Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 608

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“You —” Harry gazed at the young boy before him in resignation. Despite being only fourteen years old,
that boy was a major in the army. Not to mention, the boy was adept in medical skills as he was the
one to save Zachary’s life.

Besides, after Jason was gravely injured, Donald took charge of the entire Edenic Heights medical
team. Although Donald was the same age as someone who had just graduated middle school, he was
very experienced in arranging and delegating all the tasks.

Judging by his demeanor, one would assume Donald had been in the military his whole life.
Additionally, he was a stubborn person. When Harry came for an inspection earlier, the young boy had
refused him in a similar manner.

Jonathan stared at Donald. “I’ve seen you before. Since you forbid me from entering, then I will not go
in. However, the cleanliness here is compromised, so why are we not transferring these people to the
local hospital?”

“Those with less severe injuries have been transferred out. The rest who remain here are those in
critical condition. Their lives might have been saved, but they cannot handle exaggerated movements.”

Donald bit another mouthful of bread as he spoke. “I’m afraid they will all die from excessive blood loss
if we try to move them to the car. Therefore, they must remain here.”

“In that case, who can I visit?” Jonathan asked calmly. Donald pointed at No. 8 Villa. “The first floor has
been modified into an infirmary. Zachary, Yasmin, and Jason are all in there. Their physiques are
stronger, so they won’t die from the interruption of a visitor.”

Jonathan smiled faintly after listening to Donald’s response. He immediately turned around and strode
toward No. 8 Villa. Covered in sweat, Harry gritted his teeth and glowered at Donald before hastily
turning on his heels and leaving.

On the first floor of No. 8 Villa, Jonathan’s eyes glinted coldly at the sight of Yasmin and Zachary, who
were still lying unconscious in their beds.

Jason was the only person who was awake at that moment. “Mr. Goldstein…”

Jason propped himself up on the bed when he saw Jonathan. Jonathan quickly summoned a stream of
gentle spiritual energy to press Jason back onto the bed.

Jonathan sat on the chair and uttered, “Cut that pretense. You’ve always been full of yourself and
behaved frivolously in front of me. You do not need to put on the polite and humble act now. Tell me.
What exactly happened?”

Jason chuckled. “It’s nothing major. A few days ago, three Grandmasters came here to stir a ruckus.
We confronted them, killing two and capturing one alive in the process. What you see now is the result
following the commotion.”

Jason sighed when he noticed Jonathan shifting his gaze onto the two unconscious people.

“Zachary suffered four knife slashes, and one of them pierced through his abdomen. Fortunately, his
vital organs were unharmed. With his physiques, he can achieve complete recovery in about one
month with the help of spiritual energy after his condition improves. As for Yasmin…” Jason’s frown
deepened. “She has a mortal body, and in order to kill the cultivator from the Osborne family, she used
her own blood as a catalyst to poison her opponent. Although we arranged for her to undergo blood
transfusion as soon as possible, the toxin had still spread to her entire body.”

“Is there no way to neutralize the poison?” Jonathan asked while taking in the sight of Yasmin, who was
covered in bandages.

“Donald and I tried to neutralize the poison in her blood, but to no avail.” Jason sighed while looking at
Yasmin. “I can’t believe a mortal like her could produce a poison with the potency of instantaneously
killing a cultivator in the Grandmaster Realm upon exposure. She’s truly a genius in utilizing poison.”

The next second, Jonathan took out a red color box.

Jason received the box, and the moment he opened it, a faint herbal smell wafted out from the box.

“This… Mr. Goldstein, you found the medication!”

“Can this medication save Yasmin’s life?” Jonathan questioned Jason.

Jason was stunned as he looked up at Jonathan.

Jonathan left Jadeborough to search for the life-saving pill to treat Sophia’s condition. Jason could not
believe Jonathan was willing to use the medication on an assassin after all the trouble he had gone
through to obtain that life-saving pill.

“Mr. Goldstein, I did my research on this medication. This pill contains the most neutral energy that can
sustain a person’s life force, but it cannot be used for detoxification purposes.”

Jonathan nodded slightly upon hearing that.

“I got it. I’ll leave the patients in your care. I shall take my leave now to attend to some other matters.”

Without elaborating further, Jonathan got up and left.

Harry hurriedly opened the car door when he saw Jonathan exiting the villa.

“Mr. Goldstein, are we returning to No. 1 Villa?”

“No, let’s go to the temporary command center.”

At that moment, Edenic Heights’ spacious interior badminton court had been vacated, and the interior
was now equipped with over ten computers and various communication devices.

A large screen in front of Jonathan was showing all the live feeds from the three hundred surveillance
cameras installed in every corner of Edenic Heights.

“Harry, inform the Eight Kings of War that I want to host a meeting.”

“Yes, sir!”

The temporary command center was cleared of other personnel in less than ten minutes.

Aside from Jonathan, Harry was the only other member allowed to participate in that meeting.

The surveillance footage on the large screen in front of them disappeared one after the other, and the
screen was soon divided into twelve individual displays.

“Mr. Goldstein, we can start now,” Harry, standing in the distance, said to Jonathan.

Following Jonathan’s nod, Harry lightly tapped on the remote with his finger.

Seven displays lit up in succession on the large screen.

Aside from Zachary and Dorian who were unconscious, Andy and the others stood straight before the
camera, dressed in military uniforms.

“Mr. Goldstein!” they greeted and saluted Jonathan.

Jonathan sat in his chair in silence with his gaze fixed on the eighth display.

For the next few minutes, he did not say a word. The other five people remained on their feet and
waited quietly as well.

Finally, Jonathan sighed. “Sit.”

Hades and the others sat down after receiving the instruction. Just then, the eighth display suddenly
flashed. The image of Karl puffing on a cigar appeared before everyone’s eyes.


“F*ck you!”

“How dare you show yourself!”

Hades and the others instantly leaped to their feet and cursed Karl the moment the latter joined the

Karl merely leaned back on his chair, puffing on his cigar while listening to their insults without

Jonathan stared at Karl and uttered impassively, “That’s enough. Calm down, all of you. Even the
nearest one among us had to travel over one thousand kilometers to reach the northeastern side of the
globe. Scolding him now is pointless and ineffective, so just shut up.”

After hearing Jonathan’s words, the others returned to their seats angrily.

Meanwhile, Karl placed the cigar in his hand down on the table, stood up, and saluted Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein, this is my last time saluting you. Thank you for saving my life two years ago.”

Jonathan regarded Karl with an impassive expression void of anger.

“Karl, you did a splendid job in the battle at Northern Crimson Prison. You managed to ruin my city with
only one thousand men, causing the death of nearly seventy thousand people. This war will be
remembered by everyone in the world, much like the battle at River Onxy a few years ago. I do not
wish to discuss with you who should take the blame in this matter. I just want you to provide me with a
reason why you attacked Asura’s Office.”

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