Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 600

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Sofus turned and ran after Vladimir spoke. If it were anybody else, Sofus might not have believed them.
Since it came from his mentor’s lips, he knew the latter would carry out his promise.

However, Vladimir was not letting Sofus go easily. The former gazed warily at the hill in the distance
where Joselle was before disappearing in a flash.

Meanwhile, Joselle kicked the spear beneath her feet and sent it tearing through the air toward Sofus’
back. Vladimir reappeared with a whoosh in midair. The horsetail whisk he yielded morphed into a giant
hand formed entirely of white strands as it grabbed the spear.

Jonathan felt confused as he watched Vladimir. Is he rescuing Sofus? What’s going on between the
both of them?

He then cast a spell and gave chase to Sofus while Joselle and Vladimir fought.

“Hand over the pill, Sofus!”

Thanks to his God Realm cultivation level, Jonathan intercepted Sofus in seconds.

“Stop dreaming, Jonathan!” Sofus shouted through gritted teeth. “You wouldn’t be able to escape if you
don’t run now!”

The black magical item in Jonathan’s hand was covered in leaping flames. Despite the continuous
approach of Vladimir behind Sofus, he did not care in the slightest.

“I’m here for the pill. Once I get it, I won’t interfere with the d*mned affair of Phoebus Sect.”

“F*ck your pill!” Sofus roared.

“The pill is only a common Condensing Pill mixed with the original sap of the Flaming Tree. Go back
and chop down the Flaming Tree. Aside from treating serious injuries, regenerating lost limbs is also
not beyond the realm of possibility.”

Sofus’ words took Jonathan by surprise.

That’s right. I’ve been so occupied with the pill that it didn’t occur to me how Sofus’ grievous injury was
cured by taking a few sips of the sap from the Flaming Tree. Why should I go to such lengths when
something much more convenient is within reach?

During the intervening space of Jonathan being surprised, Sofus had already escaped in another

“The sap of a Flaming Tree is only effective for cultivators, Jonathan. And only adept cultivators at that.”

Vladimir’s roar of anger sounded from behind Jonathan.

“Unless the person you wish to rescue is of Grandmaster Realm, the victim who drinks the original sap
from the Flaming Tree will implode and die instantly.

“Besides, do you know how to store the sap, so its potency is retained? Do you know how to get out of
Summerbank Abyss? Capture Sofus, and I’ll give you the pill and take you out of here.”

Jonathan understood from the urgency in Vladimir’s voice that the old man did not have much time left.

The feeling of being blackmailed is not a pleasant one.

Jonathan frowned as he watched the incessant battle between Joselle and Vladimir in the distance.

Though it was only a flash, he had clearly felt Joselle’s spiritual sense locking in on him.

If Vladimir fell in defeat, I would be the next one to die by Joselle’s hand.

However, Jonathan also knew that they would not be able to defeat Joselle even if he joined forces with

“What are you still standing around for, Jonathan?”

Vladimir’s bellow assaulted his eardrums once more.

“The woman is the monster suppressed by the Summerbank formation. The efforts of four
Grandmaster Realm cultivators are required every three years to seal her.

“The process of sealing this time is only conducted halfway through. Now, the strength of the formation
could not yet threaten her. Capture Sofus and use him as the foundation of the formation. Otherwise,
we will all die!”

This time, Jonathan hesitated no longer and dashed off in Sofus’ wake.

Vladimir’s words unraveled Jonathan’s many questions over the past two days.

Though he could not trust Vladimir entirely, the only thing he could do at the moment was capture

The boulders cracked beneath his feet. Every stride Jonathan took appeared a dozen meters ahead.

“I’ll ask you this one last time, Sofus. Do you have the pill or not?”

“Go to hell!” Sofus’ face was flushed red as he cursed at Jonathan beside him. “Shatter!”

Following Sofus’ shout, a strange ripple dashed toward Jonathan’s face.

The runes glowed. Amidst Sofus’ wail, Jonathan heard a low chanting.

Spiritual sense assault?

Jonathan was slightly taken aback by the sight of Sofus on the ground writhing in pain while clutching
his head.

Lauryn had told him once before about Sofus’ mastery of spiritual sense assault.

Though Jonathan had come prepared, spiritual sense assault was ethereal in nature. His wariness
would prove fruitless.

It was a pleasant surprise that the strange bell above his head could block even a spiritual sense

It was obvious that Sofus’ current predicament was a consequence of the recoil from his own attack.

Jonathan sealed Sofus’ meridian and tore the latter’s shirt apart.

A bronze mirror the size of a plate fell to the ground.

Jonathan clearly felt three paths swirling restlessly from other directions when he picked it up in his

The bronze mirror must be how Sofus managed to locate Lauryn and the others.

Though he failed to locate the pill, Jonathan lifted Sofus and ran toward Vladimir.

“I’ve captured Sofus for you. Give me the pill!” Jonathan shouted toward the pair of combatants
engaged in battle.

“Go to the Flaming Tree,” Vladimir shouted back. “It is the burial ground of the formation. If you want to
seal this demon, you could only do it there.”

Grabbing Sofus by the waist, Jonathan turned to leave.

In order to leave the abyss, he must obtain the pill and, more importantly, remain alive.

Nobody would survive if Joselle is not sealed!

“You can’t do this to me, Vladimir! I’ve thought of you as my father for sixteen years. You can’t kill me!”
Sofus lay on the white bones under the Flaming Tree, sounding hoarse from yelling.

“Help me hold the demon at bay for a minute, Jonathan. Let me complete the sealing.”

The horsetail whisk in Vladimir’s hand had by then looked like a tasseled spear with only a few strands
of hair remaining.

A talisman appeared, and rays of green light emitted from the talisman in every direction. Within the
span of a breath, they combined into a complex yet beautiful symbol.

An immense palace materialized out of thin air and enveloped Joselle.

Jonathan sensed something. His feet bent slightly before he leaped up with the magical item in his
hand aimed directly at Joselle’s head.


The spear in Joselle’s hand dispersed the green formation marks. The flaming staff in Jonathan’s hand
struck at the same time.

Within the span of a second, Jonathan and Vladimir had undergone a complete exchange of identity.

There is no more foe or friend. Only our survival matters!

“How dare you lay a hand on your Master, slave? You have a very painful price to pay!”

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