Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 587

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Meanwhile, inside the mist wall, Jonathan stared at the vine beneath his feet with a solemn look on his

A little over an hour ago, he was planning on using the white mist to hide his tracks and leave
Summerbank Abyss to escape Joselle’s pursuit. After that, he would change directions and go back in.

However, he would end up back inside the mist wall every time he tried to step out of it.

On his third attempt at leaving, Jonathan came up with an idea to prevent himself from losing his way.
He chopped down a thick tree trunk and made a javelin out of it. After that, he tied a long vine to the
javelin and hurled it out of the mist wall.

Even so, he still found himself back inside Summerbank Abyss after following the vine until the end.

This is the third time I’ve failed to leave this place! Hmm… I should be at least a thousand meters away
from where I chopped that tree down earlier. The vine isn’t broken anywhere, so its length should be
about one to two hundred meters at most. How could it possibly show up a thousand meters away? Is
this some kind of space-altering formation?

Jonathan frowned as he picked up a rock about the size of a basketball, made a mark on it, and tossed
it at the mist wall.

If there really is a formation in this mist that can alter space, then the rock should be somewhere near
this mist wall.

With that in mind, Jonathan activated his spiritual sense and began memorizing every single detail of
his surroundings as he ran toward his right.

In about three thousand meters, Jonathan stopped running and quickly made his way toward the dense

Picking up a rock from beneath a huge tree, he turned it around. Sure enough, it had the mark that he
made earlier.

So, I was right!

Jonathan crushed the rock in his hand as he glanced about.

While I may not have escaped the mist wall during my previous attempts, I have been traversing it for
quite a while. Considering how I haven’t been attacked by Joselle so far, I’d say I’m pretty safe in here.
Still, this place is really strange. Every time I find a means to exit, I always end up in a completely new
and unfamiliar place. I came here to get the life-saving pill, but finding the pill won’t do me any good if I
can’t get out of here and deliver it to Sophia!

Anxious, Jonathan gave it some thought before reaching into his pocket and pulling out the broken
bronze mirror.

He then channeled his spiritual energy and began writing a message on the bronze mirror: Sofus,
there’s a space-altering formation in the mist wall. I need a way out of here.

Jonathan was quite certain that Sofus was behind everything that happened after he entered the mist

Despite how great Sofus made it all sound, he did keep its dangers a secret. He even said anyone
could enter and exit the mist wall freely, but that was clearly not the case here.

That, combined with the creepy guy in black, made this whole thing seem like a trap.

Of course, those were simply Jonathan’s suspicions, as he had yet to obtain any evidence to back
those theories up.

Sofus had once mentioned how he entered Summerbank Abyss with his mentor in the past. Therefore,
he would surely know the way out.

I’m willing to drop my suspicions toward Sofus if he answers my question directly. However, if he
remains quiet or claims to not know the way out, I might just have a more violent chat with him!

Ten minutes had passed with no messages appearing on the bronze mirror whatsoever.

The bronze mirror had been quiet ever since two of Lauryn’s messages appeared at the same time.

Since there was no way of determining the authenticity of those messages, nobody could be bothered
to check them all that often.

Oh? So, he won’t answer me, huh? Sofus and his mentor may have saved my life three years ago, but
that doesn’t justify him tricking me into coming here. I’d really like to spare Sofus’ life if I could, but he
needs to pay for this whole Summerbank Abyss thing.

Jonathan narrowed his eyes at the thought of that.

He was about to put the bronze mirror away when it lit up all of a sudden.

Lauryn: I tried leaving just now, but I couldn’t. I need you to explain this to me, Sofus!

Jonathan hesitated when he saw the beautiful handwriting, but he scribbled down a message anyway:
Lauryn, I know you’re not the man in black. I’d like to meet you and exchange our information.

After a few minutes of silence, Lauryn wrote back: Sure, but I don’t have a way to show you my
location. There’s a tall mountain in the middle. How about we meet at the bottom of that mountain?

A tall mountain?

The look on Jonathan’s face changed instantly when he turned and saw the mountain in Summerbank

That’s where Joselle is at! I used a lot of energy just to get out of there, so why the heck would I want
to go back there?

With that in mind, Jonathan wrote: No, we mustn’t meet anywhere near the center. Try to pick a high
ground near the edge instead. Like the old ways, start a fire, and I’ll head over when I see the smoke.

I know it’s hard for you to trust anyone after someone tried to kill you. Hide somewhere after starting
the fire, and stay hidden until you see me. We’ll keep our distance throughout our conversation. You
can stand near the mist wall, so if anything goes wrong, you can escape by running straight into it. It’s
the best way to ensure your safety.

Lauryn: All right. Wait for my signal.

The two of them stopped communicating after confirming their plan to meet up.

Jonathan had a murderous look in his eyes as he tightened his grip on the bronze mirror.

Despite what he said about wanting to exchange information with Lauryn because he did not know
much about Summerbank Abyss, all he really wanted to do was use her as bait.

According to Lauryn’s description, the man in black is one of the six that came in this time. I know it’s
not Lauryn, and I can probably exclude that fool Irving too since I saw him while escaping earlier. That
leaves only Sofus, Bertel, and Torkild. Of course, Sofus is the most suspicious one of all.

Our messages on the bronze mirror are visible to everyone, so they’ll probably go to Lauryn once they
see the smoke. If that man in black shows up and attacks us, we could team up and take him down.

Even if none of us are wearing black, I could just take out everyone except Lauryn.

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