Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 596

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You Are Dead Meat

On the mountain in the middle, the sound of birds chirping and the fragrance of flowers filled the air.
Everything seemed quiet and peaceful.

And in a field halfway up the mountain, Joselle was perched atop a rock, swinging her legs. “Slave,
why don’t you act all cute again for me?”

Act cute?

Irving’s expression turned icy, electricity rippling through his body. I launch an all-out attack on her, but
she dares to think I was acting cute. What’s her cultivation level? She’s a little too terrifying!

A hint of despair flashed in his eyes as he cast his gaze over the twenty-three shriveled corpses and

I’m not Jonathan, but as the head of the Phantom Sect’s last disciple, I know a little about some
secrets. Although their clothes have seen better days after exposure to the wind and rain, I can tell
from the style and material that they were disciples of various ancient sects. In fact, two of them had on
gorgeous and colorful clothes. Despite being torn and tattered, the colors are still as vibrant as when
they were new. Just one look is enough to tell that they weren’t just any ordinary clothes.

Irving compared the two sets of clothes with the portraits of the two missing God Realm-level elites in
his mind, and what he concluded made his heart sink.

These two corpses are them! This woman sure has a weird taste, arranging dead bodies into different
poses for fun. If I don’t think of a way to get out of here, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape a similar
fate as them.

With that thought in mind, he moved abruptly and dashed downhill.

Although he made the same decision as Jonathan, his cultivation level was one tier lower than the

Hence, he only managed to run two steps before getting stepped on.

Joselle lowered her head and giggled as she pressed her foot against Irving’s face.

“One escaped earlier, so I sure can’t let another do the same. Otherwise, I’ll be bored out of my mind.”

Just then, a buzzing noise rang out from the foot of the mountain.


Joselle turned and gazed in that direction after hearing the sound of a bell ringing.

Then, a beam of golden light pierced through the tops of the trees and shone toward the mountaintop.

There was a loud thud as Jonathan crashed into the side of the mountain with Lauryn in his arms while
wielding the bronze handbell.

The jarring impact caused a retrograde blood flow in Jonathan, and his meridian and spiritual energy
were also slightly affected.

There was also a flickering golden light around him. Jonathan and Lauryn rolled down the side of the
mountain, only coming to a stop after knocking into a sitting corpse and shattering it to pieces.


Joselle looked as though she had just discovered a new continent when she saw Jonathan. Forgetting
all about Irving under her foot, she rushed over to Jonathan excitedly.

Then, she reached out and took Lauryn from Jonathan’s arms. Due to the shockwaves from the bell
earlier, Lauryn was covered in blood.

Joselle merely cast a careless glance at Lauryn before tossing the latter aside, looking somewhat

The way she did so was no different from how she would throw garbage.

“I’ve caught you, Jonathan,” Joselle declared with a grin.

A chill ran down his spine as he gazed at her beautiful face.

This little br*t looks harmless, but the brutality of her actions is the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. Even
Hades, one of the Eight Kings of War known for his coldness, might not be a match for her. If possible,
I never want to see her again. Who would’ve expected me to return to this place of my own accord after
only a few hours? Oh, what a cruel twist of fate!

“Joselle, it has been a while since we last met.”

Jonathan forced some semblance of a smile as he spoke while discreetly feeling about next to him.

When he landed earlier, the bronze handbell lost its bond to his spiritual energy and fell next to him.

If I have the bronze handbell, I’ll still have a sliver of hope.

“Jonathan Goldstein, I told you before that I’d kill you if I caught you. Now, prepare to die!” Joselle
declared with a cackle. She raised the spear in her hand, about to throw it straight at the point between
his brows.

Just then, a thin figure wielding a horsetail whisk appeared next to the group. It was the person who
had been in hot pursuit—Vladimir.

At the same time, Jonathan finally felt the bronze handbell beneath his fingers. Almost without thinking,
he roused his spiritual energy and channeled it outward through his hand.

However, what happened next stunned him.

Within his subconscious mind, a pitch-black space appeared out of thin air. Scattered messily about
inside that space was a random collection of items.

There were clothes, gold bars, food, drinks…

However, the oddest thing was the sense that something strange was going on surfacing in his heart.

As long as I will it to be, these things I see will instantly appear right before me. What’s going on?
Shouldn’t a shield appear when I channel spiritual energy into the bronze handbell? Why have these
things popped up?

He subconsciously glanced down at the bronze handbell in his hand. However, he was not holding a
handbell. It was clearly a black ring.

It’s a magical item for storage!

The moment Jonathan saw the ring, his eyes widened instantly.

According to miscellaneous records, the cultivators of yore would refine a magical item for storage to
conveniently store things. For the most part, those magical items were in the form of rings, bracelets,
and belts. And as luck would have it, I’ve somehow managed to stumble upon a storage ring!

He turned to look at the dried-up corpse he had smashed to pieces. Gazing at the vibrant colors of the
torn clothes, he came up with a conclusion inwardly.

Although a ring like this was a common sight in the olden days, it’s a rare treasure nowadays. If I go by
my earlier speculation, this must be the body of the cultivator from the ancient sects who went missing
thirty years ago. Could this storage ring have fallen from his hand?

While Jonathan was distracted by his thoughts about the storage ring, Joselle had already started
walking toward Vladimir.

“Wow! So many slaves! What’s that thing in your hand with the white hairs?”

As Joselle spoke, she stretched out a hand to touch the horsetail whisk Vladimir held.

However, Vladimir was already in a rage after getting tricked by Jonathan and did not care to entertain
her curiosity.

“You little br*t! Where on earth did you come from? Move away!”

Vladimir could not restrain himself from flicking the horsetail whisk at Joselle’s face.

Hearing a soft snap, Vladimir paused momentarily as he was walking toward Jonathan.

The movements of Joselle’s spiritual energy were so faint that they resembled one at the Grandmaster
Realm at most.

Hence, Vladimir did not think of her as a threat at all.

Only Jonathan knew that the shifts in her spiritual energy were not a reflection of her true strength.

One would think that’s all she’s capable of when, in fact, she has merely inadvertently revealed the tip
of the iceberg.

When Jonathan saw Joselle grab the horsetail whisk he had failed to deflect even once, he roared with

“And there I was, wondering how to make you attract even more attention. I didn’t think you’d be so
daring as to attack my master. You’re dead meat!”

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