Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 606

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Even though it was already evening, there were still people on the trail to Summerbank Mountain. Its
popularity was due to the fame of Triplex Manifesta. Each person chosen as the first to pray every
quarter of the year would have their wish fulfilled.

That caused the fame of Triplex Manifesta to soar to even greater heights. A couple was taking photos
on an observation deck along the trail. The girl made various poses while the guy was slowly looking
for an angle with his phone, trying to take a better photo.

“Are you done?” The girl had maintained the cheeky posture for quite a while and was dissatisfied with
the guy taking his sweet time. Meanwhile, the guy dropped the hand holding the phone in a daze as his
gaze focused past the girl at the dense forest far ahead. “What are you looking at?”

The girl looked over her shoulder at the stream behind her in frustration. Within the forest, a large flock
of birds took flight. The trees’ canopy shook continuously in a line as though something was moving
through the trees toward them at a fast pace.

“That is…” Finally, the trees beneath the observation deck began to rock. The girl’s eyes widened as
she looked down. Suddenly, a figure stepped onto the face of the cliff and leaped up to over twenty
meters into the air before landing gently beside the girl.

Jonathan passed the bag in his hand to the girl. That was the bag that slipped off of the girl’s hand
when she wasn’t paying attention. “Hold it properly. It’s not easy to retrieve it once it drops down there,”
Jonathan said with a smile.

“You…” The girl was still staring wide-eyed at Jonathan. She didn’t know what to make of the situation.
“Don’t worry about it. We’re filming a tv show.”

Even though a few families already knew about the existence of cultivators, it was still an unknown
world to most commoners. Jonathan didn’t want to cause the public to panic.

As expected, the couple let out a relieved sigh after they heard Jonathan was filming a tv show. Even
though they were shocked about the absence of the film crew and wires, they weren’t as surprised as

The girl urged her boyfriend to take a photo of her with Jonathan. However, at the moment, Jonathan’s
phone pinged. Ding!

It was a notification for a new message. Jonathan reached for his pocket. Before he could take out his
phone, a string of pings sounded continuous. Ding!

Jonathan looked at his phone with a confused frown. Zachary.



Dorian. One after another, the names of all the Kings of War popped up on his screen. Jonathan’s
expression turned grave at the hundreds of missed calls on his phone.

I’m the one who helps these men become who they are today. They are now the fearsome Kings of
War. Even if they encounter any situation, these men have the capability to deal with it in their own way.

Moreover, I already told Zachary everything he needed to know the day I left. Even if they can’t find me,
they should know I’m dealing with some affairs, so they won’t keep calling me. There is only one
explanation for them to react this way. Something has happened to Asura’s Office!

Jonathan dialed Hades’ number. After a bar of busy tone, Hades picked up the call immediately.
“You’ve finally appeared, Mr. Goldstein.”

Despite not seeing Hades’ face, Jonathan could hear the hint of exhaustion in his hoarse voice. “Tell
me. What happened to Asura’s Office?” Jonathan asked.

“Northern Crimson Prison had fallen. The warden, Malcolm Wallace, had died. The interim commander,
Hayes Yeager, had given the order to slaughter all the criminals in the city.

Dorian’s Mysonna Army had lost the battle on the West Region border due to a lack of follow-up
supplies. Over fifty thousand men were hurt or killed within the Mysonna Army. Dorian had suffered
from severe injuries and was currently receiving emergency treatment in Zadiff.”

The Northern Crimson Prison has fallen! Jonathan’s body stiffened at those six words.

The Northern Crimson Prison is the most indestructible prison in the whole of Chanaea. It’s also the
Mysonna Army’s final supply station. Dorian would’ve lost if the West Region Army pursued him.

“Who did it? Was it the respectable families or someone from Yaleview?”

Even though Jonathan’s tone was calm, anger was rolling through him.

Nearly eighty thousand men lost their lives in the incident at Northern Crimson Prison. How can I stay
calm about this blood debt?

“It wasn’t any of them.”

Hesitation colored Hades’ husky voice through the phone.

“Tell me, Hades. I’m the one who established Asura’s Office. There’s nothing I can’t handle.”

Hearing Hades’ hesitation, a bad feeling rose within Jonathan.

However, Jonathan immediately suppressed it. He refused to believe the men he led could do such a

“Mr. Goldstein, Karl sent someone to do it. Doveston had fallen into Karl’s hands. We’ve found out that
Karl had been secretly contacting Remdik. In fact, he had sent his immediate family to Remdik.”


A clear sound of something breaking echoed through the phone. The crack on the phone screen in
Jonathan’s hand grew bigger and bigger.

“Got it,” Jonathan answered casually.

“I’ll head back to Jadeborough to deal with some affairs first. Wait for my call.”

Looking down at the deformed phone, Jonathan kept it in his storage ring with a thought.

The girl’s eyes sparkled at the scene as she watched from the side.

“Woah! You even know how to do magic? Do another one—”

Jonathan slowly turned his head to look at the girl. His gaze was calm like a deep lake.


Frightened by Jonathan’s gaze, the girl instinctively took two steps back. Forgetting the cliff was right
behind her, she slipped, and she fell off the edge of the cliff.

Jonathan grabbed onto the girl’s collar. With a wave of his arm, he tossed the girl into her boyfriend’s
arm as though he was tossing the trash into the trash bin.

The couple toppled to the ground from the impact and moaned from the pain. Jonathan stomped his
foot lightly on the ground and raced down the trail, leaving only an afterimage.

“Are you crazy, man?” the guy cussed as he held onto his girlfriend. However, Jonathan was no longer
there when he raised his head.

The sun was already setting, and the stalls and businesses at the foot of the mountain were closing

Meanwhile, Leslie was stuffing a hamburger in her mouth in the parking lot.

“We’ve already camped out here for two days, Captain Hart. Could the guy have fled?”

“It doesn’t matter. We still have to stay here,” Leslie said after a sip of her drink.

“All of my efforts will be thrown down the drain if we can’t catch Ryan. Hundreds of people are involved
in the missing case this time. It’s a dereliction of our duty if we can’t catch the culprit. We’re unable to
give the public an explanation.”


With a loud thud, everyone turned to glance at their window. They saw a man covered in blood with
tattered clothing slowly rising to a stand.

“It’s him, Ryan! Get him!” someone roared. Eight of the cars in the parking lot opened their doors
instantly. One after another, armed officers stepped out of the cars.

“Hmm?” Jonathan hummed as he chanted his mantra.

Spiritual energy exploded like a tidal wave in every direction.

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