Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 591

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Spiritual Curse

“Do you have a death wish, Jonathan?” Sofus was glaring at Jonathan with murderous intent. “Death
wish?” Jonathan chuckled, stepped forward, and instantly released the spiritual energy in his body.

God Realm! When Sofus and Lauryn felt the immense pressure brought forth by Jonathan’s spiritual
energy, they were stunned. That was because, in their opinion, Jonathan was still only a Grandmaster
the day before. Yet, he was suddenly a God Realm martial artist. No one would think that such a
drastic transformation could occur in a single day.

“Since I’ve decided to protect Lauryn, I can only negotiate conditions with you and your master, Sofus.
Two years ago, you two saved my life with the pill. That’s something I’ve never forgotten, which is why I
don’t want to fight you two. However, I’m keeping this person!” Jonathan exclaimed.

With a worn-out axe in hand, Sofus’ spiritual energy continued to rise. “So what if you’ve entered God
Realm, Jonathan? Do you really think I’m scared of you?”

His right hand gestured a technique before he pressed his forehead with his middle finger. A sound that
resembled glass shattering was heard. In an instant, his spiritual energy rose once more.

The massive amount of spiritual energy caused a violent gale to form. With a wave of his hand,
Jonathan grabbed Lauryn and leaped away. He tapped on a meridian on Lauryn’s chest. It was the
quickest way to undo the seal on her meridian points.

“You should stay back. Something odd is happening to Sofus,” Jonathan uttered plainly. At that
moment, Sofus’ spiritual energy was spinning out of control, looking as though it had been destabilized.

Aside from Irving, who had a rare constitution, most cultivators would need to undergo a lot of training
to use the spiritual energy within the environment.

To do that, they had to remove all impurities in the spiritual energy before they could absorb the pure
energy that was left behind.

Otherwise, absorbing spiritual energy like that would only do more harm than good to a cultivator.

That was exactly what was happening to Sofus.

His spiritual energy was unstable and became much more dangerous.

“I think Sofus has an offensive technique that uses spiritual sense! I was attacked by that invisible
technique earlier, so be careful!” Lauryn knew she was deadweight at that moment, so she warned him
before leaving.

“I’ll be borrowing this sword!” Right at the moment she left, Jonathan held the sword in his hand. “I told
you, Sofus. I don’t want to fight you.”

“Then you shouldn’t have interfered!” Sofus sneered and removed his hand from his forehead.

A black rune emerged on his forehead.

“This is the first time I’ve completely undone my spiritual curse. It’s time to die, Jonathan!” he exclaimed
before rushing toward Jonathan with his axe.

Jonathan raised his sword before kicking Sofus in the chest.


Following that loud sound, Jonathan’s expression changed slightly.

There was a seemingly impenetrable spirit shield protecting Sofus’ body. His kick failed to destroy that

A weird smile appeared on Sofus’ face. “I didn’t expect the first God Realm expert I would kill is you!
Spiritual destruction!”

As he roared, he slashed his axe toward Jonathan.

That attack was different from the previous ones because runes were glowing on the axe. Jonathan
sensed that his force field couldn’t block the axe.

Thus, he pulled out his sword and used the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique. As a result, the spiritual
energy inside his body flowed into the sword.

Their weapons clashed as they passed each other by.

In the distance, Lauryn spat out a mouthful of blood. She sensed that the sword that was spiritually
connected to her had been shattered in a single strike.

This is the power of a God Realm expert? Her eyes widened as she stared at the two combatants.

With her normal eyesight, there was no way she could keep up with their attacks. However, with the
help of her spiritual sense, she could.

The moment Jonathan and Sofus passed each other by without hurting the other, they reoriented their
weapons and tried stabbing their opponent’s back.

Spiritual sense stopped being confined to the user for those who achieved Grandmaster Realm and

In a certain range, spiritual sense could completely replace normal vision and provide a better view of
the details around the user.

In that scenario, direction meant very little in a battle between cultivators.

The axe and sword clashed against each other in the air once more.

The sword, which already had numerous cracks on it, exploded into pieces at the moment of contact.

“Fly!” After Jonathan uttered his mantra, the dozens of broken sword pieces flew toward different parts
of Sofus’ body like beams of light.

The sword can be used like that? Lauryn stared at the composed Jonathan with shock. If I was the one
in battle, the moment my sword broke, the first thing I would do was run away! And yet, Jonathan didn’t
hesitate to control the fragments and used them to attack Sofus!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A series of metal smashing sounds were heard. The seemingly clumsy axe danced in Sofus’ hand as
he protected himself from the flying sword fragments.

“Not easy to use, eh? After all, it’s not your own power,” Jonathan commented as he stared at the
panting Sofus.

Ever since Sofus exploded with a massive amount of spiritual energy, Jonathan had been keeping a
close eye on his opponent’s changes.

According to his estimation, Sofus’ spiritual energy might have come from one of two sources.

The first was that Sofus was a genius cultivator. His cultivating speed was so fast that his master or
elder was worried his foundation would become unstable. Thus, a spiritual curse was cast on him to
reduce his cultivation speed.

The second was that the spiritual energy didn’t belong to him and that it was kept inside his body
through special methods.

That method would have to be something similar to forcefully opening an elixir field in his body. It would
allow him to store a portion of spiritual energy so he could use it whenever he wanted.

It sounded simple, but in reality, it was very dangerous.

After all, that kind of violent spiritual energy was like a powder keg. Any mistakes made would spell
Sofus’ death.

Even though the spiritual curse had been removed, the spiritual energy Sofus wanted to use had to
pass through his entire body.

To let such a massive amount of spiritual energy swim in one’s meridians was an extremely painful

It was very unlikely Sofus wasn’t feeling any discomfort.

Seeing that Jonathan had seen through his secret, Sofus sneered, “You should just focus on yourself!”

Then he raised his axe and attacked again.

Jonathan’s look grew cold. “Give me the pill, and I’ll stop, Sofus. I can let you leave.”

“You don’t have the right to negotiate with me!”

With a loud roar, Sofus slashed his axe. “Die!”

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