Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 583

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Silent Missiles

Irving was stunned when he saw Jonathan disappearing before his eyes. What just happened? Before
the demon wolves left, that was the direction they were standing by. I didn’t even realize it before, but
now that I think about it, Jonathan’s spiritual energy seemed like it had already reached God Realm!
How could that be?

Before we came in, our levels were almost the same. In fact, I thought I was stronger than him! Even
though Sofus had said that martial artists could achieve higher cultivation levels here, wouldn’t a
person need more time than this to go from the beginner phase of Grandmaster Realm to the middle
phase of God Realm? We’ve only been here for less than two days! This is rather baffling!

Irving was still rooted to the spot because he could barely believe what he had just witnessed. Having
been labeled as a genius by the Phantom Sect, Irving was a proud man.

There was no way he could accept the fact that he had been beaten by Jonathan within one day. He
reached out his hand to touch the Blood Reversal Pill in his pocket.

The pill’s spiritual energy could help him achieve God Realm within a short period of time. However,
there were consequences.

The Blood Reversal Pill could only last for half an hour. Within the next three days, the user’s body
would then become extremely weakened.

Since cultivators were stronger than commoners, their bodies would just be as weak as the
commoners’. That being said, it would still pose a danger. If an adult were to have the strength of a
three-year-old toddler all of a sudden, things were bound to get tricky.

Suddenly, Irving came up with an idea. I’ll just chase after him to take a look! Although I’m still in
Summerbank Abyss, half an hour is more than enough for me to make an escape. Besides, I need to
get to the bottom of it. I don’t understand how Jonathan had gotten so strong within two days.

With that in mind, Irving took a leap and flew in the direction Jonathan had gone to. Although Irving’s
movements were fast, someone was even faster than him. A figure suddenly appeared from the forest
behind him.

Thud! Upon getting struck from behind, Irving managed to turn around, but he could not see who the
ambusher was. Before he knew it, he had gone unconscious even before his body dropped to the

Joselle was baffled when she saw the unconscious Irving. “What? This isn’t Jonathan!”

Joselle then reached out to grab one of Irving’s ankles and shrugged. “He had gotten away, but this will
do. It’s just for fun, anyway.”

While talking, Joselle was dragging Irving back toward where she came from, not bothering to find out
where Jonathan had gone to.

It was as if a little girl had just found a new toy to play with. Unfortunately for Irving, he was the new toy.

Meanwhile, Jonathan just kept running. Although he could no longer feel Joselle’s energy nearby, he
did not dare to stop. After all, that girl is devilish. She’s innocent, but she’s really going to kill me.

When Jonathan arrived before a mist wall, he unhesitatingly dove into it. For my own safety, I need to
get out of Summerbank Abyss. This weird mist will be able to block out one’s spiritual sense, hearing,
and eyesight. I need to get out of here and reposition myself to shake Joselle off!

On the flip side, Northern Crimson Prison was completely caught in the flames of war.

Gunshots were heard everywhere, and Northern Crimson Prison erupted in flames.

“Team three, concentrate on putting out the fire! Guard the storage center at all costs. If we run out of
food, I’ll take your heads!”

“Roger that!”

After receiving the order from Malcolm, the officer turned around and ran toward the prison center.

“Team three, get away from the defense formation and start putting out the fire! We must maintain
logistical support!”

Right then, napalm bombs were dropping from the sky.

No one could stop the bombs.

If the bombs exploded on the ground, a radius of over ten meters would turn into a sea of fire in a short
period of time.

On the other hand, if the bombs exploded in the air after getting intercepted by the missile interceptors,
they would explode into a rain of fire.

Malcolm’s face turned pale when he saw the fire surrounding the area.

Although the fire-fighting system in the city was fully activated, it still could not stop the fire because the
bombs were very efficient. Not only were the bombs extremely flammable, but they were also packed
with explosives. Therefore, general countermeasures were rather useless.

There were not a lot of enemy drones, but they were still threatening.

Somewhere further away, Horace was calmly watching Northern Crimson Prison going up into flames
on the command vehicle’s screen.

Eastern Army was the best in information technology.

Hence, it was an easy task for them to hack into others’ surveillance cameras.

Moreover, Horace knew the other Kings of War were also watching the event live. The entire Asura’s
Office should be fully operational now. Within an hour, the nearest Zaidham Army should have their
fighter jets flying over our heads.

“Prepare the missile vehicle at the back for launching. Launch four missiles as planned. Hit the west
entrance with two high-explosive missiles. Meanwhile, aim two special warheads at Northern Crimson
Prison’s command center. Launch the missiles now.”

“Yes!” his adjutant answered.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Within a minute, four flames broke through the sky above and disappeared from Horace’s sight.

Moments later, the ear-shattering sirens kept ringing in the Northern Crimson Prison’s command

“Reporting in! There are four missiles heading our way!”

“Abandon the command center! Everyone, this is an emergency. Run!” Malcolm grabbed the
microphone and shouted, “Focus all the air defense weapons on the west! Shoot the missiles down!”

Just like that, everyone was abandoning the command center.

With all the air defense weapons in Northern Crimson Prison focused on the west side, the rest were
trying to shoot the missiles with bullets.

Bang! Bang!

Two thunderous sounds rang out, and everyone was overjoyed.

However, someone bellowed, “Those are multi-warhead missiles! We didn’t blow it up! The missiles
split themselves!”

As soon as those words fell, dozens of black capsules rained down from the sky.

Seeing that, the soldiers quickly threw themselves to the ground, hoping they could minimize the
impact of the explosions on their bodies.

Surprisingly, there was not any explosion.

Those capsules dropped on the ground and bounced back up like a bunch of cans.

Next, they heard the sound of gas escaping from the capsules. The airstreams generated by the gas
had even left traces on the fine sand.

Thinking that nothing bad had happened, the soldiers looked at each other and got up.

Yet, the looks on Malcolm and the other high-ranking military officers’ faces changed dramatically.

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