Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 614

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Do You Believe It

As the lead vehicle and command vehicle turned turtle one after another, the entire convoy quickly
changed their formation. The tens of vehicles that remained quickly surrounded the two overturned
vehicles as flares were continuously shot into the sky.

“Everyone, put on your thermal imaging goggles!” No sooner had Maddox spoken than a bayonet
pierced through the car window and into his neck.

The next moment, amidst the illumination of consecutive exploding flashbangs, eight masked figures
charged into the troop just like fearless executioners.

Against the masked men’s blades, the troops’ defensive weapons failed to make any difference. Necks,
waists, lower bodies, wrists…

Anywhere that wasn’t protected by body armor would naturally end up being a target of the masked
men. Moreover, the powerful guns that they wielded were completely useless against the unknown

With every flash of the blade, a soldier would be cut down. In the end, the field was covered with the
corpses of more than six hundred men in less than ten minutes.

“Take a video to show our work to the boss,” one of the masked men ordered. At the Eastern Army’s
barracks in Doveston, Karl, chomping on a cigar, was staring at the soldiers beside him with furrowed
brows. “What’s wrong? Are you still not able to contact Maddox?”

“Reporting in, Commander. We’re still unable to get in touch with the special forces.” “Continue

“Yes, Commander!” As the signalman turned and left, another hand opened the door just when he was
about to close it.

“Reporting in!” “What is it?” Karl gave the adjutant a look of displeasure.

“Commander, we have received confirmation that our special forces have been totally annihilated within
the borders of Merania!”

Crack! The desk in front of Karl was smashed to smithereens with a punch from him. The adjutant who
was standing by the door instinctively recoiled with his face turning pale in fear.

After all, he was the one who dealt with the corpses of the four personal guards. After serving under
Karl for such a long time, he knew the latter’s methods well and could tell Aidan wasn’t the man behind
the killings.

When he saw the look on his subordinate’s face, Karl let out a long sigh with his eyes closed.

“Okay. You’re dismissed.”

“Yes, Commander!”

The office door had barely closed when Karl made a call on his satellite phone.

“Aidan, as per our agreement, once I destroy Northern Crimson Prison, Remdik must make its move.”

Over the phone, Karl could hear the noisy background. It sounded as if Aidan was in a club.

“Karl, why are you in such a rush? Considering the current situation in Chanaea, Asura’s Office is not a
threat to you at all. Hence, you should be relaxing instead.”

“Aidan! F*ck you, stop playing games with me!” Karl bellowed through his gritted teeth.

“If you think I have no one to rely on after falling out with Asura’s Office, think again! The only way you
can force me into yielding is if there’s a repeat of the battle of River Onxy. If you dare pressure me into
a corner, I’ll have no qualms about destroying the Medved Army!”

On the other end of the line, Aidan fell silent for more than ten seconds before speaking.

“Karl, don’t worry. Now that we’re allies, Remdik will try its best to help you. All you need to do is to tie
down Asura’s Office and the Yaleview Army. As for the rest, you can leave it to us.”


Karl felt a sense of dread the moment he heard the word.

“Aidan, who is this ‘us’?”

“Karl, that’s something you don’t have to concern yourself with. Anyway, I gotta go, as I’m busy.”

When the call-end tone rang out, Karl stared at the satellite phone with his eyebrows tightly knitted.

Previously, his agreement with Aidan involved Aidan helping him complete his scheme for Chanaea,
and in return, he would hand over Doveston.

Nonetheless, there was no way the ambitious Karl had any real intention of seceding such a large
piece of territory to Remdik.

In his mind, he was just leveraging the strength of external factions to advance his own interest. Once
his goal was achieved, he would turn on them by bringing the full might of Chanaea upon Remdik.

However, it was now clear to him that Aidan was aiming for more than just Doveston.

Now that he had betrayed Asura’s Office and made Yaleview the center of his power base, the balance
of power within Chanaea had changed again.

Remdik still has allies. Can it be the West Region? Jetroina? What in the world are they planning?

Finally, Jonathan returned to No. 1 Villa again.

The Smith family—who were in the midst of having breakfast—got to their feet when they saw
Jonathan enter.

“Jonathan…” Josephine walked up to him.

Just when she was about to say something, she swallowed her words at the last minute.

“What’s wrong? Go ahead and ask whatever you want to know. I’ll answer your questions honestly,”
Jonathan reassured Josephine as he threw his arm around her shoulder affectionately.

All this while, he had wanted to hide his identity from her, hoping to give her a stable life.

However, now that Edenic Heights had become a military-restricted area, there was no way Josephine
was clueless as to what was going on.

Much to his surprise, she simply shook her head in response to his question.

“Jonathan, I just wanted to ask you if you prefer having burgers or fries?”


After being led to the dining table by Josephine, Jonathan—for a fleeting moment—didn’t know how to

The sight of Josephine passing him a burger warmed his heart.

“Anything will do. As long as you’re the one who has prepared it.”

In response, Emmeline hugged herself and shuddered.

“My goodness. Can both of you stop being so cringy? Dad, Mom, let’s eat upstairs so that these two
can have some privacy. I can’t stand them any longer.”

Ever since she learned of Jonathan’s real identity, Margaret didn’t dare make any more comments,
especially after she insisted on going for a walk a few days ago at the mountain resort in spite of the

When she slipped through the woods within No. 1 Villa’s surroundings to be greeted by the sight of a
military camp, she finally understood the true extent of Asura’s authority.

Consequently, she no longer dared to look down upon Jonathan.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the current situation, Margaret would have announced to the world that she was
Asura’s mother-in-law.

Therefore, she nodded repeatedly in agreement with Emmeline’s suggestion.

“You’re right. We’re tired too, and it’s time to take a quick nap.”

After Margaret had ushered Connor upstairs, a soldier in civilian clothing appeared in the yard outside.

Meanwhile, Josephine had just placed a deshelled boiled egg onto Jonathan’s plate.

“Why don’t you invite him in? There’s no need for him to behave in such a shadowy manner. Every time
he comes by, he would have to change his clothes. How troublesome.”

Jonathan—cognizant of what Josephine had in mind—popped the egg into this mouth before waving at
the soldier.

“Come in and tell me what’s going on.”

“Mr. Goldstein, there’s a woman by the name of Lauryn Blackwood who wants to see you.”


Initially, Jonathan wanted to impress Josephine with his authority as Asura. Unfortunately, he didn’t
expect to almost choke upon hearing the soldier’s words.

Josephine stared at Jonathan with a smile.

“Lauryn, what a nice-sounding name. Jonathan, do you always have to bring a girl back every time you
go on a trip?”

After painstakingly swallowing the egg in his mouth, Jonathan gave Josephine a sheepish grin.

“Would you believe me if I told you these two people are extremely important?”

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