Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 590

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“Jonathan?” Sofus was shocked to see Jonathan there. “Shouldn’t you be—”

“Shouldn’t I be loitering fifty miles away instead of showing up here? Is that what you want to ask?”

Jonathan leaped down from the boulder and appeared before Sofus in a flash. “If I’m not mistaken, the
bronze mirror you gave us to send messages to each other not only has that function. Most importantly,
it could determine our locations. Am I right?”

Hearing Jonathan’s question, Lauryn stiffened momentarily. Bitterness rose in her heart. “I’m most
probably right. That explains how you found me every time. With the bronze mirror fragment, it’s
pointless for me to hide.” Jonathan chuckled. “Once I realized that, I tied the bronze mirror to a wild

After entering Summerbank Abyss, Sofus had been the one tricking them. Thus, he felt upset as
Jonathan had given him a taste of his own medicine.

Despite his displeasure at having his plan exposed, Sofus remained composed. Tossing Lauryn aside,
he stretched out his hand and summoned his axe.

“Back then, my master claimed you were a lucky man and insisted on wasting a pill to save your life. I
didn’t understand why he did that. It wasn’t until now that I realized that you’re indeed something.
Jonathan, I only need four people. I’ve already captured Bertel and Torkild. I’ll have three if I get
Lauryn. Once I get Irving, the mission will be a success. You’re not part of my plan, so I didn’t count
you in for the sacrifice. As long as you stay out of this, I’ll release you after the sacrifice ends.”

Sofus made it sound easy. Despite his calm voice, he was obviously threatening Jonathan.

Jonathan’s brows snapped together as he turned to look at Lauryn.

He saw the pleading look and despair in her gaze.

It was natural for Lauryn to hope that Jonathan would save her. No one would want to die.

However, she knew there was no reason for Jonathan to save her. That was nothing more despairing
than that realization.

They had just met and didn’t know each other well.

Jonathan’s Asura’s Office was also at odds with the respectable families.

If Lauryn were in Jonathan’s shoes, she would definitely leave without looking back.

Jonathan was also trying to make up his mind.

“Sofus, I came here to find the pill. As long as you promise to let me have the pill and let me leave
safely, I don’t care whether these people survive or die,” Jonathan said calmly as Lauryn gazed at him

Not everyone wanted to be a hero who save lives.

Jonathan wasn’t a fool who’d allow his lust to take over his mind and become a hero to save a damsel
in distress.

All he wanted was to get the pill and return home as soon as possible. His aunt’s life was in danger, so
nothing was more important than saving her life.

“Smart choice,” Sofus praised with a grin. “Don’t you worry. My master has the life-saving pill. After I’m
done here, I’ll deliver the pill to you so you can leave Summerbank Abyss.”

Right after Sofus said that, Lauryn, whose meridians were sealed, yelled, “Jonathan! If you save me, I
can collaborate with you to defeat the Osborne family. You need someone who knows the respectable

families well to help you.”

At her words, both Jonathan and Sofus whipped their heads around to stare at her.

Sofus then turned to look at Jonathan and realized the latter was frowning. Shit. It’s obvious Jonathan
is considering Lauryn’s suggestion.

“Shut the f*ck up!” With a wave of his hand, Sofus sent a burst of spiritual energy to Lauryn’s throat.

Mere seconds before his spiritual energy could land on Lauryn, it froze in the air.

Realizing Jonathan had conjured his force field, Sofus also did the same.

“Jonathan, what are you doing?” Sofus demanded icily as he held his axe.

“Nothing.” Jonathan stared at Lauryn without blinking and added, “Continue. If your offer is attractive
enough, I will make sure you survive today.”

Delighted, Lauryn bellowed, “No problem!”

Sofus was about to launch an attack with his axe. He was about to take one step forward when a
murderous gaze from Jonathan stopped him short.

“Let her finish. It isn’t too late to attack when I decide to protect her,” Jonathan told him calmly. “If her
offer isn’t attractive enough, we won’t be on opposite sides or attack each other. However, if you take
action now, I’ll have no choice but to fight against you.”

Sofus was inwardly shocked to realize Jonathan’s murderous aura. If I were to take action now,
Jonathan would definitely do that.

Jonathan’s spiritual energy was in the beginner phase of the Grandmaster Realm, but strangely, Sofus
could sense a hint of danger.

He hesitated and retracted his left foot.

Jonathan focused on Lauryn and said, “Lauryn, hear that? Your condition has to be enticing enough for
me to help you. Otherwise, I have no reason to be Phoebus Sect’s enemy. Go ahead!”

“I’ll make myself clear!” Lauryn gazed at the pebbles beside her and muttered to herself for around one
minute hastily. Finally, she parted her lips and said, “I know you built Asura’s Office to decrease the
respectable families’ control over Chanaea. I know it’s impossible to resolve the conflict between you
and the respectable families. A fight might break out anytime!”

“Tell me something I don’t know!” Jonathan snapped with his brows furrowed up.

“I can help you destroy the Osborne family! No, every respectable family! I can also make up for
Asura’s Office’s lack of knowledge about the respectable families. As long as you save me, I’ll join
Asura’s Office!”

To survive, Lauryn had no choice but to up the stakes.

Jonathan turned to Sofus. “Sofus, you’re from an ancient clan. Do you know the respectable families

Sofus met Jonathan’s indifferent gaze and shook his head.

“The respectable families and ancient sects are two different concepts that developed separately. We
rarely get in touch. However, if all you want is information about the respectable families, there is no
need for you to save her. I can help you question her and get the information you need.”

The color drained out of Lauryn’s face when she heard Sofus’ reply.

However, Jonathan shook his head. “I don’t need information. On the contrary, I need someone who
can help me infiltrate the respectable families. I’m sorry, but I’m going to save Lauryn.”

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