Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 594

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What I Am Waiting For

“I’m going to kill you, Jonathan!” Lauryn shouted in response to Jonathan’s slap. Her scream sounded
as though it was going to pierce the heavens. It did give him quite a shock.

Then, she shouted again. “He has disappeared!” With a powerful right kick, Jonathan flew into the air.
Below him, a horsetail whisk swept past his previous spot. He’s in God Realm’s advanced phase and
halfway to becoming a Divine! Jonathan assessed.

It was hard to tell if it was because Jonathan had identified Vladimir’s cultivation level that the latter’s
attack was getting agitated. Thanks to the spiritual energy flowing out of the old man’s body, Jonathan
was able to see his opponent’s true strength.

Jonathan once fought against the elder of the Osborne family, Garrison, in Yaleview. Back then,
Garrison was only in the beginner phase of God Realm. That and the presence of the creepy sound of
the bell were enough to make him panic.

However, Vladimir had reached the peak of God Realm. Even if the old man didn’t use the formations
to teleport himself around, that horsetail whisk of his was dangerous enough for Jonathan to think he
stood no chance of victory.

Thus, the only thing Jonathan could do when facing that kind of monster was escape.

“Go!” When Vladimir’s attack missed, the horsetail whisk flew toward Jonathan and wrapped itself
around his leg as though it was alive.

Since Jonathan was still in the air, there was nowhere for him to dodge.

Not only that, the horsetail whisk possessed the power to destroy spiritual energy, so even if he used a
spirit shield, he would still be hit by the attack.

Lauryn was in despair when she saw the countless white strands reaching toward her. However, it was
then an ominous aura rapidly spread out from Jonathan’s body.


The strands of the horsetail whisk, which looked like white tentacles were blocked by a golden light,
and not able to reach her.

She raised her head and looked around.

Currently, both of them were protected by a golden light with runes swimming on its surface.


Jonathan landed safely on the ground with Lauryn on his shoulder.

When the horsetail whisk returned to Vladimir, he saw that the white strands had been burned to a

That shocked him.

After all, the horsetail whisk was a legendary weapon passed down from the head of the Phoebus Sect
to the next. It was crafted by using the fur of an unknown demon beast. If the weapon were injected
with spiritual energy, the user would be able to manipulate the length and toughness of the horsetail

Since it possessed the ability to destroy spiritual energy, it became a powerful trump card of the sect
and was the reason many experts lost their lives.

That was why it pained Vladimir to see the two-thousand-year-old magical item in that ruined state.

With a gentle wave of the weapon, the burned parts of the horsetail whisk were scattered into the wind.

Then, he turned his gaze to the bronze handbell hanging above Jonathan’s head.

“I didn’t expect you to possess such a powerful item, Mr. Goldstein. I was right about you. You do
possess incredible luck.” Vladimir smiled plainly. “In that case, how about we have a chat? If you give
me that magical tool and Lauryn, I’ll hand you the pill and let you go. What do you say?”

Worry flashed past Lauryn’s eyes when she heard that.

While she had a deal with Jonathan, she was worried it had lost its value when he had to face a
powerful foe like Vladimir.

In that situation, she felt like a useless deadweight, and she thought Jonathan would’ve abandoned her
to survive.

However, Lauryn didn’t know what respectable families meant to Jonathan.

Ever since he learned the true meaning of the phrase ‘respectable families,’ he had been thinking
about how to get rid of those vermin.

He knew no regimes would last forever, but there were respectable families that were known as The

If nothing were done, then Asura’s Office would be infiltrated by those respectable families over the
years and eventually become their sharpest weapon in just a few decades.

It wasn’t an unfounded worry.

After all, Yaleview was once a powerful city.

However, in just a little over a hundred years, it completely collapsed from the inside thanks to the
respectable families.

Thus, to maintain peace in Chanaea, Jonathan decided to uproot those tumors completely.

Since Lauryn was the Blackwood family’s daughter, she knew many secrets about the respectable
families. Also, she possessed a very high position in that society and was willing to work as a spy for
him. In short, someone like her wasn’t easy to come by.

That was why Jonathan refused to abandon her.

“I refuse.” He stared at Vladimir alertly. “If you had given me the pill from the start, then I wouldn’t have
interfered for the sake of our friendship. However, your disciple lied to me and lured me into
Summerbank Abyss, fully aware that you weren’t dead. He said the seal on Summerbank Abyss
requires the blood essence of four Grandmasters to maintain. Lauryn and the other three were already
enough, yet you still brought me in here. So, I think you’ve already included me as part of the sacrifice.
Isn’t that right?”

Vladimir nodded. “The more blood essence we have, the better. Since you showed up uninvited, we
didn’t feel the need to chase you away. This is the same as two years ago when I save you. It’s all
because of fate.”

Jonathan chuckled. “Since I’ve already fallen for your trap, there’s no reason for me to believe you’ll let
me go. From the moment you tried to kill me, I’ve cleared the life debt I owed you. What happens next
depends on our skills and abilities!”

When he finished speaking, he turned around and left, with the bronze handbell still on his head.

Even though not much time had passed, the bronze handbell had absorbed a massive amount of
spiritual energy from him.

He would be in grave danger if he didn’t make it to the mountain soon.

“Be prepared, Lauryn. The moment I stop injecting spiritual energy into the bronze handbell, you’ll need
to do it on my behalf. Otherwise, I won’t have enough spiritual energy to reach the middle of the
mountain,” Jonathan revealed as he ran.

A determined look appeared in her eyes when she heard that.

If she kept the protective magical item active, she would undoubtedly lose a massive amount of
spiritual energy. If he decided to abandon her when her energy ran out, she wouldn’t have any energy
left to protect herself.

However, there was no other choice for her. Even if she decided not to keep the magical item active,
the moment Jonathan abandoned her, she would still be dead.

When her train of thought ended there, Lauryn began gesturing a technique with her hands. “Leave this
bronze handbell to me before my spiritual energy depletes.”

“Deactivate!” Jonathan exclaimed.

The bronze handbell above his head shook. However, just as it was about to fall, a surge of pure
spiritual energy was injected into the item, allowing it to levitate in the air once more.

“I can only support this bell for five minutes maximum!” she informed.

“That’s enough time!” he replied as he stared at the mountain ahead.

“Careful, behind you!” Due to Lauryn’s fear, an insane amount of energy poured out of her body and
into the bell as she shouted. The golden light surrounding them became even brighter.

At that moment, Jonathan grabbed her legs and threw her behind him like a weapon. “That’s what I’m
waiting for!”

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