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The Legendary Man Chapter 737

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-“How is this still little?” Colton was stumped for words as he stared at
Jonathan and the others. “Guys, do you actually know how difficult it is for spirit stones to be formed?”

Jonathan exchanged glances with his companions before shaking his head.

Jason then adjusted his spectacle before speaking.

“Does it also need the high pressure created by the earth’s movements?”

“My man, that’s for those useless diamonds!”

Colton, despite his serious demeanor, couldn’t help but ridicule Jason.

Thereafter, Colton let out a sigh of resignation.

“Everyone, as you can see for yourself, the spirit stone continuously emits spiritual energy the moment
it is taken out from the storage ring. If Lauryn hadn’t cast a spell to constrain the spiritual energy within
this building, the stones would shatter into pieces after running out of energy in a few days. As for how
spiritual ley lines are formed in nature, three conditions need to be fulfilled. Firstly, there has to be a
natural energy-gathering formation to collect the spiritual energy in the air. Once it has reached its
maximum concentration, it would turn into liquid form, similar to the condensation of water from a mist.”

He continued, “After that, the energy-gathering formation has to be located within an energy-locking
formation. Only then can the spiritual energy flow in without leaking out. A small spiritual ley line would
subsequently be formed once the process of gas becoming liquid and liquid becoming solid is repeated
for tens of thousands of years. And now, you’re saying that ten spirit stones are too little? Do you know
how many spirit stones there are in the entire market? There are no more than—”

“Colton!” Lauryn yelled before Colton could finish.

Briefly stunned, Colton subsequently let out a sigh.

“Forget it. You wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about even if I told you. These ten high-grade spirit
stones are the highest honor the Blackwood family can offer, so I hope you can reciprocate with the
same amount of sincerity.”

“Tell Mr. Blackwood that I would not hesitate to destroy the sect at the very first opportunity,” Jonathan
replied before giggling.

After leaving the spirit stones, Colton left just as quickly as he came.

Thereafter, Zachary and Jason began their cultivation in No. 8 Villa upon Jonathan’s instructions.

Due to what happened to Josephine, Jonathan didn’t return to No. 1 Villa, for he couldn’t bring himself
to face the Smith family.

Instead, he took a flight directly to Mysonna. As for the spirit stones, he handed seven of them to the
Dark Special Forces.

Based on his arrangement, the five Kings of War would get one each, while the Dark Special Forces
would use two to elevate their cultivation level.

Based on his arrangement, the five Kings of War would get one each, while the Dark Special Forces
would use two to elevate their cultivation level.

As for the last two, he planned to give Dorian and Hayes one each.

He decided to deliver them personally, considering how valuable the stones were.

Zadiff, in the state of Zandania, was a city located at Chanaea’s north-westerly border.

West of the city was the endless Saosa Desert, and in the middle of it was Northern Crimson Prison.

Even though Zadiff was known as a small border city, its size was actually closer to that of a small

The population was no more than five hundred thousand and was sparsely distributed across the entire
area. Due to its far-flung location and the belligerent culture of its people, it was essentially a lawless
land despite being officially labeled as an autonomous region.

There, Dorian was currently recuperating in its main hospital.

Meanwhile, with helicopter blades whirring in the background, Jonathan lowered his head to alight from
its cabin.

Standing at the hospital entrance, Dorian—with the support of a nurse—saluted Jonathan.

“Welcome, Mr. Goldstein, we’re ready for your inspection!”

Upon Dorian’s cue, hundreds of soldiers stood on attention and greeted Jonathan in unison.

While walking up to them, Jonathan used his spiritual sense to scan Dorian’s entire body, where he
detected slash wounds all over and injuries to many of the latter’s organs.

Despite being aware of Dorian’s grievous injuries before his arrival, Jonathan was still shocked that
Dorian’s condition was worse than he imagined.

In fact, it was a miracle that Dorian was still alive.

“What happened to you?”

With a wave of his hand, Jonathan helped Dorian back into the hospital by carrying the latter with his
spiritual energy.

Although Dorian was someone boorish, just like Hayes, he didn’t complain about floating right behind

“D*mn it. If that Caspian guy hadn’t laced his blade with poison, I would have long recovered from
these minor wounds.”

“Minor wounds?” Jonathan quipped before snorting in laughter.

“Dorian, every single wound of yours is fatal. If your cultivation method hadn’t happened to reinforce
you physically, you would have been killed.”

While speaking, Jonathan threw his ring over to Dorian.

“Use your spiritual sense to reach into the ring and read up on the spells. After learning to carve
energy-locking formations, you can then cultivate with the spirit stone. Also, the stone is really precious,
so don’t lose it. It is worth a lot more than your life.”

Given Jonathan’s serious tone, Dorian nodded in acknowledgment even though he had no idea what a
spirit stone was.

“I understand. I’ll check it out once I have the time.”

Upon arriving at the ward, Jonathan waved his hand to settle Dorian down on his bed.

“You’re currently in no condition to cultivate, so hold back on your training first. In the meantime, I’ll try
and get you some medicine.”

“It’s no big deal.” Dorian subsequently removed his bandage to reveal a small wound the size of a

“The wounds just refuse to close and would usually have some blood oozing out of it at most. They
won’t get in the way.”

Jonathan stared calmly at the tender flesh that refused to bond.

“Cover it up, or you’ll risk getting it infected.”

Jonathan proceeded to pour some alcohol on Dorian’s wound before bandaging it meticulously.

“Stay here and learn the energy-locking formation. Also, don’t forget what I just told you.”

When he saw Jonathan leaving just as quickly as he came, Dorian assumed that the latter was upset
over the defeat at the prison. Hence, he probed, “Mr. Goldstein, in that case—”

However, Jonathan used his spiritual energy to keep Dorian on his bed.

“As Asura, I bear the greatest responsibility for what happened at the Northern Crimson Prison.
Anyway, you should focus on recuperating while I drop by the prison to take a look. Even though it has
been destroyed, I still need to pay my respects to our fallen comrades.”

While speaking, Jonathan was already on his way out of the ward. However, he quickly turned around
within a span of a few seconds.

“By the way, Dorian, what did you say the name of the man who attacked you was?”

“Caspian…” Dorian replied with a clueless expression.

“Got it.” Jonathan nodded slightly before scratching his nose. “When Jeremy and Kane attacked the
prison together the last time, didn’t they kill seventy thousand troops of the West Region Army? Was
Caspian inside?”

“I don’t think so.” After a brief hesitation, Dorian inquired, “Mr. Goldstein, what are you planning to do?”

“Nothing. I was just asking,” Jonathan replied with a chuckle.

“Anyway, get some rest. I’m going out for a stroll.”

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