Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 588

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Using Each Other

Lauryn glanced at the bronze mirror in her hands and sighed. Leaning on the white mist wall, she cast
a concerned look at the scenery within Summerbank Abyss.

Since she nearly got killed by the man in black, Lauryn grew increasingly careful. She dared not believe
anyone after another Lauryn appeared in the bronze mirror.

Previously, she tried searching for Phantom Sect’s unique sign that Irving left behind. Strangely, Irving’s
sign disappeared suddenly. Judging from the fighting marks left on the scene, he seemed to have run
into a capable rival.

After seeing the message in the mirror, Lauryn belatedly realized that they had fallen into a well-
designed trap. Jonathan didn’t leave his name, but Lauryn knew it was him from the tone of the

As there was an unknown man in black around, Jonathan would be suspected even if he stated his
identity. Thus, it didn’t matter who sent the message. Lauryn agreed with Jonathan’s idea.

Various thoughts surfaced in her mind as she stared at the mountains hidden behind the mist in
Summerbank Abyss. Through their brief exchange, Jonathan told her not to head to the mountain in
the middle. He was very adamant about that.

It seemed that he had been there and was afraid of something there. What secret is Summerbank
Abyss hiding?

The mountain breeze sent Lauryn’s slightly disheveled hair fluttering in the air. She brandished her
sword and charged forward. Lauryn’s destination was a tall mountain at the edge. Her goal wasn’t to
burn one tree but to set the entire mountain on fire!

Jonathan stood on top of a tree and glanced around. He and Lauryn had agreed to the plan, but there
was no fire in sight.

Am I too far away from her? Or is there something between us that is blocking her signal?

He was wondering if he should get the bronze mirror out and ask Lauryn where she was when a wisp
of smoke rose into the air in the sky on his left.

At the sight of the smoke, Jonathan leaped into the air and headed in its direction, his face devoid of

It was time to reveal the truth about the mystery in Summerbank Abyss.

Lauryn was squatting on a branch of a thick, dense tree.

Her sword was slightly unsheathed as she formed a hand seal with her left hand, ready to defend
herself against any sudden attack.

In her right palm, she grabbed a guardian talisman tightly. There was a splinter on her finger.

The splinter was small, but it was able to cut Lauryn’s skin so her blood would spill out and activate the
guardian talisman.

Lauryn didn’t think that she was extremely smart, but she was born into a respectable family. Hence,
she’d be a top disciple in any respectable clan. As the favorite disciple of the elders of Phantom Sect,
she was naturally sharp-witted and talented.

As the one who started the fire, she’d be in great danger after exposing her location. Lauryn was well
aware of that.

They were trapped in Summerbank Abyss, and it was impossible to leave. If they wanted to turn the
tables, one of them would need to be the bait.

It wasn’t important whether or not Jonathan was the one who sent the message.

If it were the man in black who sent the message so she would expose herself, the rest would still rush
to where she was after seeing it.

At the same time, the man would be here too.

The mountain fire was the beginning of their escape plan.

At the sight of the blazing fire ahead of her, Lauryn froze her spiritual energy to hide.

She wanted to know who the man in black was.

A raspy voice sounded behind her, “Oh, I found you!”

Lauryn had her guard up. Thus, her sword flew backward to stab the newcomer quickly.

Meanwhile, she leaped forward, away from the newcomer.


Lauryn’s sword returned to her following a soft sound.

The tree she hid in was chopped in half and fell to the ground.

The man in black had emerged again. He stood behind Lauryn, staring at her with his old axe in his

“I underestimated you, huh? You forced me to show myself with a straightforward approach,” the man
commented with a chuckle. “So what if you made me show myself? As long as I can kill you before
they arrive, no one will find out who I am.”

Lauryn reached out to summon her sword back. She then responded calmly, “You’re Sofus.”

“Who I am doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you’ll die in my hands now.”

The man in black appeared before Lauryn almost instantly.

“Guardian, emerge!”

Lauryn felt a prick, and then the talisman in her hand turned to ashes. Before her, spiritual energy
gathered to form a two-meter-tall shadow.


The man in black was sent flying. He was thrown back over ten meters before he managed to regain
his balance.

He stared at Lauryn in surprise.

There was a shadow covered in a yellowish glow standing beside Lauryn. It was formed by pure
spiritual energy.

The figure was the one who threw the punch.

Its punch was as powerful as a full force punch from a beginner phase Grandmaster.

“Guardian? Is it a special technique?” the man in black asked hesitantly.

Lauryn formed a hand seal with her right hand as malice flashed in her gaze.


After the hand seal took effect, the guardian turned into beams of light and headed for the man in

The beams of light gathered to form the figure who came to a stop before the man in black. Everything
happened in the blink of an eye.

The guardian was holding a sword made out of light. It didn’t hesitate to strike the man in black.

In the distance, Lauryn spun on her heels and left.

That drop of her blood essence not only activated the talisman, but it also contained her aura so the
guardian would acknowledge her as its master.

Alas, the guardian was not a real cultivator. It might be strong, but Lauryn had to rely on her spiritual
sense to control its attack and defense.

The guardian was useful as Lauryn could order it around, but she knew she wasn’t strong enough to do
two things simultaneously.

If she relied on the guardian to kill the man in black, she would be doomed.

It could only last for around ten minutes, and the man in black was much more capable than her. In
fact, it was safe to say that she was no match for him.

If they were to engage in a fight, she would be killed.

The only thing Lauryn could do now was to escape.

She ran toward the burning fire to reunite with the others before the man in black could catch up to her.

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