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The Legendary Man Chapter 735

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-As soon as Blaze introduced himself, Jonathan tensed up, and
spiritual energy surged out of his body, covering the entire No. 2 Villa.

Then, behind him, walls of spirit shields materialized and swiftly enveloped Sophia.

The bronze handbell was in Jonathan’s grasp with a quick hand motion while his other hand had
already summoned Heaven Sword.

No matter what, he had to be extremely cautious since the man in front of him was Blaze, who was
ranked first on Heaven List.

Being a mortal, Sophia could not sense the spirit shield surrounding her. Even so, she understood from
Jonathan’s reaction that the other party had no good intentions, and her face instantly darkened.

“Jonathan, who on earth is he?”

“An assassin,” Jonathan replied flatly.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Sophia. As long as I’m here, he can’t hurt you.”

He aimed his Heaven Sword squarely at Blaze’s face.

“Yasmin said that you wished to meet me, but I never thought that you’d make it here so quickly.

Blaze flashed Jonathan a smile.

“Mr. Goldstein, this place is too sparse compared to the president of Anglandur’s residence, so it was a
walk in the park for me.”

Despite having a typical Adrunian appearance, Blaze spoke Chanaean astonishingly well—one might
even describe it as exceptionally fluent.

He gave Sophia a slight bow before continuing with a smile, “Ms. Goldstein, I came here to discuss
something with your nephew. Sorry for disturbing your rest.”

“It’s fine.” Sophia nodded while suppressing her panic. “If that’s the case, please talk outside with
Jonathan, Mr. Blaze. I’m tired.”

With that, she pulled up the quilt and slowly closed her eyes without giving them another glance.

Blaze’s eyes flashed with admiration at her actions.

He understood that she did so not out of lack of fear but rather to let them take their conflict outside and
keep her from becoming Jonathan’s burden.

“A wise woman is always beautiful,” he praised with a smile. “Let’s go out as Ms. Goldstein wishes.”

As he spoke, he leaped up and vanished from the room in an instant.

That was quick!

Jonathan looked at the figure in the flower bed outside and followed suit, jumping out from the window
on the second floor.

However, before his feet could touch the ground, Blaze turned around without warning and swung his
arm at him.

The next second, a blinding flash of light appeared out of nowhere and headed straight for Jonathan’s


Jonathan swung his Heaven Sword ferociously to meet the attack.


Jonathan swung his Heaven Sword ferociously to meet the attack.

The glint instantly dispersed into minuscule light specks and vanished in midair.

He had a grim expression on his face as he landed and felt the strength from his arm.

This person can unleash glints of light, which are as powerful as a full blow from a Grandmaster, at will.
His strength is not inferior to mine!

“You sure live up to your reputation as the first on Heaven List,” Jonathan remarked with a frown.

At the same time, several auras were rapidly approaching from his surroundings.

“What’s going on, Mr. Goldstein?”

With a scalpel in hand, Jason landed facing Blaze, followed by Lauryn and Zachary.

Jonathan shook his head slightly at the three, signaling them not to move.

If I could take out every cultivator from Team Oracle at Terrandya in Doveston in front of Zebedee,
Blaze could do the same right now. There’s no point for God Realm cultivators to make any move
unless there are too many Grandmaster Realm cultivators to ignore it.

“Blaze, the fact that you didn’t hurt my family shows that you have no ill intentions. Let’s have a chat.”

Jason, Lauryn, and Zachary were taken aback by Jonathan’s words.

Having just heard the name Blaze and that he was the first-ranked assassin on Dark Web that had
never missed his mark, Zachary and the others knew they were about to confront a formidable enemy.

Blaze turned to give the three a slight nod, but his gaze drifted to No. 1 Villa.

Any cultivator above the Grandmaster Realm who concentrated hard would be able to see what was
happening there plainly because the two villas were less than a hundred meters apart.

At that moment, a girl with short hair pulled back into a bun was sitting cross-legged on the roof of No.
1 Villa with a massive sniper rifle in her arms.

She aimed it in their direction, but as one would expect, its target was Blaze.

“Mr. Goldstein, the one over there is Yasmin, who defected from Xiara, right?”

“I wouldn’t consider it defection,” Jonathan stated impassively. “At best, she’s just switching sides.”

“All right. Let’s not dwell on that.” Blaze walked to the stone table in the garden and sat down. “I’m here
this time to discuss a collaboration, Mr. Goldstein.”

A collaboration? Bullsh*t!

Jonathan could see the murderous glint in the other man’s eyes.

From the moment he established Asura’s Office, Dark Web had been hunting him for more than two

Even while Jonathan was currently standing there completely unharmed, those assassins had come
dangerously close to killing him numerous times, especially this time with Blaze going directly to No. 2
Villa and conversing happily with Sophia.

Clearly, he was telling Jonathan that he could kill the people around him at any time, whenever he

This is clearly a threat!

Jonathan had always been the one to threaten all the respectable families, so the fact that someone
else was employing the same tactic against him made him feel incredibly oppressed.

However, with the current situation, he had no choice but to compromise.

“Go ahead. What kind of collaboration do you wish to discuss with me?”

Jonathan put away his Heaven Sword and sat down opposite Blaze.

The latter smiled at him. “I want you to join Apocalypse and change the world with me!”

Blaze’s words left Jonathan and the others stupefied, especially Jason, whose expressions of
exasperation and frustration were most apparent.

They had recently heard far too many such ridiculous proclamations.

The goal of the more than 1.6 million armed forces under the command of the entire Asura’s Office was
merely to destroy the eight respectable families.

However, within the last few days, the Salladay family unexpectedly joined forces with Wilbur to alter
the situation in Chanaea.

Then, the Blackwood family suddenly became interested in fully assimilating the cultivators into the
mortal world.

Now, another ludicrous assassin emerged, clamoring to change the world.

“You guys carry on with your conversation. I still have experiments that need my attention.”

Given that he could not aid in a fight and that the topic of conversation was going nowhere, Jason
decided to turn around and leave.

Zachary, on the other hand, seemed to want to blast Blaze into oblivion as he mobilized heavily armed
forces from his communication device to surround them.

As for Lauryn, she put away her sword and turned around without any hesitation.

Even Jonathan found their reactions a little amusing.

“Please don’t mind them. We’ve heard too many proclamations to change the world over the past few
days,” he said while resisting the urge to break into a smile. “I’ve been a little busy recently. Let’s do
this, then. Please explain briefly how you wish to change the world!”

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