Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 584

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All Parties

“This is against the law of war! Has Karl gone mad?” roared one of the middle-aged military officers.
“Everyone, stay where you are! Even if you were to die, don’t move an inch! Tell everyone else to stay

The soldiers were still unaware of what had happened. However, they all obediently stood still and
relayed the order by mouth. An officer next to Malcolm tried his best to remain calm and stammered,
“C-Commander, please go to the hospital immediately—”

Right then, two loud explosions were heard coming from the west side. Malcolm, with his tiresome
eyes, looked up into the blurry sky. Ever since I arrived at Northern Crimson Prison with Dorian, the sky
is blurred out for at least three hundred days a year.

“Commander? Go to the hospital, okay? The rest of us will stay here,” his subordinate repeated as he
was choking up. “It’s too late for that,” Malcolm answered flatly.

After lighting up a cigarette, Malcolm reached out to grab one of the black capsules on the ground. “Ha!
This is a gas bomb. With the wind speed here, the poisonous gas will spread out for a few hundred
meters, and this spread is irreversible.

We don’t have enough gas masks here. Even if there were, it’s too late to distribute them now. Without
the antidote, I’ll only outlive you guys for an hour if I go to the hospital now. Haha! Karl has really gone
mad. This isn’t how wars should be fought. Even if he’s eager to leave Asura’s Office, he shouldn’t
have done this!”

Upon hearing Malcolm’s words, the surrounding soldiers widened their eyes in disbelief.

Glancing at the soldiers apologetically, Malcolm uttered, “Everyone, I’m sorry, but we’ve lost the battle.
Messenger, please relay my message to all the soldiers. The communication equipment here is
restricted, so none of you can get in touch with your families in a short period of time.

Fortunately, the entire Northern Crimson Prison is equipped with surveillance cameras. Find the
nearest surveillance camera to you and leave your last words. The surveillance footage in Northern
Crimson Prison will be uploaded to the database.

Since the refresh cycle is seventy-two hours, I believe your last words will be kept safely by Asura’s
Office and sent back to your families. I’ve been in Northern Crimson Prison for two years, four months,
and thirteen days. Thank you for your cooperation during the entire time.”

With that, Malcolm reached out his hand and gave a proper military salute.

Meanwhile, all the powerful parties in Chanaea such as Karl, the Prince of Diyouli, Dorian, the
Excalibur King of War, Jeremy, the Western King of War, Zachary, the Vanquisher King of War,
Terrence, the Cardinal King of War, Kane, the Thunder King of War, Hades, the head of the Eight Kings
of War, and Andy, the King of Sanguine, were watching Malcolm.

At that moment, Jonathan’s Eight Kings of War from all over Chanaea were watching Malcolm’s last
moments with their cold gazes.

Furthermore, in Yaleview, Joshua was also frowning as he stared at the stern-looking Malcolm. “Just as
I expected. Karl… Jonathan shouldn’t have held you in high regard. It seems like everything’s about to

As he was saying that, Wilbur’s face popped up in his mind. Letting out a chuckle, he murmured,
“Jonathan, I’m doing the same thing.”

Meanwhile, in his mansion, Wilbur was smiling and holding a glass of wine in his hand. “Relay my
order. Set up our defense and go into Level 1 battle formation. From today onward, don’t let anyone
from Asura’s Office step into the northeastern region.”

“Yes!” His subordinate turned around and left.

Wilbur’s gaze gradually became more and more vicious. “Karl, it seems like you’ve included us in your
plans. Fine! I’ll lend you a hand. However, it’s about time you strike!”

With a grin, Wilbur looked out the window. The direction he was looking into was where Joshua was at

Amidst dunes of sand in Mysonna, Horace was watching Malcolm expressionlessly on the screen in
the command vehicle.

A special force of a thousand troops is going to defeat ten thousand troops of the Northern Crimson
Prison without a single casualty! This victory is going to shock the entire world! Next to him, his adjutant
was filled with excitement. With a laptop in his hand, he reported, “Commander, the poisonous gas had
spread out. According to the simulation results, at least one-third of Northern Crimson Prison is already
affected. Ten minutes from now, the gas will be all over the entire area. The walls at the west entrance
had tumbled. According to the surveillance footage, all the soldiers in Northern Crimson Prison are
aware of the poisonous gas, and they’re all busy saying their goodbyes on the surveillance cameras.
Since they’ve lost their fighting spirit, this is our perfect chance to attack.”

However, with a cigarette in between his lips, Horace shook his head slightly. “Let’s wait a while more.”

Wait? The adjutant froze momentarily. “Commander, this is our perfect chance to attack! Our enemies
are all over the place, physically and mentally. Besides, twenty minutes had gone by since we launched
the missiles. If the Zaidham Army had already sent out their fighter jets, they’ll be flying over Northern
Crimson Prison within an hour. If we don’t make use of this opportunity—”


A gunshot was heard, and the window behind the adjutant’s head had shattered. Besides, brains were
splattered everywhere.

All the military officers in the command vehicle were stunned when they saw the gunshot wound on the
adjutant’s forehead.

Horace slowly kept his gun and asked, “I said we’ll wait before attacking. Does anyone have a problem
with that?”

No one dared to move, and not a single word was heard.

Horace then turned toward the desert outside his window and ordered, “Relay my order to the others.
Everyone should be wearing a bulletproof vest, a gas mask, and thermal goggles. In ten minutes,
march toward Northern Crimson Prison. Before going in, use smoke grenades to blind the enemies. Try
to aim at their heads and hearts. That’s all!”


All the military officers went on to relay the order. None of them paid the dead adjutant any attention.

In truth, everyone knew Horace was deliberately giving Malcolm and the soldiers in Northern Crimson
Prison time to say their last words to their families.

As for asking them to aim at their enemies’ heads and hearts, Horace just wanted the soldiers to die a
quick death.

Their military order was to destroy Northern Crimson Prison, so none of them would dare to disobey.

That was the only favor Horace could do for Northern Crimson Prison. In wars, there are only winners
and losers. No one cares about why the war was started in the first place.

At that time, Hayes was in the southeastern area of Northern Crimson Prison, and he was staring
expressionlessly at Malcolm, who was turning pale.

Malcolm said, “Tiger, at least half of the city’s soldiers and prisoners have been infected. Although we
don’t know what kind of poisonous gas was used, there’s a high probability that we would be dead. The
southeast area you’re at is located in upwind of the poisonous gas. I don’t know if you’re already
infected by the poison gas now, but I’m sure you will live a little longer than me.

I’m getting weaker now, and I’m starting to lose consciousness. Therefore, I’ll appoint you as
Commander of Northern Crimson Prison. You’re replacing me. I need to go to the west entrance to set
up a defense. I’ll leave everything else to you…”

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