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Chapter 604

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Get Rich

The golden brick Jonathan had with him was about as small as any regular brick, but it was made of
pure gold, so the weight was over two kilograms.

Jonathan couldn’t use his spiritual energy to strengthen his moves, but he still had his own muscles to
count on. To his surprise, that was enough to send Vladimir to the floor.

Vladimir was already exhausted at that time. That was why he couldn’t use his spiritual energy to set
up even the thinnest shield. If he had, he would not be lying on the floor now.

As he laid there, he heard a hum in his head. Jonathan, on the other hand, had made his way and was
sitting on Vladimir’s stomach. He raised the golden brick he had with him once more. Bang!

The golden brick flew away after it fell onto a layer of invisible spiritual energy. Jonathan was sent flying
at the same time. “How dare you hit me? Jonathan Goldstein, you will die today!”

“Go to hell, you old man!” A man howled in a fierce tone. Irving had to use the bronze handbell to
survive a hit from Joselle, but he managed to shoot what looked like an arrow of light.

Blood oozed out of Vladimir’s leg a second later. He was pinned to the ground, and the flimsy
protective shield he created using his spiritual energy had popped like a bubble.

Joselle’s strange-looking spear had dug through and pinned Vladimir to the ground. Jonathan turned
around to glance at Irving. That was when he saw the guy being tossed to the side once more.

“What the hell are you looking at? My spiritual energy is depleting! Seal everything away already or
we’ll all die.”

It only took a moment for Irving to leave the forest once more. He had the flaming spear with him when
he went after Joselle once again.

Jonathan pushed down the intense pain in his mind and forced the tiny bit of spiritual energy left in him
to gather on his finger.

He placed his finger on Vladimir’s neck.

Vladimir withered instantly after his spiritual energy was blocked.

He turned into an elderly man who had countless injuries inflicted all over his body. Things were fine
when he had his immense spiritual energy supporting him.

Now that the spiritual energy was sealed, a fragile, old man like Vladimir could not hold on to life

Crimson-red blood oozed out of his body as he fell onto the floor.

Jonathan gripped the staff he had with him. He was sweating so much that even his nose had sweat on

“Lauryn, can you walk?”

Lauryn was pale. She had her hand on her sword and was gripping it when she shook her head

“Too bad. You’ll have to do that, anyway.”

Jonathan grabbed his staff and threw Vladimir over his shoulder to pick him up.

“There’s a red tree over there. It’s called the Flaming Tree. Drink its sap. If you don’t, you’ll die.”

After saying all that, Jonathan bit down and ran as quickly as he could toward the mountains.

That was the last phase of their plan, and Jonathan dared not mess up.

The location, the rune, the position of the sacrifice… Everything had to be done accurately.

If he failed to carry out his mission, then it wouldn’t matter if Vladimir survived. The latter would no
longer have what it took to tell him the true sealing method.

Under those circumstances, Jonathan would undoubtedly die.

The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was being used, and glimmers of golden lights were being
infused into Jonathan’s mind. It helped nullify the attack Vladimir dealt on Jonathan’s spiritual sense.

The storm within Jonathan’s mind quickly died down.

He redirected his spiritual energy to his feet and ran even faster.

As he moved, he suddenly felt the weight on his shoulder becoming lighter.

He turned around and saw Lauryn grabbing Vladimir’s collar.

Jonathan shifted his gaze to Lauryn’s gut and realized that she was drenched in blood.

“Oy, if you keep running like this, the pain will kill you.”

“You claimed there is something over there that can save my life,” said Lauryn. She remained pale and
had to bite down to suppress her pain. “So I will trust you this one last time.”

As she spoke, the spiritual energy surrounding her expanded and formed an invisible ribbon that
carried Jonathan off his feet.

“Tell me which way to go,” requested Lauryn softly.

“Turn right at the front and fly over the summit.”

While hanging in midair, Jonathan turned his attention to the mess surrounding them.

Lauryn, on the other hand, was focused on ignoring the pain in her gut and flying as quickly as

All three of them rushed forward. Jonathan, who was hanging in the front, could sense that Irving’s
strength was slowly depleting.


Lauryn flew over the mountain and used her spiritual energy to throw the two men she had with her to
the mountain of skulls in front of her.

While in midair, Jonathan reached out and grabbed Lauryn. He used his spiritual energy to create a
large hand and tossed her toward the tree.

“Drink the sap of the Flaming Tree!”

Jonathan pulled the spear out of Vladimir’s leg and threw it to the tree in question.

While stepping on the bones, Lauryn suppressed her pain and pulled out the sword in her gut before
she ran toward the tree.

She was losing too much blood, and her spiritual energy was going wild. At that point, she truly was at
death’s door and was losing her hold on life.

On the other side, Irving smashed into the mountain of bones that were sitting right beside Jonathan.

Joselle had turned into a monster and had jumped from the cliff. She was running ahead and going
after Jonathan immediately.

Unfortunately, Jonathan had to conserve his spiritual sense and put all of his mental energy into
Vladimir’s back.

He cut his finger with his sword and used his blood essence to draw the runes on Vladimir’s back.

One stroke after another… Jonathan didn’t know what the symbols on the runes meant, but his spiritual
sense allowed him to see everything clearly. That was why he could draw the rune perfectly, despite
knowing nothing about it.

“Jonathan, behind you!”

Irving shouted from the side before he dashed forward to shield Jonathan’s back.

At the time, Irving’s cultivation level had reached Superior Realm, but that was only because he had
forced himself to level up.

His spiritual energy was rapidly dwindling, and there was virtually no chance that he could stop Joselle,
given his current level of strength.

Joselle swung her claw. If her attack were to land, Irving would surely die. Heck, even someone as
powerful as Jonathan would die if he were hit.

At that crucial moment, however, a bright light that could sting anybody’s eye shot out of Jonathan’s


Jonathan’s voice was even when he spoke.

In that instant, everything in the universe fell silent.

Vladimir’s blood essence quickly dispersed and entered the Flaming Tree.

There, at the top of the Flaming Tree, a red glow emerged and became brighter until it was as big as a

A dozen more pillars made of light suddenly shot up in Summerbank Abyss.

Slowly but surely, those pillars moved and converged in the middle. They gathered and became a
strange wave before spreading out.

Joselle was right behind Jonathan at the time. Her face was blown off, and the ancient creature was
finally standing in front of everybody in her true form.

She had one eye and a large mouth. Sitting on her cheeks were organs that looked similar to a fish’s
gill, and they kept fanning up and down.

A cage that was invisible to the naked eye quickly formed around the monster to contain the disgusting
beast in the middle of that wasteland.


Irving accidentally stepped on one of the bones and hurt himself. He moaned in pain.

However, the rest of the world returned to its normal state.

The mentor and mentee, Sofus and Vladimir, turned into dust in front of everybody and dispersed.

Now that Vladimir’s body was gone, his clothes fell down. Jonathan reached out and caught the jade
accessory that was attached to Vladimir’s belt.

Jonathan examined the item in his hand and realized that the piece of jade was also a magical item
that could store other items.

When Jonathan chased after Vladimir earlier, the former found it strange that the latter was able to
procure a dagger seemingly out of nowhere. That was when the suspicion began.

A simple examination shook Jonathan to his core.

It turned out that the storage space within the jade was even bigger than that of the ring. Better still, the
space in the jade was filled with magical items.

Is this everything Phoebus Sect has gathered over the past two thousand years? Holy… I’m going to
be rich!

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