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Chapter 607

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No Entry

With Jonathan as the heart, a wave of spiritual energy blasted from him. The police officers only felt a
soft breeze sweeping past them before they were rooted in place.

They couldn’t even move their finger to pull the trigger, let alone move their bodies. That feeling was
like an invincible force had engulfed their entire bodies.

Jonathan’s finger moved slightly, and the guns broke free from the police officers’ grips. They floated in
the air and slowly turned around. The muzzles pointed at the police officers’ heads.

“Ghost—” someone shouted. However, the minute the scream left that person’s mouth, Jonathan
immediately sealed it. Jonathan strode over to a Mercedes-Benz in the parking lot. He opened the
door, yanked the driver out of the car, and tossed him to the side.

“I’m not in the mood, so don’t test my temper!” Jonathan got in the car, ready to leave. Then, a yell
came from his back. “Is that you, Jonathan?”

Jonathan’s spiritual sense locked on the person who spoke. He realized it was Leslie who was in the
van behind. With a wave of his arm, Leslie felt her body lighten and could move again. She
immediately got out of the car and dashed toward Jonathan.

“Don’t be reckless, Jonathan. We’re not here for you. It’s Ryan Leiter.”

“I’m not in the mood. I can’t care less about your business at the moment.” Jonathan fired up the
engine and said, “Tell your people not to disturb me, or I’ll kill them! As for this car, you’ll find it at the

The minute he pulled out of the parking out, the guns floating in the air clattered to the ground, and
Leslie’s men recovered their movement. “What are all of you staring at? Chase him!” Someone picked

up the gun off the ground and yelled.

“Who said anything about chasing him?” Leslie scolded, “Can’t you see he’s not Ryan? He was being
merciful earlier. You’re asking for death if you chase after him.”

Her men exchanged glances. They didn’t know what to do at that moment. Leslie turned on her heels
and got into the van. “Continue to look out. No one is going back until we catch Ryan.”

Slamming the van’s door shut, Leslie sighed when she recalled the feeling of being rooted in place.
“Huh, we commoners stand no chance against cultivators,” she muttered.

After contemplating briefly, Leslie picked up her phone and called her father’s number. “Hello, Dad?
Can you send a private plane…”

Jonathan had just gotten out of the car at the airport, and the airport staff was immediately there to
greet him. The staff escorted him along the private lane to a small aircraft.

Jonathan merely nodded his head when he heard it was Leslie’s arrangement and didn’t elaborate
further. He finally reached Edenic Heights at eight in the evening.

According to the rules, all eight Kings of War would have to stay at their fief no matter the circumstance
unless it was war or they received a transfer order.

With Zachary severely injured, Asura’s Office had restricted the other Kings of War’s movement. The
one with the highest authority within the army was Zachary’s lieutenant commander, Harry.

Jonathan and Harry passed through the gate of Edenic Heights in the same car.

The current Edenic Heights was no longer the peaceful, quiet place it was. Two tanks and hundreds of
armed soldiers were stationed at the gate.

The grounds within the mansion had undergone a more surprising change. The trees and grass on one
side of the hill had been burned into crips.

Every greenery in the other areas was uprooted and replaced with a field of military tents, except for
the surroundings of No. 2 Villa.

“Mr. Goldstein, after you left, this area was subjected to revenge from the cultivators of the Osborne
family. Commander Lint, Ms. Yasmin, and Colonel Carrick have all suffered critical injuries. We also
have four hundred seventy-three casualties.”

There was no change in Jonathan’s expression. However, a cold glint gleamed in his eyes.

I haven’t heard of such a high number of casualties since Asura’s Office had taken over the military
force a year ago. Are these few months of peace the fruit of nearly three years of war?

“How’s the compensation going for the fallen soldiers?”

“We’re doing it. Until today afternoon, we’ve already completed the cremation of all the fallen soldiers
and notified their families,” Harry reported.

“We’re still triaging the injured and crippled soldiers since a majority of them are still receiving
treatment. We’ll need some time for that.” “Okay, pick up the pace of every process. We can’t
disappoint them,” Jonathan said.

The car came to a halt in front of the No. 1 Villa. On the second-floor balcony, Josephine was waving
her arm fervently at Jonathan. She whirled around and ran back into the mansion. It seemed she was
coming out to welcome him.

However, Jonathan turned his head to Harry in the car. “Why did you stop the car?”

“Mr. Goldstein…” Harry glanced at the exterior of the No. 1 Villa with confusion. “Take me to the
makeshift hospital,” Jonathan ordered casually.

“Yes, sir.” At Jonathan’s order, Harry urgently demanded the driver drive them over to the No. 8 Villa.

After the car left, the mansion’s gate opened, and Josephine ran out of the house sobbing. However,
she could only catch a glimpse of the taillights of the car leaving.

Behind her, Emmeline ran out of the house in her pajama. “You can’t run that fast, Josephine,”
Emmeline admonished as she studied Josephine’s belly nervously.

Josephine merely stared at the taillights departing further away. “I saw Jonathan…”

“Jonathan?” Emmeline immediately swung her gaze to follow Josephine’s line of sight. “I don’t think so.
Why won’t he come home if he’s back?”

Josephine looked over her shoulder to glance at Emmeline. She wiped the corner of her eye and poked
Emmeline’s forehead.

“Oh, you… How can you be so oblivious to what’s happening around you?”

Emmeline was taken aback by Josephine’s words, then swiftly shook her head.

“Josephine, I don’t know anything. I’m going back to sleep. You can stay here and continue waiting for
your husband.”

Emmeline didn’t wait for Josephine’s response and turned around, running back into the mansion.

Staring at the quiet path, Josephine whirled around and walked toward the courtyard.

“As long as you’re safe, it doesn’t matter what you do.”

The terrain surrounding the No. 8 Villa was fairly even. The layout of the mansion was suitable as a
makeshift hospital due to its proximity to the main road, making the transport of medical equipment

The minute Jonathan and Harry got out of the car, the soldiers standing guard around the No. 8 Villa all
puffed up their chests.

It’s Asura! He’s the faith of everyone in Asura’s Office and the soul of the entire Chanaea army.

Jonathan beelined for the makeshift hospital room after he stepped out of the car. He had only taken a
few steps when a young boy carrying a stainless steel bowl with a bun in his mouth stopped him in his

“The treatment center is up ahead. The facilities here are limited, so it’s difficult to carry out any aseptic
treatment. The patients here are all patients with critical conditions. You going in there will only
increase their risks, so you’re not allowed inside.”

The boy was biting into his bun as he stood in front of the makeshift hospital room. It was like he didn’t
see Jonathan standing there.

“Donald, have you lost your mind? He is Mr. Goldstein. He is here to see his men!” Harry went up to the
boy and whispered.

“I know he’s Mr. Goldstein.”

Donald bit off another mouthful of the bun before gazing up at Jonathan.

“But I’m the one in charge of the entire makeshift hospital. I said no entry.”

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