had been unable to locate him. Unknown to Jonathan, the cultivator had concealed his spiritual
energy and had been masquerading as an ordinary West Region soldier, patiently biding his time for an
opportune moment to strike.

“Skywards!” Jonathan growled.

He swung his sword upward and cut the West Region cultivator in half.

Turning around, he realized the West Region female cultivator was nowhere to be seen.

Jonathan’s spiritual sense had a limited range and could only be extended up to approximately one
hundred meters, rendering him powerless beyond that distance. Despite his formidable strength, he
knew this was a weakness that he could not overcome.

He was currently surrounded by countless soldiers.

The sight of the firearms caused a chill to run down his spine.

Jonathan wasn’t afraid if there were merely a thousand men or so, but he was currently surrounded by
close to one hundred thousand men.

He couldn’t finish chopping one hundred thousand cabbages, let alone kill one hundred thousand men.

There was a possibility he couldn’t even withstand the attack of heavy artillery like a cannon.

If he were to stay, he would likely meet his doom right here.

It’s time to leave!

With that thought in mind, Jonathan once again used a spell to slip into the cracked ground and flee the

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