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Chapter 611

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Go Ahead Looking at the expressions of the Kings of War on the screen, Jonathan’s tone
remained indifferent. “I guess all of you know that Wilbur and I both came from the Valley of Elites. That
place is a holy land for all soldiers in Chanaea. The elite warriors from all over the country will get a
chance to fight with other elite warriors.

Some of the great ones like Wilbur will be recruited by Yaleview. I can’t create another Valley of Elites,
but I’ve been recruiting some soldiers throughout the battles all these years. All of these soldiers are
qualified to cultivate, and they are the prototypes of Dark Special Forces.

I’ve been cultivating Dark Special Forces for two years. I hope that when I want to fight against the
respectable families one day, Asura’s Office will have its own cultivators too.

Now, I hereby issue the first order to Dark Special Forces that have been dormant for two years in front
of all of you. Within twenty-four hours, I will participate in the attack on the remaining six hundred
people in Northern Crimson Prison. I want all of them to be killed.”

“Yes, sir!” all four of them replied in unison. The next moment, all four screens flashed and returned to
silence. Karl stood up and stared at Jonathan with widened eyes. “Jonathan! Why didn’t you tell me
earlier? If I knew this earlier—”

“What could you do if you knew this earlier? Karl, don’t you forget that I was the one who built Asura’s
Office. Do I need to report to you on everything that I do?” Jonathan asked lightly. As he spoke, he
turned around to look at Hades and the rest.

“This game in Chanaea is not a game between two parties. It involves the respectable families, sects,
Yaleview, Asura’s Office, and other neighboring countries. Among these forces, the respectable
families are rather intricate, while Joshua and Wilbur from Yaleview have subtle relationships.

The sect is still hidden for the time being, and Asura’s Office is monolithic. Asura’s Office is less
experienced as compared to other forces. I’ve been thinking that we need to do more preparations.
Since Karl wants to join the game now, I have no choice but to go ahead. Karl, from now onward, there
will be no Prince of Diyouli in Asura’s Office, and the Eastern Army is no longer under your command.
I’m not going to stop until you’re dead!”

After Jonathan finished his sentence, he nodded slightly to Harry next to him. Karl’s signal was cut off,
leaving only Hades and the other six people on the screen. Jonathan leaned on the chair tiredly. “Who
is taking over the command of Dorian? Show your face.”

Then, on the third screen, a middle-aged man with a tired face and a patchy beard standing beside the
unconscious Dorian walked into the camera.

It was Hayes. In just three days, Hayes who used to be a fatty had lost so much weight. Standing under
the camera, Hayes was a little choked up. “Mr. Goldstein… I’m sorry… I didn’t manage to defend
Northern Crimson Prison…”

“I’m not interested to hear your apology. I just want to know the situation of the Mysonna Army,” said
Jonathan lightly.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Hayes said in a low voice. “There is a total of eleven thousand three hundred and
eighty one casualties amongst the guards in Northern Crimson Prison! The Mysonna Army lost its
follow-up supplies and was chased by the West Region Army, with thirty nine thousand seven hundred
and eighty one casualties and fifty two thousand nine hundred and eight remaining combat troops…”

With the continuous reporting of a series of numbers, Hayes’ voice was choked, and he could not
continue in the end.

Jonathan frowned slightly.

“Tiger, look at yourself! What do you look like now? Have you never seen a dead person? Or have you
never killed a single soul? You’re now the commander-in-chief! These numbers should only be
numbers to you! If you continue to act like this, I will remove you from the position immediately. A
person who is not calm enough can only be a soldier who is the first to charge into a battle, but he
cannot be a commander-in-chief who is the brain of the army.”

“Yes! I understood, Mr. Goldstein!” Hayes took a deep breath and fought back his tears.

Jonathan nodded slightly.

“Tiger, you’re running out of chances from Lumonburg to Mysonna. By the way, I need a reason. The
reason you ordered the massacre of more than twenty thousand prisoners.”

“I think they should be killed!” answered Hayes without hesitation.

“Mhm,” Jonathan responded briefly.

Just like the fifty thousand martyrs, the lives of those twenty thousand prisoners on death row were
meaningless to Jonathan.

“Tell me the current direction of the West Region Army.”

“They’re now three hundred miles away from Chanaean territory and are camping near Fort Kalimdor,”
said Hayes through gritted teeth.

Jonathan turned to look at Kane and Jeremy.

“By the Decree of Asura, the Shusonna Army under Thunder King, Kane and the Zaidham Army under
Western King of War, Jeremy sends seventy thousand soldiers each and meet the Mysonna Army at
Mysonna. The Yalegard Legion under King of Sanguine, Andy sends all supplies to Northern Crimson

Prison within twelve hours. As for the long-range auxiliary attack, the Eastern Army under Prince of

Jonathan paused all of a sudden.

He raised his head and looked at the eighth screen that belonged to Karl. The screen was dark now.

“Hades will be in charge of other matters. I want all of the thirty thousand people from the West Region
who entered Chanaea to not make it back to the West Region. Understand?”

“Yes, sir!” Hades and the other four responded loudly.

With Jonathan’s return, the situation in Chanaea changed again.

It was going to be a sleepless night.

In the bathroom, the warm water constantly washed Jonathan’s body, but it could not take away his

Dark Special Forces were exposed too early, and it was not favorable for his future plan.

However, since Karl betrayed Asura’s Office, Jonathan had to do something. Otherwise, Hades and the
others might have doubts.

The human mind was the most unpredictable thing in the world.

The appearance of Dark Special Forces would not only maintain stability but also shake it.

After drying his body and changing into clean clothes, Jonathan did not return to Josephine’s room.

It was after midnight, and Josephine had already fallen asleep.

Jonathan’s mind was a mess now, and he could not fall asleep peacefully.

He came to the guest room on the third floor and lay down in bed. Countless pieces of information
constantly emerged in his mind.

The entire Chanaea was in complete disorder with forces from everywhere trying to join in to get some
benefits in the chaos.

Everyone understood that the one who stretched out his hand first would surely die in the worst
possible way!

However, in the face of temptation, how many of them could resist?

Everyone was ready and tempted to make the move. The game was going to start soon.

Jonathan suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the bedside.

There was a long sword laying on the bedside table, and a faint green light flashed on it.

It was Heaven Sword!

As he recalled the vision he saw when the green light flashed last time, he stretched out his hand and
held the sword firmly in his hand…

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