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The Legendary Man Chapter 741

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-Jonathan’s shouts finally caught the figure’s attention.

However, when the figure saw the rifle in Jonathan’s hand, he turned and continued to flee without any

“D*mn it! I’m trying to save you!”

Raising his right hand, Jonathan kept his sniper rifle in his storage ring and pulled out a whip from thin


As the noise of the sound barrier breaking rang out, the whip suddenly extended itself with a boost of
spiritual energy.

It began to glow with a blistering white light in mid-air as it formed a lasso and flew forward.

The instant the figure was about to be lassoed by the whip, he lunged forward to escape capture, as if
he didn’t have any bones at all. Subsequently, he continued running down the sand dunes.

“D*mn it…”

When his spiritual sense suddenly alerted him to artillery shells above his head, Jonathan formed a
spell with his left hand.

“Five Elements of the Dragon Deity! Earth, arise!”

Underneath his feet, waves of pure spiritual energy flooded into the sand dunes.

At the same time, the fleeing figure in front suddenly froze.

In that instant, he felt as if a lake of boundless spiritual energy had formed, and he was smack dab in
the middle of it.

Such powerful spiritual energy! Who in the world is this man?

Beneath his feet, a dark shadow gradually grew.

When he turned to look, he saw a sand dune crashing into him like a wave.

Right below the sand dune, a golden ray of light flashed by and struck him in his chest.


No sooner had he seen the knee sinking into his body than the young man spewed out a mouthful of

Before he could react, he was already engulfed in the ensuing sandstorm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Consecutive explosions were heard.

Within the darkness, Jonathan felt as if there were countless battle drums beating above his head.

As for his hand, it clasped the figure’s neck tightly as he dragged the person along in a mad dash for

The Five Elements of the Dragon Deity was a large-scale spell. Even though it was extremely powerful,
it consumed vast amounts of spiritual energy.

Thus, Jonathan would never use it except for desperate circumstances.

Fortunately for him, they were in a desert where the sand was loose. Thus, Jonathan had no trouble
traveling through the sand despite having someone in tow.

Conversely, if he was in a city or village where the ground was solid, he wouldn’t have been able to flee
so rapidly with Earthly Escape. In fact, he might end up being buried underground after running out of
spiritual energy.

After tunneling through the sand for hundreds of meters, Jonathan finally dashed toward the surface.

After tunneling through the sand for hundreds of meters, Jonathan finally dashed toward the surface.

The moment he saw sunlight and knew that he had sufficient spiritual energy to support himself,
Jonathan began to gasp for air.

Meanwhile, the man whose neck Jonathan was holding began to hit his arm as he murmured, “I’m
going to die. I’m going to die…”

“Shut up!” Jonathan yelled while pointing at his nose before tearing his face scarf away.

Underneath the scarf was a foreign-looking man with a tan complexion and chiseled features.

“You’re not Chanaean?”

“I’m Machian,” the youth snapped back before grabbing his face scarf.

Lying on the sand dune, the youth rubbed his sore chest as he seethed at Jonathan.

“Are you trying to kill me or save me? If you had struck me a little harder just now, I would probably
have been killed.”

“Well, you’re still alive, aren’t you?”

Paying no heed to the youth, Jonathan waved his hands and conjured up a sand camouflage on his
body. Thereafter, he crawled up the sand dune and looked out toward the area that was being

Two jeeps belonging to the West Region Army had stopped there. They had brought along tens of
highly-trained soldiers who began to search the bombarded area.

After staring intently at the West Region soldiers, Jonathan turned his attention to the youth beside him.

“Hey, what in the world did you do? These guys look like the elite from White Elephant Squad.”


After crawling up the sand dune to Jonathan’s side, the young man spat out the sand in his mouth.

“Elites, my *ss. They have been chasing me from Newcove to this ungodly place and still haven’t
caught me. If it wasn’t for you just now, I would have already entered Chanaea’s borders.”

Jonathan stretched out his left hand.

“Look at the map. You have already crossed the border by almost a thousand meters, so it appears
your pursuers have no intention of letting you go. It makes me wonder if you blew Newcove to kingdom

When the youth saw the electronic map on Jonathan’s arm, a curious expression descended on his

“That doesn’t sound right. My intel says that Chanaea is very strict with its borders. Once I crossed it,
West Region wouldn’t dare pursue me for fear that Chanaea’s Mysonna Army would attack them.”

Just as the youth spoke, he turned to look around.

“Don’t tell me that you alone are keeping watch for the entire Mysonna Army?”

“Nonsense.” The annoyed Jonathan put his computer away as he spoke. “Do I look like a lowly border
guard to you?”

“Not really.” Sprawled on the sand dune, the youth continued, “As someone who has achieved God
Realm, you’re more than qualified to be a general. And yet, by appearing here alone, you really don’t
look like an officer to me!”

No sooner had he spoken than an epiphany caused him to stare at Jonathan.

“Don’t tell me you also saw the bounty on the Dark Web and came here to execute the mission?”

“Dark Web? What mission?”

Jonathan was baffled by the youth’s comment.

As for the youth, he was slightly stunned upon hearing Jonathan’s words.

“So, you’re not after the bounty. That’s good… That’s good…”

Upon laying down on the sand dune, the youth whipped out a sniper rifle and deftly loaded a bullet into
its chamber.

“You’re not my enemy as long as you’re not in the same line of work as I am. I definitely owe you a debt
of gratitude for saving my life. I may just be in the advanced phase of Grandmaster Realm currently but
will definitely achieve God Realm in less than a year. When the time comes, I’ll certainly repay my

Right after he finished, the youth took a deep breath. By then, he had already aimed his sights on the
SUV parked on the sand dune.

At the same time, Jonathan had sat up and was doing the same with his rifle on his shoulder.

“You take the one on the left while I deal with the one on the right. Aim for their fuel tanks.”

Bang! Bang!

Two shots rang out simultaneously.

The fuel tanks of both Jeeps ignited before exploding into a fireball.

“With the two vehicles as the reference point, leave everyone on the left to me!”

Jonathan put away his sniper rifle and dashed forward, brandishing his broken blade.

“How daring!” The youth burst into laughter before charging forward with a kukri in hand.

Due to the explosion, the soldiers of the West Region Army hid behind the sand dunes.

In less than three seconds, Jonathan had closed the distance of a hundred meters between them.

When the first of their enemies took a peek out, Jonathan’s broken blade flashed across his face,
sending a mist of blood through the air.

It was then that the massacre officially began.

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