Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 597

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The Mystery Of Summerbank

Master? Hearing Jonathan’s words, Lauryn directed her gaze toward Joselle in puzzlement. At the
same time, Irving, whose cheek swelled up terribly, was throwing a scornful glare at Jonathan.

He finally understood why Joselle would knock him out for no reason and bring him here. How is that
pure coincidence? Jonathan must’ve run toward me on purpose to divert attention! D*mn it! I’ll kill him
sooner or later!

Irving could not help but curse inwardly after catching a glimpse of that smug expression on Jonathan’s
face as if he had succeeded in his treacherous plan.

On the other hand, Vladimir’s horsetail whisk was grabbed so tightly by Joselle that no matter what he
did, he could not withdraw it. He was undoubtedly dumbfounded.

“Who are you?”

A frosty glint flashed across Vladimir’s gaze as he sensed the intimidating aura radiating from Joselle.

“I didn’t have a name previously, but I do now. I’m Joselle Goldstein. Your capabilities aren’t too bad.
How about you become my slave too?” Joselle said with a laugh.

“Joselle Goldstein?” As soon as Vladimir heard that name, he instinctively turned to look at Jonathan.

The same surname? Why does it feel like they’re siblings?

What truly baffled him was Jonathan’s greeting earlier.

Vladimir’s eyes dimmed as he fixed them on Jonathan and the rest.

“Since you’re all here, it saves me some time and effort to go and search for everyone. Well, this
makes things easier for me!”

As he spoke, the spiritual energy within him began to surge. The horsetail whisk in his grip suddenly
expanded into innumerous white threads that filled the skies before wrapping around Joselle’s body.

Then, those white threads tightened abruptly, turning Joselle into a giant cocoon.

“Run!” Jonathan shouted at Lauryn and reached out to grab her hand to flee the scene with her.

But as he got up to Lauryn, a strange-looking gun full of murderous intent rested close to his forehead
before piercing through the ground right before him.

It was Joselle’s gun.

The muscles in Jonathan’s body tensed up as he turned to look at the white cocoon beside him.

On it was a hole the size of a bowl, where he spotted Joselle wearing a smile while peeking through

“I won’t let you get away just like that!”

Following a giggle, she pried the hole with her slender hands, and before long, she tore the white
cocoon apart without much force.

Jonathan stared wide-eyed at the overwhelmingly domineering scene before him.

He had put up a fight with Vladimir’s horsetail whisk earlier. He knew clearly how tough and formidable
that weapon was. Yet, Joselle had managed to rip it apart with her hands.

Despite knowing how scary Joselle was, he could not help but feel stupefied.

Nonetheless, the one most astonished at that point was not Jonathan but Vladimir.

After all, Vladimir understood that magical item well since it belonged to him. Having watched it get
destroyed without much effort by Joselle, he could not comprehend how fearsome she was.

He stared at Joselle nervously as he tried to escape the scene.

“Who are you exactly?”

“I am your master!”

Joselle let out a light chuckle. With a leap, she traveled a distance of more than ten meters and landed
right before Vladimir.

Seeing her appearance, he swung the horsetail whisk in his grip toward her direction without hesitation.

Though Vladimir was well aware that his horsetail whisk could not hurt Joselle, he thought it was more
than enough if it could fend her off for a short while.

Before long, a geomantic compass appeared in Vladimir’s palm out of nowhere.

“Three Ultimate Formations! Restrain them!”

As his hand gesture took effect, a mysterious force spread out rapidly.

With Vladimir as the center, everything within a hundred-meter radius came to a halt as though time
had frozen.

Jonathan and the others, as well as the flora and fauna in the surroundings, all turned frozen

Joselle’s hand, which had come so close to Vladimir’s neck, also stopped in its movement

While Jonathan froze in position—with one hand grabbing onto Lauryn’s wrist, sheer shock inundated
him after witnessing Vladimir’s move.

The Grandmaster Realm cultivators could activate a Grandmaster’s force field to trap everything within
a certain perimeter.

Basically, its theory was to use one’s force field to fill the space and one’s spiritual energy to create a
spirit shield to confine the targets one wanted to have control or restrain over.

However, that was not the case for Vladimir’s move.

There was no spiritual energy nor any feeling of restraint.

Instead, that feeling closely resembled how the world should have been.

Everything—from falling leaves to birds and insects—should stay suspended in the air.

It was a feeling close to nature.

Yet, that brought intense fear from deep within Jonathan.

“Who exactly are you? I can’t believe I had to use the formation plate to keep you in place. How did you
manage to enter Three Ultimate Formations?” Sweat droplets covered Vladimir’s forehead as he loudly
questioned Joselle, who almost killed him.

But in the next instant, Vladimir averted his gaze toward Jonathan and the others.

What caught his attention was the two rows of mummified bodies on the ground.

Vladimir did not have the time to give too much thought as he got into a fight with Joselle immediately
after rushing there in a fit of rage.

Now that he spotted those bodies, his eyes darkened.

In the formation of the Three Ultimate Formations, other than several cultivators who ventured in by
themselves, the other cultivators who disappeared there were lured inside by Phoebus Sect.

There were many instances where Phoebus Sect would lure four cultivators there, but in the end, there
would always be one or two missing.

It was also because such occurrences were frequent that Sofus would conveniently invite Jonathan
after running into him then.

The purpose was to use Jonathan as a substitute had anyone gone missing again.

Comprehension dawned upon Vladimir after seeing those bodies at that point—those people who went
missing were not devoured by the demon beast but were turned into various shapes and forms of
mummified bodies.

Staring at those bodies, Vladimir jolted in terror.

His heart thumped even more wildly when he noticed the bodies of the two God Realm fighters.

After all, among the two, Rory was a well-known cultivator in the martial arts world. Even Vladimir had
to greet him politely if they ever crossed paths.

Even someone like Rory has died here. Even though Summerbank Abyss is a part of Phoebus Sect,
these mummified bodies definitely aren’t our doings. Who the he*l did this?

“Do you like my slaves too?” Behind, a crisp voice sounded. Vladimir leaped a few meters away before
he mustered the courage to whip his head around.

Standing right in front of Jonathan, Joselle reached out and slowly pulled out that strange-looking

“Old shorty, how did you freeze people on the spot just now? It seems fun. How about you play with me
from now on?”

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