Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 603

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“F*ck you!” Irving cussed aloud, but he did what he was supposed to do. He jumped off the cliff. While
in midair, he gathered external spiritual energy quickly and shaped them into two invisible wings before
placing them around his arms.

Dozens of tiny sparks showed up on those wings, and it looked rather terrifying from a distance. There,
in the mountain range, Jonathan’s spiritual sense detected Irving’s presence. That prompted Jonathan
to grin.

Irving had gone all out, so Jonathan could feel a tingling sensation even though he was over ten meters
away. He actually felt calmer when he sensed Irving’s presence.

“Hold the monster off. I’ll go deal with Vladimir.” Jonathan’s staff became longer as he spoke. It only
took a blink of an eye for the staff to reach several meters long. “Kill them!”

An angry roar left Jonathan’s lips. He waved his staff and summoned a flame to it before charging at
Vladimir and aiming for the latter’s head. “Capture!”

Vladimir waved his arm, and a white light acted as though it had a mind of its own when it went after
Jonathan’s staff. After that, Vladimir himself turned around to leave.

The horsetail whisk moved in a strange way, but that made sense in a way. Vladimir was wounded
when he battled against Joselle, so he couldn’t attack effectively. That was why he could get the white
light to engulf the sky earlier, but now, the most he could do was summon a ray of light that was about
as thick as an arm.

Jonathan’s staff was affected, but it was only held back for a moment. The white light faded almost
immediately after a powerful flame engulfed it.

The fire burned everything, turning what looked like an intangible light into a horsetail whisk. After
losing all of its powers, the horsetail whisk fell onto the floor.

Vladimir was wounded and vomited blood after his weapon was destroyed.

The battle against Joselle already weakened him and losing his weapons—the formation plate and the
horsetail whisk—further weakened him. His cultivation level was slightly higher than that of Jonathan,
but after going through all that, Vladimir was no longer a match against Jonathan.

The latter saw how the former was running as though his life depended on it. That made it clear that
Vladimir had nothing else up his sleeves. It was also why Jonathan refused to let him escape.

Now that he had lost the formation plate, Vladimir no longer had the ability to teleport to another spot.
Hence, it only took Jonathan a short while to catch up.

“Get out of my way!”

Vladimir sensed Jonathan’s presence, so he fished a dagger out of his pocket and swung around
before throwing it at Jonathan.


When Vladimir shouted, his dagger reacted to his voice and exploded instantly.

He’s sacrificing his magical items to protect himself. I guess he really has nothing up his sleeves

Jonathan felt even more at ease when he saw the daggers exploding into tiny pieces. Any hesitation he
had disappeared. He waved his arm and tossed his staff while aiming for the back of Vladimir’s head.


A loud noise came. Vladimir flew into the air and fell into the forest over the edge.

Irving, who was close by, moved as though he were a kite with a broken string.

The two figures overlapped, and at that moment, Jonathan focused his gaze on his staff. He didn’t
even look at the men before throwing his weapon.

Flames engulfed the staff as they danced in the air and swirled around before smashing toward

Unfortunately, Joselle easily stopped the staff short despite the incredible power it possessed. The way
Joselle caught the staff made it look as though it were as weak as a flower stalk.


That was the roar of a monster, and it prompted the staff in Joselle’s possession to fly back to its

Jonathan readjusted his stance. He flushed his spiritual energy out and forced himself to move half a
meter away while midair.

When he landed, he howled at Irving, who was standing some distance away.

“Oy, Irving! I need you to keep her away from me, or I won’t be able to draw the rune.”

“Oh gee, really?” said Irving sarcastically before he cussed. “We won’t have any need for the rune if I
am strong enough to hold that idiot down.”

Irving picked up the magical item on the floor and forced the power in his body to surge through him.
After that, he jumped once more and went after Joselle again.

“In this state, I can, at most, hold on for another three minutes. I will do my best to keep this monster in
check. If you haven’t finished drawing the rune by then, we will both die.”

Jonathan gritted his teeth when he saw Irving dashing past him like that. The former rang the bronze
handbell he had with him right away.


The bronze handbell flew ahead, and when it made its way to Irving, he grabbed it.

The bronze handbell was Jonathan’s last defensive line, and he only gave it to Irving because he didn’t
have any other choice. If they couldn’t seal Joselle back in, he would be trapped in Summerbank Abyss

Vladimir was struggling endlessly to get up from the ground at that moment.

Jonathan’s previous attack on the back of his head had caused some substantial injury. Vladimir was
lucky his cultivation level was as high as it was. If that hadn’t been the case, he would already have

Jonathan made his way to Vladimir right away. The former reached out and aimed for the latter’s neck.

Once Vladimir’s meridian was sealed, everything would be set in stone.

Yet, Vladimir turned around and smiled at that moment.


A devious smile crept up on Vladimir’s lips as soon as he uttered those words.

Jonathan, on the other hand, stood there as though he were petrified.

It was as if a humongous wave had stirred up within his mind.

He was experiencing intense mental torture where his very mind was being split apart. In a way, it was
as though someone was using a blunt knife and digging into his head.

Jonathan could see every move Vladimir made, but he was stuck there. All the former could do was
struggle endlessly in his mind.

It was an assault on the spiritual sense.

Lauryn warned him about a move like that before. Sofus created it, and since Vladimir was his mentor,
it was only natural that Vladimir was a master of that technique as well.

Jonathan had always had the bronze handbell with him, so his defense was practically perfect. It was
also why he had never paid much attention to Lauryn’s warning. Unfortunately, he gave Irving the
bronze handbell earlier, and that caused him to be vulnerable to Vladimir’s move.

“I tried to spare your life, Jonathan, but you didn’t treasure the opportunity you were given. Now, I will
use you as the sacrificial lamb. The blood essence of a God Realm expert like you is more than
enough to seal everything away. It’d also stabilize the spiritual energy, making it that much easier for
me to steal it.”

As Vladimir spoke, he reached out for Jonathan’s neck.

It was the same sealing technique, but the predator and the prey had reversed their roles.


A woman suddenly screamed. The reflection from her sword came into view, and Vladimir was forced
to move away. That move saved him from the sword that was going after him.

When he turned around, he saw that Lauryn had somehow shown up there.

“Hah, you are just a puny Grandmaster. Do you really think you have what it takes to take me down?
Go to hell!”

Vladimir roared angrily. He engulfed his right hand with spiritual energy and attacked Lauryn right away.

Silence fell soon after.

Vladimir had Lauryn’s sword in his hand and had driven it through her gut.

“Hah, a clown like you have no place here.”

Vladimir smiled as he turned around, but all he saw was a golden glow being thrown at his face.

“F*ck you!”

Jonathan was holding a golden brick and had used it to attack the back of Vladimir’s head. The blow
was so heavy that it sent Vladimir flying.

The only useful item Jonathan could find in Rory’s ring was the staff, which was also a magical item.
Everything else was in a mess, so Jonathan couldn’t even find a sharp weapon.

Earlier, he had to bite down and suppress the pain in his mind. He spared some spiritual sense and
searched the storage space, but at the end of the day, the only useful thing he could find was the gold

He had no choice. His spiritual sense was under attack, so his spiritual energy had lessened. Hence,
the only thing he could do was attack with brute force.

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