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Chapter 602

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Vladimir’s froze as he gazed at Jonathan. “Do you understand what’s going on, Jonathan? Every
second delay means another second closer to our deaths. Are you sure you want to negotiate with me
at a time like this?”

Jonathan shrugged. “We don’t have to negotiate. Just let go of Joselle.” As he spoke, Jonathan
dropped Irving and seated himself cross-legged on a rock like he was enjoying the show.

“You little…” Vladimir yelled through gritted teeth, but the sight of the nearly bare Flaming Tree caused
him to regain his composure. He wrapped a pill in spiritual energy and sent it flying over to Jonathan.

However, Jonathan shook his head when the pill arrived in his hand. “This is not the same as the pill I
took all those years ago. Since you’re reluctant to work together, I cannot hand him over.”

“Enough!” Vladimir cursed. “Do you actually know what you’re talking about? This is the pill you
consumed! We’ll all die here if you don’t believe me!”

Jonathan grinned at Vladimir who was fuming with rage.

“Calm down. I was seriously injured back then and had no idea what I consumed. I wouldn’t know it
even if you simply gave me one at random. That is why I must first verify its authenticity.”

Jonathan put the pill carefully away before speaking once more.

“You were the one to have sealed our formation plate before. Hand it over, and I’ll hand Irving to you.”

At the sound of those two words, Vladimir flushed red and nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You are taking advantage of the situation. I won’t give you the formation plate even if I die, Jonathan.”

“Then you will die.”

As Jonathan spoke, he picked up Irving and turned to go.

“Stay where you are!”

Vladimir’s voice sounded from the valley. Jonathan turned around slowly.

“Have you thought about it?” Jonathan said calmly. “Hand over the formation plate!”

“I’ll give it to you,” Vladimir conceded through gritted teeth. With a flip of his wrist, the formation plate,
the size of a palm, morphed into light and landed in Jonathan’s hand.

Jonathan reached out to take the square formation plate. As soon as his skin made contact, he learned
the formation of the Three Ultimate Formations via a sudden epiphany.

He felt like a giant gazing down on a sand tray where every mountain, river, tree, and flower in
Summerbank Abyss was imprinted clearly in Jonathan’s mind.

“This is amazing!” Jonathan exulted as he sensed the message brought on by the formation plate.

When he was about to take a more profound step in learning the functions of the formation plate, a
shapeless repulsive force came from the formation plate and ejected his mental energy.

“I know you’re worried I would use the formation plate against you once we lock this monster away,
Jonathan,” Vladimir said coldly from the valley. “Though the formation plate is in your hand, it is imbued
with my spiritual sense. None of us can use it. Fair enough, isn’t it? We’ll all die if you don’t throw the
kid over right now.”

As Vladimir spoke, his fingers broke apart. The leaves from the Flaming Tree below ceased falling.

In the distance, the screen of red light surrounding Joselle began to flicker incessantly.

“How are you so ill-tempered despite your age?” Jonathan lifted the unconscious Irving and threw him
toward the valley. “He’s yours. Hurry up and seal it. I have urgent matters to attend to outside the

“Smart boy,” Vladimir snarled before receiving Irving and flying over to the branches of the Flaming

In the same manner when Sofus was sacrificed, Vladimir once more spent his blood essence and
prepared to draw runic symbols on Irving’s body.

As Irving’s flesh decayed rapidly, a series of talismans appeared on his back.

Just when Vladimir retracted his hand in preparation for the final seal, Jonathan’s finger twitched from
the summit.


Vladimir turned around to gaze at Jonathan when the mantra left the latter’s lips.

Irving had been on his knees before Vladimir. The spiritual energy in his body exploded forth, and his
cultivation level suddenly jumped from Grandmaster Realm to the middle phase of God Realm.

“Jonathan! Go to hell!” Irving cursed as his eyes flew open. A green bronze handbell flew from his
mouth to the top of his head. The shadow of the golden gong appeared for a moment in the midst of all


With Vladimir’s hand imprinted upon him, Irving’s back shone with a golden light. The bronze handbell
grabbed Irving and took flight into the distance.

Under the Flaming Tree, Vladimir stared at his shaking palm with an ugly look on his face.

Only one more summon and the sacrifice would have been completed.

“Why?” Vladimir screamed at Jonathan, looking quite deranged.

“For a simple reason,” Jonathan said plainly as he gazed at Irving glowering at him. “I don’t trust you.
Your cultivation level is higher than mine. Once you seal Joselle away and set your sights on me, I
would have no guarantee of survival.”

Vladimir gnashed his teeth at Jonathan’s words.

Though the latter only took a guess, Vladimir was indeed planning on doing so.

Once he did away with Joselle, Vladimir would have been able to kill Jonathan with the formation plate.
Besides, he was in an opportune spot within the formation. Though it would be difficult to get rid of
Jonathan, he was confident that he could do it.

However, he did not expect Jonathan to have preemptively schemed with Irving to deceive his sealing

At that moment, the series of rotting runes on Irving’s back sparked with light.

Jonathan examined the direction of every stroke of the runes and focused his spiritual sense on
examining Irving’s body as he tried not to overlook any detail.

Irving looked mutinous at the sensation of being scrutinized from all over.

“I was forced to cooperate with you today for the sake of survival, Jonathan. But remember, I will be
coming for you one day when I’m out of here.”

“We’ll discuss getting out of here later,” Jonathan replied mildly.

“If my estimations are correct, your method of forcing the progress in your cultivation level is causing
huge damage to your spiritual root. When you have an opportunity afterward, bite down on the tree and
drink the sap within. It will replenish your deficit.”

As he spoke, Jonathan reached out and removed the bronze handbell on Irving’s head.

“Just as I suspected. Aside from the last summon, which is universal, the sealing method is different
every time. Although I don’t know the principle, I can perfectly copy Vladimir’s runes. What we need to
do next is to catch him. How long can the boost in your cultivation level last?”

Irving’s gaze betrayed a sliver of doubt as he regarded Jonathan.

“You don’t trust Vladimir, Jonathan, and I don’t trust you. After I help you capture Vladimir, seal the
monster, and kill Vladimir, I will be a sitting duck at your mercy.”

Jonathan laughed at Irving’s words.

“You and I are different, Irving. I don’t trust Vladimir and am capable of planning a charade with you to
seal the rune. You don’t trust me, but you have no other choice!”


The red spirit shield surrounding Joselle cracked open.

“Don’t just stand there! If Vladimir dies by that fellow’s hand, I will be forced to use you to go through
with the sealing!”

As he spoke, Jonathan leaped up and dashed toward Vladimir below, armed with a staff.

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