Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 585

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Execution Order

Hayes’ eyes began to redden as he looked at Malcolm through the screen. “Don’t worry, Malcolm. I’ll
join you after I kill those sons of b*tches. We’ll have that drink in the afterlife!”

As Dorian had his hands tied with the West Region Army’s forces, he placed Malcolm in charge of
things at Northern Crimson Prison. Although Malcolm made an exception and re-hired Hayes, the latter
was technically only in charge of the four sections of the prison.

Even if Malcolm did get poisoned in battle, it was supposed to be the vice commander who took over
for him.

As Hayes was completely unfamiliar with the organizational structure and the resources available in
Northern Crimson Prison, it would be hard for him to command their forces.

However, Malcolm had just handed Northern Crimson Prison over to Hayes after being poisoned,
which meant everyone in the prison’s command center must have been poisoned.

With his eyes still red, Hayes ordered the signalman next to him, “Open all channels!” “Yes, sir!” the
signalman replied as he changed the frequency to give Hayes access to all channels.

“Attention, comrades! I’m Hayes Yeager, the new commander at Northern Crimson Prison. I apologize
for taking up your very precious time.”

Using the PA system, Hayes was able to get his voice broadcast all over the prison. The soldiers, who
were sobbing as they recorded their final messages for their families on the surveillance cameras,
looked up when they heard Hayes’ voice.

“I know it’s a very tough time for all of you. However, as soldiers, we must fight this battle till the end. It
is undeniable that this assault on Northern Crimson Prison will result in heavy casualties. In order to

minimize the damage and losses, I ask of you to stop recording your final messages and carry out a
thorough purge!”

As Hayes had enabled all channels, his message rang out in the prison cells as well. Although the
prisoners were not entirely sure what was going on, they understood the meaning behind Hayes’

This new commander is ordering a massacre!

Both the prisoners and soldiers were frozen in shock when they heard that.

“Comrades, the purpose of this assault is to plunge Northern Crimson Prison into chaos. Now that they
have poisoned us all, death will be all that awaits us once they break through our defenses! If their
intention is to cause chaos on a large scale, the fastest way to do so would be to provide the prisoners
with the antidote. Keep in mind that we have over twenty thousand prisoners here. Imagine what would
happen if they escape and scatter all over Chanaea! Apart from committing crimes all over the country,
they might even form a dangerous armed force! We can’t afford to let that happen! We must defend
Northern Crimson Prison even if it costs us our lives! Your deaths will not be in vain, comrades! If we’re
going to die anyway, then we should at least eliminate the threat at hand! All soldiers in Section Four
and the Joint Defense Zone, take aim at the prisoners and open fire!” Hayes continued.

Upon hearing that, all the prisoners stared wide-eyed at the soldiers in fear and shock.

“No… I’m not trying to resist!”

“Don’t point your gun at me! You guys promised we could postpone our death sentence indefinitely as
long as we remain here for life!”

“Oh, screw this! We’re poisoned anyway, so we might as well put up a fight!”

A mixture of fear, anger, and resentment was more than enough to spur the prisoners into action.

One of them tried to wrestle for the gun, triggering a chain reaction among the rest of the prisoners.

In just ten seconds, the entire Northern Crimson Prison descended into utter chaos.

“Open fire! Do you guys want the enemy to use them and plunge Chanaea into chaos?” Hayes shouted
into the microphone.

“Kill them all!”

It was not clear which of the soldiers issued that command, but it was definitely a one-sided massacre.

Although there were some cultivators among the prisoners, they were merely martial artists who
acquired their abilities. As none of them had attained the Superior Realm, they were just ordinary
humans with slightly tougher bodies.

None of them survived the concentrated gunfire from the soldiers.

With reddened eyes, the soldiers continued to mow down all the prisoners in front of them.

Despite the prisoners putting up a fight, they were completely annihilated in less than five minutes.

Just like that, the death row prisoners, who were sent to Northern Crimson Prison for life imprisonment,
had finally been executed.

Despite the fact that they were criminals of the worst sort, Hayes had just ordered the execution of over
twenty thousand of them.

It was such a difficult decision to make that even Hayes himself coughed up blood and trembled all

This isn’t how a war should be fought! This isn’t how people should be killed! While it’s true that the
prisoners deserved to die ten times over for their crimes, me issuing that command was no different
from carrying out a massacre!

Malcolm weakly propped himself up against the wall on the west end of the prison as he glanced at the
countless bodies inside.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” he mumbled with tears in his eyes while tugging at his hair in frustration.

Suddenly, the anti-aircraft system in the prison was re-activated.

Artillery shells soared through the skies and were headed for the prison.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The artillery shells were intercepted mid-flight and exploded in the air.

Within seconds, a yellowish and grayish cloud of smoke covered the skies above.

Some of the artillery shells managed to get past the anti-aircraft systems and exploded upon contact
with the ground, each releasing a huge amount of smoke that covered a ten-meter radius.

“It’s a smokescreen! The enemy is preparing to breach! Get ready! We must keep them outside the
prison at all costs!” Malcolm shouted through clenched teeth.

“Yes, sir!” the dying soldiers on the wall replied in unison one final time.

Figures emerged from the thick smoke one after another.

“Open fire!” Malcolm roared, prompting the soldiers to open fire on the figures.

Instead of seeing the figures drop like flies from their gunfire, all the soldiers saw were sparks where
their bullets had hit.

Horace was leading the charge with his special unit. Three of them stood in a straight line while two
followed closely behind with their hands on the shoulders of those in front.

They all had bulletproof vests on, and the ones in the front had ballistic shields in their hands.

“They’ve got ballistic shields! What are our sentry turrets doing? Light them up, d*mn it!” Malcolm yelled
as he turned around to look at the sentry tower, only to see it get hit by an incoming missile.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

All four sentry towers of Northern Crimson Prison were completely destroyed, and they had lost their
sentry turrets.

Horace continued issuing commands to his men, “All units, enable thermal cameras and fire at will!”

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