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The Legendary Man Chapter 739

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-Jonathan hummed in acknowledgment before walking back in the
direction of Dorian’s room.

The moment he passed by, Jonathan flatly remarked, “Dorian, I know you have been listening at the
door. Just focus on recuperating and don’t do anything stupid. I’ll be back with the antidote in half a
month at most.”

As the ward’s door gradually opened, the exhausted Dorian stared at Jonathan before breaking out a
vibrant smile.

“Mr. Goldstein… Why don’t I go with you?”

“You idiot!” Jonathan snapped without even looking back. “Other than getting in my way, what else can
you do? It’s better you stay put.”

Thereafter, Jonathan’s helicopter gradually descended upon Northern Crimson Prison, which had been
reduced to a pile of ruins.

Standing on top of the building with Reaper beside him, Jonathan wore a grim expression on his face.

“Mr. Goldstein, are we really going to abandon this place?”

Jonathan nodded as he ran his fingers along the exposed bricks that were burning from the heat of the

“Yes. Even though we can rebuild it, this location has lost its strategic value. Besides, Mysonna Army
has more important things to do. Perhaps we can revisit the matter once the situation in Chanaea

“But—” Reaper gave Jonathan a hesitant look before stopping mid-sentence.

His response caused Jonathan to turn and look at him.

“What’s wrong? It isn’t like you to hold back. You even dared to question me during the upheaval in
Mysonna, and now, you’re mincing your words?”

“The opposite in fact,” Reaper replied with a sigh.

“It’s just that after spending three years here and watching the prison become one of the world’s three
biggest prisons, I feel saddened by the sight of its crumbling walls.”

“Abandoning Northern Crimson Prison was part of Mysonna Army’s strategy.” Jonathan added with a
smile, “After we massacred seventy thousand men of the West Region Army, they won’t dare do
anything for a while. By the way, Lieutenant Reaper, find me a solo locator and mark the West Region
Army’s location on it. There’s something I need to do.”

Reaper was briefly surprised by Jonathan’s words before his face reddened with excitement.

“Mr. Goldstein, are you going to attack them? Why don’t I come with you—”

“That’s not necessary,” Jonathan answered with a chuckle. “I’m just going to retrieve something, and it
will only take a few days. Anyway, prepare a vehicle for me.”


Meanwhile, in Oak Tree Village, which was located in the city of Quakersville, Eva was speeding along
the village streets on her skateboard.


Meanwhile, in Oak Tree Village, which was located in the city of Quakersville, Eva was speeding along
the village streets on her skateboard.

As for the villagers, they went about their business as if they were oblivious to her presence.

It wasn’t until Eva slid into an alley that the space seemed to suddenly contort. After the surroundings
turned back to normal, she vanished into thin air.

Subsequently, a magic seal lit up in a mysterious cave somewhere.

With her skateboard in her hand, Eva suddenly stumbled out of it.

“What kind of lousy portal formation is this? It makes me dizzy all the time,” Eva grumbled as she made
her way to the cave entrance with the help of the wall.

“Granduncle, dispel the formation. I’m back.”

Eva’s voice was followed by the light around her increasing in intensity. As the cave walls on both sides
faded away, a plaza began to appear right before her eyes.

At the corner of the plaza sat two elderly men with white beards playing checkers.

After reaching out her hand to feel the air in front of her, Eva stepped forward once she was sure that
the trap formation had been dispelled.

“Grandpa, Granduncle, both of you seem to be in a rather good mood. I’m surprised to see you playing

The grumpy Eva walked up to both of them before throwing her skateboard down and sitting on it.

“Eva, you’re no longer a child. Why do you still behave like one?”

The relatively more distinguished-looking old man on the right asked with a chuckle as he placed a
black piece on the board.

“It’s all Wilbur’s fault.” With a swipe of her hand, the teapot beside the two old men fell into her grasp.
With that, she began gulping down from its spout.

“Grandpa, I must tell you how disobedient Wilbur is. I ordered him to attack the Eastern Army of
Doveston, but he turned on me instead. Why don’t we teach him a lesson?”

While speaking, Eva made a gesture by slitting her finger across her neck.

However, the old man, Gregory Salladay, gently grabbed her wrist.

“Eva, you should tone down on that murderous intent of yours,” he advised with a smile.

“A grand scheme is just like chess. Some moves might look harmless in the beginning but turn out to
be decisive later in the game.”

While speaking, Gregory put down another black piece.

The moment he did, more than twenty white pieces flew up into the air and fell into the bowl for them.

The single decisive move had allowed him to make a killing.

“If Wilbur were easy to be manipulated, he wouldn’t have plotted with us against Joshua. You must
remember that Joshua hadn’t shown any signs of cultivation back then. Considering how wary Wilbur
was in the matter, he would be even more careful working with us.”

“Grandpa, are you saying that he’s just using the Salladay family?” Eva asked with a frown.

“What else can it be?” Gregory threw the question back at her. “Aren’t we using him too?”


Gregory’s words caused Eva to be stunned.

From her perspective, anyone being used by the Salladay family—the most powerful among the eight
families—should be honored. Hence, she couldn’t accept the idea that the roles were reversed.

“Eva, killing is easy, but it doesn’t solve everything. Since you intend to ruin the alliance between
Asura’s Office, the Eastern Army, and their allies within the other respectable families, can’t you think of
another way if Wilbur isn’t cooperating?”

While Gregory was speaking, two checker pieces—one black and one white—flew off the board with a
twitch of his fingers.

“All alliances are formed based on common interests, so there must be something that connects all
parties together.”

Under the influence of spiritual energy, the two checker pieces began to swirl in the air.

“Wilbur is tied to us by cultivation methods and spirit stones. What about them?”

“They…” Eva stared blankly at the spinning pieces. “What brings them together is… Josephine and

As the checker pieces he was controlling fell into his hand, Gregory turned them into dust with a gentle

“You have to gain a better understanding of how alliances are formed. Otherwise, you’re not ready to
take over the Salladay family. Remember, you have to be flexible. Adapting to your circumstances is
the only way to make progress.”

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