Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 593

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Could Not Defeat Him

“Does this mean you’ll give me the pill if I can defeat you?” Sensing the murderous intent coming from
Vladimir, Jonathan tightened his grip around the axe. Vladimir chuckled. “If you can defeat me, then my
life will belong to you, Mr. Goldstein.”

“Then you need to be careful, Sir!” The moment Jonathan lifted his head after bowing, the axe in his
hand flew toward the old man without warning.

He followed behind the axe and formed spikes around his fists with spiritual energy before charging
toward Vladimir. Usually, he wouldn’t use that kind of dirty trick unless his life was in danger.

However, he had no idea what to expect when facing Vladimir. Since the time the old man showed up,
he had been giving Jonathan a feeling that he was in a very dangerous situation. Even though
Jonathan believed he had nothing to fear, he still wanted to be careful.

The sound of the battle axe zipping through the air came to an abrupt end while Jonathan’s fists were
easily dodged by Vladimir. Vladimir held the axe with a smile while standing a few meters away. “This is
the axe I gave to my disciple. Thank you for returning it to us.”

As he spoke, he lodged the axe into the ground and gently moved the horsetail whisk as he
approached his opponent with a smile. “Since you’ve made your decision, I won’t be holding back
anymore. Please die now, Mr. Goldstein.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he disappeared. It wasn’t because he was moving so fast that
no one could see him. He really just vanished into thin air. Even Jonathan’s spiritual sense couldn’t
locate where he was.

Just as Jonathan was on his guard, the white horsetail whisk suddenly emerged in front of him. It was
as though his spirit shield was made of paper because the horsetail whisk shattered it without even
slowing down.

Facing that powerful attack, Jonathan only had enough time to block it with his arms before he was
sent flying away. He then landed next to Lauryn.

Soon, he felt immense pain in his arm. As Jonathan assessed his injury with a frown, he realized his
arms had turned into rotten flesh.

When the horsetail whisk attacked him, it was as though the strands on the weapon turned into
extremely sharp blades, cutting through his arms hundreds of times.

If not for how he dodged in time, it was possible that his arms would’ve been chopped off.

What cultivation level is Vladimir on? How is he so terrifying? Jonathan stared at his opponent fearfully
as his arms trembled.

At that point, he couldn’t determine the cultivation level of Vladimir because the old man hadn’t used
his full power.

“I’m sorry, Lauryn.” From that attack alone, he had determined the gap of power between him and

It seemed as though he was going to abandon Lauryn to save his own skin.

When Lauryn heard that, her eyes were filled with despair.

However, she knew no matter what she could offer to Jonathan, there was no way he would be willing
to put his life on the line to defeat an opponent as absurdly powerful as Vladimir.

“I’m grateful for all that you’ve done for me up until this point,” she thanked him in a deep voice.

Then, she pulled out a jade pendant from her pocket. “Take this jade pendant. If you ever meet
someone from my family in the future, please give it to them and tell them this: ‘Forests on the white
mountain with black rivers. A boat of dreams under the starry night.’ My father won’t trouble you if he
hears those two sentences.”

Holding the jade pendant in hand, Jonathan stared at the object as it was tainted by his blood. Then he
shifted his confused look to her. “Do you think I’m afraid of your father troubling me?”

“I’m not afraid of that.” Lauryn sighed. “I know you tend to fight against respectable families. I just want
to use this jade pendant to let my father know that you once helped me so he won’t attack you. That
way, maybe you’ll let go of the Blackwood family.”

“You think far ahead,” he replied plainly before stuffing the pendant into his pocket.

Then, he turned to Vladimir with a smile. “Until next time, Sir!”

Just as he finished speaking, he grabbed her and began running toward the burning peak.

Everyone was stunned when they saw him do that, especially Lauryn, who was being carried on his

Disbelief was written all over her face as she stared at the flora passing her vision.

In recent years, Jonathan had become an influential figure in Chanaea.

No matter where rumors about Jonathan’s character came from, all of them mentioned that he was a
ruthless, decisive, cruel, and extremely dangerous man.

Everyone thought he was the type of formidable hero who would choose to fight to the death against an
undefeatable opponent.

No one thought he would just turn around and escape shamelessly.

Is this guy really the Military God of Asura’s Office? Lauryn couldn’t help but reassess her view on

“Is that old man chasing after us?” he asked as he held onto her legs.

Even though he still had no idea how Vladimir managed to vanish and reemerge earlier, there was one
thing he had learned from the fight—he couldn’t trust his spiritual sense any longer.

When Lauryn was asked that question, she raised her head and looked. “He’s coming! I think he’ll only
need at most ten breaths before he catches up to us!”

“Ten breaths?” Jonathan muttered.

As he stared at the mountain in the heart of Summerbank Abyss, the look in his eyes turned serious. I
need to find a way to shake off this old man. As long as I can make it to Joselle, I’ll be safe! However, I
think I need at least twenty minutes to make it there. Do I have enough time—

“He has disappeared, Jonathan!” Lauryn exclaimed.

At that instant, he forcefully changed his course.


A horsetail whisk suddenly appeared where Jonathan was standing earlier and created a loud bang
when the attack landed on the ground.

When Vladimir appeared, Jonathan finally saw the trick to that technique.

The moment the old man emerged, the surrounding space twisted a little bit.

That fitted the description of the space-altering formation in the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Oh yeah, Summerbank Abyss does have a space-altering formation! It’s not that Vladimir is teleporting
all over the place. He’s just using the formation to go through shortcuts! This is the same as walking in
the fog for a hundred meters yet appearing a thousand meters from the starting point upon exiting the
fog! When his train of thought ended there, joy appeared on his face.

He slapped Lauryn’s butt and shouted, “Keep a close eye on Vladimir! His ability to teleport isn’t
unlimited! You need to tell me the moment he disappears!”

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