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The Legendary Man Chapter 742

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-The two vehicles carried a total of eight soldiers from the West
Region Army, all of who was now lying face down in a pool of blood.

Emerging unscathed, Jonathan had annihilated six while the Machian youth took out two.

As for the jets in the sky, they had gradually flown away.

“Why are they fleeing? I was just planning on taking them down!” the Machian youth remarked smugly
while holding the blood-drenched kukri in his hand.

Jonathan let out a snort before frisking the dead soldiers’ bodies for any communication devices.

“Stop your bragging. The jets have taken a huge risk with their brief incursion of the border. Based on
the international rules of engagement, their behavior is considered a form of provocation, giving
Chanaea the right to deploy troops against them.”

As Jonathan tore the patch off one of the dead soldier’s chests, he could clearly see a white elephant
on it.

“Just as I expected. They’re from the White Elephant Squad.”

Jonathan threw the patch to the youth.

“Hey, I saved your life. Shouldn’t you be telling me the truth? Such as your name and what you’re doing
here in West Region? Also, why in the world are those guys chasing you all the way from Newcove?”

“My name is Hossom Hoffman,” the youth replied as he retrieved a pack of cigarettes from the body of
a dead soldier.

Ignoring the blood on the pack, he pulled one out and stuffed it between his lips.

“Actually, I didn’t do much during my trip to West Region. All I did was steal a diamond from the head of
the Seboxia statue from Bazar Temple in Newcove.”

While speaking, Hossom handed a cigarette to Jonathan.

However, Jonathan was gawking at him.

“Wow, I can’t believe what you did. How dare you steal something like that? They would probably be
filled with shame if they didn’t kill you.”

In spite of his words, Jonathan still gave Hossom a look of admiration.

West Region was the world’s largest theocratic country, while Seboxia was the most prominent God
they worshipped.

As for Bazar Temple, it was designated as holy ground by West Region. Therefore, stealing the
diamond from Seboxia’s head was no different from asking to be killed.

“Hehe, it wasn’t that difficult.” Hossom chuckled in response.

“To repay you for saving my life, I’ll give you ownership of half the diamond I stole. By the way, what’s
your name?”

“Me?” Jonathan looked at Hossom. “I’m Hensom Hoffman.”

“What? You’re a Hoffman too?” Hossom remarked in delight, “Hensom, with your strength, what are
you doing in this ungodly place? Shouldn’t you be enjoying yourself somewhere?”

Jonathan turned to look toward the west upon hearing Hossom’s words.

Jonathan turned to look toward the west upon hearing Hossom’s words.

Even though I managed to save the kid after giving the West Region Army some trouble, the borders
will definitely be strengthened after this. On top of that, it is extremely difficult to hide oneself in this
endless desert.

“I was just traveling around in search of any profitable opportunities,” Jonathan replied with a laugh. “By
the way, during your travels in West Region, have you heard of someone named Caspian?”

Hossom furrowed his brows in thought.

“Caspian… Are you talking about the commander of the West Region border guards? I have never
seen him before. Actually, I’m curious. I was expecting to be stopped by the border guards along the
West Region and was surprised that I managed to cross it so easily.”

Jonathan didn’t comment on the matter, for there was no way he could tell a foreigner that a brutal
battle that cost a hundred and twenty thousand lives had just occurred a few days ago.

Currently, the Mysonna Army wasn’t alone in rejuvenating its forces.

Even West Region, the country with the second largest population, was forced to allow its forces to
recuperate after losing seventy thousand troops.

“Hossom, in order to reach Machia, all you have to do is head south. Even though they might be
tracking you still, they won’t cause you any trouble within the borders of Chanaea. When you arrive in
Yorksland, you can probably leave Chanaea easily with your skill. Just remember not to cause any
trouble in Chanaea, or I’ll make sure that you regret it.”

Once Jonathan finished, he began walking toward the west.

Time was of the essence when it came to Dorian’s injuries. The current circumstances didn’t allow
Jonathan to be away for a long time. Hence, he had to make his foray into West Region a quick one.

Watching Jonathan leave, Hossom felt a slight sense of hesitation. He subsequently chopped off an
arm from a corpse before running after the former.

“Hensom, wait for me. Let’s travel together. At the very least, we can rely on each other during our

“With me?” Jonathan gave Hossom a nonplussed look. “Aren’t you worried about the West Region
Army coming after you?”

“Would someone as smart as I am not think of that?” Hossom swiftly removed the tracker from the
severed arm and put it on his own. “If you can assume that I would flee, so would they, which makes
going back the way I came from the safest choice. Don’t Chanaeans have this saying? The most
dangerous place is usually the safest one?”

When he saw the smug look on Hossom’s face, Jonathan shook his head in resignation.

“Fine. I don’t mind you coming with me, but I’m not going to rescue you if you get into any trouble.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t get in your way.”

With that, two figures began to speed through the vast desert.

It wasn’t until nightfall that a military base surrounded by barbed wires came into Jonathan’s view.

“Hey, Hensom, don’t tell me that you’re going to destroy the West Region border guards’ base?”

Sprawled on the ground beside Jonathan, Hossom suddenly realized what sort of person he had
tagged along with.

“You had better not get me involved. There’s no way two cultivators like us can take on tens of
thousands of heavily armed men, is there?”

“Ninety-eight thousand men, to be exact,” Jonathan whispered as he adjusted the pace of his breath.
“All military bases are equipped with thermal imaging scanners outside.”

“All the more reason not to go out there,” Hossom replied through gritted teeth. “We have yet to be
discovered, so there’s still time to leave. Hensom, what has gotten into you for you to… Oh, why did I
have to follow you? I’m beginning to regret it.”

Right after he spoke, Hossom turned to leave. However, he soon realized that Jonathan was gripping
his wrist tightly.

In response, he gave Jonathan an icy stare.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s not as dangerous as you think,” Jonathan whispered as he lay behind the sand dune. “You have
seen how I can tunnel through the sand. As long as someone diverts the West Region Army’s
attention, I can infiltrate the base undetected.”

“Cut the crap!”

Hossom gave Jonathan a seething look.

“Hey man, it’s just as you said. You need someone to act as a distraction. Where are we going to find

Hossom was stunned mid-sentence.

“You… What the f*ck? Are you talking about me?”


With a gleeful smile, Jonathan stuffed a metal rod that was as big as his palm into Hossom’s hand.

The very next moment, there was a burst of spiritual energy.

The metal rod extended rapidly by about ten meters, becoming as tall as a flag pole.

“This is a top-grade magical item, one that money can’t buy, so don’t lose it.”

Just as he spoke, the magical item in Hossom’s hand began to vibrate.

As the red markings that covered the meters-long magical item began to glow, a fiery flame ignited at
its tip and danced wildly in the air.

In the meantime, Jonathan formed a magic seal with his hand and began sinking into the sand.

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