Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 598

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Going All Out

Joselle’s words sounded like a death sentence to Vladimir. “How is this possible?” Vladimir looked at
the formation plate in his hand and exclaimed.

“Freeze!” he shouted at the top of his voice while forming a hand seal with one hand. Jonathan could
clearly sense strange energy waves circling Joselle beside him.

However, the energy that froze him on the spot merely slowed down her movement a little before losing
its effect. “I’m tired of this trick of yours. Are there any other tricks you can show me?” Joselle asked
teasingly, still holding her spear.

The next moment, she swung her spear, and a ripple visible to the naked eye unfurled on its tip.

With just one wave of the spear, the strange sense of restraint holding Jonathan and the others captive
disappeared as if it was never there.


Following the loud noise, Vladimir was sent flying while Joselle charged at him.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

As the dense collision sound drifted away, Jonathan and the other two fell to the ground, for the
pressure that Vladimir and Joselle had on them earlier was overwhelming.

Vladimir was one step to the Divine Realm. Although he was still in the God Realm, with the help of the
magic weapon’s power, Jonathan and the others were no match for him.

As for Joselle, she was even more terrifying. Although no one could see any signs of her cultivation
level, every move she made exuded overwhelming power.

Jonathan once suspected that she was a cultivation expert above the Divine Realm, but she had lost all
her memories due to certain incidents.

The biggest basis for that speculation was Joselle’s appearance.

According to her, she had been in Summerbank Abyss for at least a few decades.

However, she still looked like a young girl in her late teens. According to the miscellaneous records,
only those in the Ultimate Realm and halfway to achieving immortality could retain their youth and
never age.

A half-immortal… It only exists in myths, even in ancient times. Is there truly such a terrifying being in
the present world where cultivators have almost vanished?

Feeling the energy waves of Joselle and Vladimir fading away, Jonathan turned to look at Lauryn, who
was covered in blood.

“Can you still run? Vladimir can’t resist for a long time. We must take this opportunity to leave quickly.”

Lauryn cast a complex gaze at him.

From the moment Jonathan rescued her, she became a part of his ploy even though he held her in his
arms to protect her as much as possible in the end.

However, having been used by him repeatedly, she did not know whether she should trust him again.

At that moment, Irving was still sprawled on the ground with flushed cheeks.

“Lauryn, help me unblock my meridians and acupoints!” Irving cried as he looked at Lauryn in pain.

While still supporting Lauryn, Jonathan flicked his finger and a burst of spiritual energy flew straight to
Irving’s lower abdomen to unblock his meridians.

Feeling the spiritual energy rushing in his veins again, Irving leaped up.

“Jonathan, don’t make me hold a grudge against you. Do you think I’m unaware that it was you who led
that she-monster to me?”

Seeing Irving’s self-absorbed manner rendered Jonathan speechless.

If he knew the former’s location, he would be capable of doing such that to cause a diversion.

However, he had no idea that he would meet Irving in that place, so he felt aggrieved by the

Even so, Jonathan did not have time to argue such nonsense with Irving. Looking at the girl with blood
covering her face in his arms, he urged, “Either follow me or Irving, Lauryn. It’s up to you. Even though
Vladimir and Joselle have left, it won’t take long before one of them gets the upper hand. It doesn’t
matter who wins or loses. As long as they catch up with the three of us, I’m afraid none of us will
survive. We must leave immediately.”

“Even if we leave, where can we go?” Lauryn uttered softly, “Although Summerbank Abyss isn’t a small
place, it isn’t that big either. Now that the outermost mist wall is impossible to pass through, where can
we run to even if we leave this place?”

After successive twists of events and pursuits, the former daughter of a respectable family had become
utterly despondent to the point that there was even a sense of dejection in her tone.

On the contrary, Irving spat out a mouthful of blood while rubbing his swollen cheek at the side before
remarking, “Although we are no match for them, we can’t just stand here and wait to die.”

After giving Jonathan a frosty look, he contemplated for a moment and continued, “Although I want
nothing more than to kill you, I think we should leave together so that our chances of survival will be
higher given our current situation.”

Jonathan met Irving’s somewhat reluctant expression with indifference.

Sure enough. There are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. Before entering the abyss, he was
adamant about killing me. However, in the face of a common enemy now, he chose to give up his
revenge to join forces with me. He looks like a simple-minded and reckless guy, but just for the fact that
he dares to humble himself at any time, he does display certain aspects of an exemplary hero.

Despite acknowledging Irving’s courage, Jonathan still shook his head slightly.

“No. We can’t leave together,” he said flatly.

Irving frowned. “But you’re Asura, Jonathan, the pillar of Asura’s Office. This can’t be all the bravery
you have, right?”

“This has nothing to do with courage.” Jonathan responded while shaking his head, “I’m sure you’ve
seen the abilities of those two, and, frankly speaking, if several cultivators who are part of the God
Realm like me were to join forces, they may pose a certain threat to Vladimir. But if it’s just the two of
us, we are far too weak. For a battle of this caliber, you guys aren’t even qualified to participate, and I’m
only talking about facing Vladimir. If our opponent is Joselle, it doesn’t matter how many of us join
forces as it would also be useless—she is invincible.”

Despite feeling indignant, Irving could not find any words to refute Jonathan.

After all, the latter had recovered his cultivation, which was one level higher than his.

Hence, even if he found it hard to accept, it was still the truth.

Jonathan looked in the direction Joselle and Vladimir went before adding, “Besides, I came to the
abyss this time for a pill. There’s someone out there who is waiting for me to save her. I can’t leave


Lauryn knew that Jonathan was not lying as she had heard the previous exchange between him and

“I hope you’re not thinking of snatching the pill. You’ll die!” she said worriedly.

Jonathan handed her over to Irving before replying, “My relative needs the pill to save her life, so I must
go all out!”

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