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Chapter 612

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I Have Been Waiting For Long

The moment Jonathan wrapped his hand around Heaven Sword, loud roars began ringing in his ears.
The roars were so loud the clouds were nearly blown away, and Jonathan looked in the direction of the

A humongous beast charged out from the mist. “Run!”

At one point in time, fleeing cultivators had surrounded Jonathan. “Don’t just stand there! You’re going
to die!” one shouted when they ran past Jonathan.

As the beast neared him, Jonathan finally caught a clear glimpse of its appearance. As it turned out, it
was a gigantic six-armed ancient ape. Jonathan froze upon lifting his head to look at the ancient ape
that was over three hundred and thirty meters tall.

It had massive fangs and bloodshot eyes. Every time it breathed, the resulting fluctuating spiritual
energy wave was akin to an ultimate attack of a cultivator in the Grandmaster Realm.

Right then, the ancient ape’s mountain-sized foot was plummeting toward the ground. The wind rushed
with the ape’s movement, but Jonathan remained in his spot, seemingly having no intention to dodge it.

How am I going to defend myself against something like this? Maybe death is my fate. Jonathan slowly
closed his eyes as he watched the enormous foot descend. He had already given up on fighting back.

Right then, someone scoffed from behind him.

“Flawed!” Hearing that, Jonathan turned to look behind him. A figure—a youth—had leaped into the sky
with a sword in his hands. “Death is inevitable, so what’s the point of doing this…” Jonathan muttered
in confusion.

However, before he was done with his sentence, something dripped onto Jonathan’s face.

When he raised his hand to wipe his cheek, he found his hand stained red.

It was blood.

Baffled, he looked back up at the sky, only to be greeted by a shower of blood.

The mountain-sized foot of the ancient ape was already split into two.

The youth kept his sword and landed beside Jonathan. He then turned around and smiled at Jonathan,
a strand of straw still between his lips.

“Hey, did that scare the living daylights out of you? It was just a monkey.”

Just… a monkey?

Jonathan stared at the collapsing six-armed ancient ape with wide eyes.

He was still reeling in shock from the silent strike that the youth had dealt earlier.

The spiritual energy radiating from that sword had been faint. If one were to merely look at the radiated
spiritual energy, one would have thought that the blow had been dealt by a cultivator in the Superior

However, that swing had split the six-armed ape’s foot apart.

In other words, it had been a strike with highly condensed spiritual energy in it.

The spiritual energy did not seep outward at all, so the blow had not lost any of its power.

Who is this guy?

Jonathan used his spiritual energy to look at the youth, but all he could see was an indiscernible

He could not read the youth at all.

Jonathan gasped inwardly. This youth looks like he’s only a teenager. How can he be at this cultivation


After a thunderous cry, the six-armed ancient ape collapsed between the mountains.

The ground shook, and waves of maniacal spiritual energy rushed in all directions starting from where
the ape had collapsed.

The spiritual energy snapped ancient trees, broke the astronomical rocks, and sent the pieces flying.

Jonathan shielded himself with the sword as a transparent spiritual energy barrier covered his head.

Meanwhile, the youth was hunching over and looking ahead.

“Demon beasts aren’t scary. If you see one of them, just kill it!”

The youth then burst into laughter.

A big rock flew toward him, and the youth pulled out his sword before dashing toward it.


Jonathan rushed after him after a moment of hesitation. However, the youth waved his sword-wielding
hand and split the colossal rock into two.

Meanwhile, Jonathan propelled himself into the air toward the huge rock.

The youth continued to wave his sword to slice the rocks.

Jonathan could only watch the youth speed away, completely taken aback.

This teenager’s swordsmanship is brilliant. I doubt anyone in this world can be a match for him!

The youth continued to step on the mountains and jumped into the air before aiming his sword at the
six-armed ancient ape’s head.

Although the ancient ape had collapsed between the mountains, it was not at all fearful of the youth as
it smacked its six paws toward him.


The youth kept swinging his sword in midair, but he never once let any spiritual energy seep out of the
sword at all.

The huge paws plummeted to the ground. The youth shot through the crimson rain and stabbed his
sword right into the ancient ape’s eye.


Right as the ancient ape howled in pain, Jonathan, who was also in the air, was abruptly struck by a
wave of spiritual energy.

He flew backward and into a deep pool of water.

The water rippled above him, and even the sun in the sky had turned into a blurry, glowing spot.

The water around him froze him to his bones, and in just a few seconds’ time, Jonathan’s body began
to stiffen.

Am I dying?

The helpless sensation rose in his chest again, and he felt as if he was going to suffocate.

Just as his consciousness was about to plunge into the darkness, a hand shot into the water and
grabbed his collar.

The moment he was out of the water, he took the largest breath he ever had in his life.

Yet, what he saw stunned him.

A young man clad in armor stood on a stage.

Although the young man no longer had the child-like features on his face, Jonathan still recognized him
as the teenager who had killed the six-armed ancient ape.

It’s been thirteen years since then.

Intricate information popped into Jonathan’s head out of nowhere.

The young man on the stage nodded at Jonathan.

“Today, we shall conquer endless mountains and let the whole world know who is the one!”

“Charge!” Countless soldiers around Jonathan roared, their voices reverberating in the space.

The war began. Jonathan followed the young man in his slaughter, and numerous powerful demon
beasts collapsed one after another.

In the continuous battles, Jonathan grew ruthless.

Every time he raised his sword, he would draw blood. Laws and restrictions no longer held him back.

He had already forgotten what was fear and what was pity.

Instead, he robotically slayed every demon beast that appeared in front of him and got in his way.

A roar that brought with it the stench of blood came from behind him.

Without thinking much about it, Jonathan spun around to stab the creature, but the moment his sword
pierced the demon beast’s body, the demon beast opened its mouth to bite down on Jonathan’s head.

“No!” he screamed. Then, he stumbled back and fell on the floor of a hall.

In front of him sat a middle-aged man with solitude in his eyes.

With a quick wave of his hand, Heaven Sword by Jonathan’s side flew over to him.

Jonathan tensed the moment the sword left his hands. The natural and peaceful space around him
abruptly turned unfamiliar.

It was as if everything was leaving him behind.

The tiles in front of him could have been reached with one mere step, but it was as if he could never
actually reach them.

“Consolidate!” the middle-aged man uttered.

The immediate space around Jonathan instantly returned to normal, but everything further away from
him faded.

A small smile crept onto the man’s face as he looked at Heaven Sword.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

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