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Chapter 605

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Jonathan wrapped that belt around his wrist, then glanced at Irving. The latter looked as though he had
broken every bone in his body and was lying weakly among the bones. His gaze was unloving when he
glared at Jonathan. “F*ck you!”

In a deep voice, Irving cussed at Jonathan. Jonathan was taken aback when he heard those words. He
massaged his aching head and retrieved the bronze handbell as well as the staff before putting them
back into the storage ring.

“Seriously, Irving. You’ve depleted your spiritual energy, so how do you still have the guts to cuss at
me? Aren’t you worried that I’ll kill you?”

“So f*cking what? I’ll cuss you till my last breath,” complained Irving. He glared at Jonathan some more.
If looks could kill, Jonathan would definitely be pushing the daisies by now.

After that, Irving said, “I’ve already thought about it. Given my injury, there is nothing I can do if you
truly want me dead. No amount of begging will help.

“On the other hand, if you have no intention of killing me, then my cussing won’t change your mind
either. So, in short, f*ck you. You, Vladimir, and Sofus are all despicable a*sholes who don’t show any
mercy when you con others. The Osborne family should just kill every single j*rks like you!”

Irving had already lost all his spiritual energy and had given up on all hope, so he let loose completely.

There was nothing Jonathan could do except sigh and ignore Irving’s cusses.

“Come on. I’ll get you some of that sap to heal you. I’m a man of my word, and I’d rather not have you
call me a liar.”

Jonathan dragged Irving to the Flaming Tree. Lauryn was sitting beside the tree and adjusting the
spiritual energy within herself.

Jonathan glanced at the spear with a weird shape. It was stuck on the tree at the time and looked
nothing like the sharp and powerful object it truly was. At that moment, it was nothing more than a
wooden stick tied to a sharp bone of a monster.

Yet, it was undeniable that the spear was so much more just moments ago.

Jonathan wanted to retrieve that spear, but when he tugged a little, the wooden part of the spear broke
apart right away.

Does that mean that this spear will only be powerful when it is exposed to the essence of an ancient

Jonathan scanned the items stored in Vladimir’s jade, but he didn’t learn anything useful.

He couldn’t figure out how the Three Ultimate Formations and the ancient beasts were connected

Now that he had killed both Sofus and Vladimir, it was likely there was no one left to tell him what was
going on.

The thought of it prompted Jonathan to summon a dagger to him and stabbed it onto the Flaming Tree.

The dagger dug deep into the tree trunk, prompting the sap to flow slowly out of it.

Jonathan used his spiritual energy to control and drank a few drops of that sap. The second he
swallowed the sap, it turned into pure energy and was infused into his body.

Oh my gosh, this is incredible.

Jonathan’s eyes glowed. He quickly drank more of that sap.

On the other side, Irving sat there and looked as though he had nothing to live for.

“Oy, I’ll stop cussing. Just give me some of that sap… please?”

Vladimir’s spiritual sense within the formation plate had faded completely, so Jonathan had full control
of the magical item, as well as all the information stored within it.

From that day onwards, Jonathan had complete control over Summerbank Abyss.

He set everything up, and soon enough, all three of them walked past the white fog without any trouble.

Lauryn actually sobbed aloud when she saw the plants outside that forsaken place.

The Grandmasters there, regardless of whether they were a member of the ancient sect or a part of a
respectable family, would see Lauryn as a VIP.

It was a huge contrast to her life inside Summerbank Abyss. There, she was nothing but a disposable
weakling whose survival could not be guaranteed. She went through dozens of life-and-death situations
in the two days she spent there.

It was so horrible that, even when she was leaving the fog with Jonathan, she and Irving both
wondered if Jonathan would kill them before they made it out.

That was a reasonable assumption since the secret that Summerbank Abyss held was simply too

If any of the respectable families were to find out about the incredible resources within that place,
things would’ve been disastrous. The Flaming Tree alone had the ability to save someone from the

brink of death and replenish spiritual energy instantly. That was enough to drive every power-hungry
individual insane.

Now that they were out of Summerbank Abyss, Irving and Lauryn could finally relax.

Jonathan could’ve killed them in there. He didn’t need to save them, so it was unlikely he had any
murderous intention at all.

“Jonathan Goldstein, you may have saved my life, but you also conned me. We are even now.”

Irving bowed politely to Jonathan. The two of them were standing beside a deep crater at that time.

Before Jonathan and Irving entered Summerbank Abyss, they fought. That fight resulted in that crater.
Who would’ve thought that their feelings for each other would change that drastically when they stand
in the same spot once more.

“Okay, we’re even now,” replied Jonathan with a grin.

Irving turned around and glanced at the fog for quite some time before he sighed and promised, “You
don’t have to worry about what happened in there. I won’t tell anyone.”

After saying all that, he jumped and disappeared into the woods.

Lauryn, who was standing at the side, rubbed her eyes a little.

“Jonathan, I promised I would join Asura’s Office and tell you everything about the respectable families.
However, before I do that, can I have three days to settle everything first? I’d like to go back and talk to
my father. It’s a serious matter, after all, and I really wish that the Blackwood family and Asura’s Office
won’t go to war. If it is possible, will you let the Blackwood family go?”

Jonathan shook his head upon hearing that.

“The issue at hand isn’t whether I am willing to let your family go. It’s all politics now. If you wish to
protect your family, I can grant you the opportunity to do so, but you have to prepare yourself.”

Jonathan’s implicit message was well-hidden, but Lauryn caught it anyway.

He was basically saying that she had what it took to protect her family members, but the powers of all
respectable families must perish.

In other words, all Lauryn could do was save the people. Their influence and power would be
destroyed, and the family’s social status would turn into nothing more than an empty husk.

“I see. I will go to Tayhaven and look for you in three days.”

Lauryn didn’t say much else. She simply grabbed her sword, turned around, and left.

Jonathan didn’t fish the formation plate out of his possession until the others were gone.

The phenomenon was truly strange. Now that he had escaped the place and was outside the wall of
fog, he realized that the fog was so powerful that it could even hinder the formation plate’s power.

At that moment, all Jonathan could do was use the formation plate to seal off the outermost formation
layer. There was no way to examine what was going on inside Summerbank Abyss itself.

I guess I’ll lock the place up for now.

Jonathan directed his spiritual energy to his fingers and chanted the spell. That prompted the runes to
show up in midair. With that, the formation surrounding the fog was adjusted and Summerbank Abyss
was sealed once more.

Things returned to the way it was. At that moment, no one could get in or out of Summerbank Abyss.
Those who tried to force their way would simply get lost because the space-altering formation would

mess with them.

With a cultivation haven right there, Jonathan would have a much easier time practicing and leveling
up. He could also better train other cultivators.

Jonathan chuckled evilly. If I were to force Hades and the others to undergo training in there… Haha,
oh my gosh, the look on their faces when they run for their lives will be priceless.

Now that Jonathan had the pill with him, all he had to do was go home.

I ended up staying out for almost a week. I wonder how is Aunt Sophia’s condition now?

Jonathan jumped and disappeared into the woods as well. What he didn’t realize was that inside
Summerbank Abyss, a silhouette had shown up. The person cautiously moved into the place.

Ryan was a little taken aback when he saw the weird plants in front of him.

“Where am I?”

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