Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 609

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Leave The Office Of Asura Following Jonathan’s words, other than Zachary and Dorian
who had lost their consciousness, the rest of the Kings of War looked grim. All of them had survived
countless battles.

Although they did not keep in touch very often, Jonathan knew he could trust them with his life. Back
then, Jonathan would have never entrusted Karl to guard the most important region of Doveston if he
was not someone he trusted.

Yet, even someone like Karl betrayed Asura’s Office—no one could figure out the reason. Under the
watchful eyes of everyone, Karl appeared very calm.

“Will you believe me if I tell you that my wife and children are being held captive by Remdik?”

Jonathan shook his head slightly.

“Karl, although we have been together for less than a year, we have gone through many life and death
situations. Back when you went to battle with me, your entire family had been captured by the enemy.
Yet, you didn’t even give in. You have never hesitated in leading the troops and fighting against the
enemies. What makes you think I will believe you now? Don’t bother talking rubbish. Tell me your
reason so that I know what I have gone wrong.”

When Jonathan was talking, he sounded very calm, but his eyes were bloodshot. He had been gripping
the chair so tightly that his knuckles had turned pale.

No one could understand how tormented Jonathan was at that moment. Ever since Jonathan joined the
military, he had gone through a lot.

When Jonathan first set up Asura’s Office, he did not have any ambition. As for Karl and the others,
they had joined on a voluntary basis and hoped that they could create a more peaceful Chanaea in the

long run.

Now that someone had betrayed Asura’s Office, it was not a matter of disloyalty to Jonathan alone. It
meant that the traitor did not believe in the goal of Asura’s Office anymore.

Jonathan wanted to find out if such a change in mind had anything to do with his leadership in Asura’s
Office. If that was the case, he had to make the necessary changes immediately.

Minor issues can create huge chaos if one doesn’t pay attention. Perhaps, I have been mobilizing too
much of resources without consulting others. Or, maybe it’s because I’m spending less time managing
Asura’s Office.

Either way, Jonathan planned to put a stop to whatever was causing Asura’s Office to implode.

Once one person started leaving, it would start a chain reaction. Soon, others would follow suit. When
that happened, Asura’s Office would be in real danger.

Karl looked at Jonathan and took out a cigarette from his pocket before lighting it. “Mr. Goldstein, since
you asked, I will oblige you then.”

As Karl spoke, he looked around him. “As for the rest of you, I know you hate me. But I want you to pay
attention to what I have to say next!” Jonathan nodded before saying, “Go on. We are all ears.”

Karl blew out a puff of smoke before saying what he wanted. “Mr. Goldstein, let me ask you something.
Why did we set up Asura’s Office in the beginning?”

Jonathan replied, “To stop all wars and turn Chanaea into a peaceful place.” “Then, what have you
done?” questioned Karl with a frown.

“How dare you!” roared Hades. “Karl, back then, it was Mr. Goldstein who saved your entire family.
Right now, you are questioning him. I can’t believe you are such an ungrateful person!”

“Shut up!” yelled Jonathan as he slammed his hand on the chair.

In an instant, the wooden armrest shattered into pieces.

Hades and the others went quiet.

Jonathan stood up and looked at Karl on the screen. “Karl, please continue.”

On the big screen, Hades and the others stood up as well when Jonathan got on his feet. They dared
not stay seated except for Karl. Karl continued to sit in his chair and proceeded to light up another

“Mr. Goldstein, perhaps you might think that Asura’s Office has restored peace. On top of that, you
have assigned the Eight Kings of War to watch over the country. To a certain extent, you have indeed
brought peace upon Chanaea. But, is that really the truth? Are you not aware of the threats the
respectable families pose to Chanaea? Are you oblivious to the ulterior motives of Joshua and Wilbur
of Yaleview? You are well aware but you did nothing!”

Karl became more and more agitated as he spoke. In that instant, he stood up and started hollering at
the screen.

“I believed you when you said you wanted to restore peace to Chanaea, so I took my soldiers and
fought against Remdik at River Onxy. In less than three days, thirty thousand of my men perished.
Have you ever seen thirty thousand bodies in those years of fighting? We can’t even put together ten
thousand complete sets of bodies! In the end, we had no choice but to bury all the dismembered limbs
together and build a huge monument for the perished soldiers! Let me ask you. Back then, did I ever
retreat? When have I ever uttered a word of complaint to you?”

Everyone else was in complete silence as they looked at the screen while Karl was going berserk.

Jonathan’s eyes turned red.

“No, you didn’t. You did a great job. You did everything that an outstanding leader should have done.”

“Do you know why I continued to wage war against Remdik at River Onxy? It was all because of faith!”
roared Karl.

“I believed that there will be a peaceful future for Chanaea. That’s why I didn’t retreat despite the heavy
casualties in my troops. And now? Asura’s Office has already restored peace. All that is left is to take
care of Yaleview and the respectable families. Everyone is asking you to fight against them, but what
have you told them? You’re worried about more instabilities! You are afraid of more bloodshed! You are
scared that families will be torn apart once more! Jonathan, don’t you understand the meaning of
starting a war to end all wars? Those soldiers who we have defeated are only the lackeys of
respectable families. Those respectable families are the true parasites of Chanaea. Yet, what have you
done? You decide to maintain the current stable situation and choose to return to Jadeborough and live
an enjoyable life! Jonathan, I pledge my loyalty to you because I thought you are a powerful, ambitious,
and domineering ruler. But, now I know you are just a coward! We are only your trump cards when it
comes to your negotiation with respectable families. Now, you chose not to fight. In that case, everyone
who has died in the past because of your ideal has died in vain. Their deaths no longer hold any
meaning anymore. I won’t allow such a thing to happen. Since you don’t dare to wage war against the
respectable families, then I will!”

Upon hearing Karl’s words, Jonathan’s eyes were filled with exhaustion.

After planning for three years, Jonathan did not expect to be misunderstood by his most trusted man.

A drop of tear rolled down his face. Before it fell onto the ground, Jonathan used his spiritual energy to
control the drop of tear, and it floated in front of him.

With a flick of his fingers, he sent the teardrop back into his right eye.

Very quickly, the mist in his eyes disappeared and was replaced by a layer of ice.

Jonathan looked up at the huge screen and sat down in his chair slowly.

“Hades and the rest of you, I’m going to give you only one chance. If any one of you feels the same
way as Karl, now is the time to speak up. I won’t pursue the matter if any of you decides to take your
troops and leave Asura’s Office. You have only a minute to consider, and the time starts now!”

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