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Chapter 580

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The coup was large enough to shift the grand scheme of things in Chanaea. Although the plan was
simple, Karl had used everyone as his pawn. Malcolm and Hayes had managed to deduce by chance
the almost perfect plan just from the food poisoning cases alone.

However, Hayes was so agitated that he nearly cursed when he noticed Malcolm’s reaction at that
moment. When Malcolm turned to face Hayes, who was drenched in sweat while in distress, he
organized his thoughts before lighting himself another cigarette with shivering hands and immediately
turning to walk out of the door.

“Tiger, the factions of this battle will be led by those who are regarded as kings, so we won’t be able to
handle this crisis. The only prerequisite to this enormous shift is the fall of Northern Crimson Prison, so
we can stop things from progressing any further as long as we ensure the security of Northern Crimson

Unwavering conviction filled Malcolm’s gaze. Although he was already drenched in his own sweat by
that point, his voice sounded resolute, as if he were in full control of the situation.

“Soldiers!” Following his summons, a few soldiers hurried to him from the guard house next to his

“I will only say this once, and I will put a bullet through whoever that panics, so listen well!” Malcolm
demanded emotionlessly at the soldiers.

“Lloyd, contact Asura’s Office immediately and report to them that there’s a high probability that the
Eastern Army might defect from Asura’s Office and that Northern Crimson Prison might fall soon. Have
Asura’s Office arrange for troops and supplies to secure the supply chain to Mysonna Army. Spencer,
try to reach Excalibur King of War. Inform him that a special force from the Eastern Army of about a

thousand is currently active in Mysonna, so there’s a chance that Northern Crimson Prison might fall.
Request for his immediate return if the battle on his end isn’t pressing, for we are facing a crisis.
Jennings, turn on the air raid alarm, and everyone is to load their guns and prepare for battle. Activate
Level 1 Contingency Plan. Take action now!”

Following Malcolm’s instructions, the three soldiers who had their names called quickly acknowledged
the orders loudly.

Then, Malcolm turned to another soldier. “Contact the prison hospital now. I need real-time updates on
patients suffering from food poisoning!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“I have a report!”

Following the cry, a panicking soldier dashed in from the surveillance room next door.

“Commander, judging from the thermal feedback from the outpost fifty kilometers away from the west
entrance, we can almost be certain that it is the special forces of the Eastern Army!”

“Almost certain, my *ss!” Malcolm remarked in derision. “It must be them! Tune in to their radio
frequency! I need to speak to them!”

“Yes, Sir!”

As the air raid alarm rang, the soldier from before emerged again from the other room.

“Sir, according to information sent from the hospital, there are more than six hundred patients suffering
from food poisoning, and the numbers are still climbing!”

Hayes had a serious look on his face while listening to the soldier’s report.

“All of our soldiers ate the same food, so I bet it will just be a matter of time before everyone succumbs
to food poisoning. If this continues, things might get awry.”

“Don’t worry. If they are the ones who tampered with the food supplies, they can only poison a third of
our troops at most,” Malcolm declared broodingly. “The prison is located in the center of a desert, so
logistical supplies have always been an issue. Stock for fresh produce and meat is low due to more
complicated storage requirements, so the staple in the troop’s diet is canned and instant food that is
impossible to poison. The troops in Northern Crimson Prison are divided into three batches, so
everyone will only get to eat fresh food every three days. This is a regulation unique to us, so at least
eight thousand soldiers have yet to have any fresh produce from the day before yesterday up till this
very moment. I sure would like to see how they plan on poisoning all of us!”

Malcolm saluted Hayes while looking at him.

“Hayes, you used to be an army commander, so I might need to entrust you with a mission.”

“What is it? Just speak your mind,” answered Hayes while straightening his posture upon noticing the
sobriety in Malcolm’s attitude.

Malcolm waved to summon a nearby soldier to come closer before announcing loudly, “From now on,
Hayes Yeager shall no longer be considered a prisoner and appointed as the chief operations officer of
all four areas in Northern Crimson Prison, including the northern, eastern, western, and southern areas.
He will have full reign over the lives of all twenty-four thousand one hundred and sixty-nine prisoners.
Moreover, all soldiers from all four areas of the prison shall obey him unconditionally! Those who
disobey him shall be executed on the spot!”

“Yes, Sir!” Hayes answered in all seriousness while saluting with one hand.

Back in Lumonburg, Hayes used to be an army commander and was actually one rank above Malcolm,
who was a division leader.

However, those were the old days, and Hayes was, by that point, a prisoner without any status. The
fact that Malcolm was willing to put his full trust in him and delegated control over the prison to Hayes
under such circumstances spoke volumes.

“Go patrol the four prison areas. All other necessary information will be handed over to you while you’re
at it,” said Malcolm nonchalantly. “Tiger, as soon as war breaks out, you shall have full reign over the
twenty-four thousand plus prisoners in all four areas. I won’t be able to supervise things on your end,
so make sure not to let anybody escape. Do you understand?”

“Leave it to me.”

Hayes turned and ran downstairs behind a soldier.

At the same time, Malcolm turned to enter the communications room.

Hades’s and Dorian’s faces with chilly expressions were displayed on the computer screen in the
communications room.

“What’s going on?”

Northern Crimson Prison was a crucial location under the watch of Mysonna Army, so Dorian couldn’t
possibly keep his composure after being informed of such news.

Without dallying, Malcolm gave a summary of the events that transpired during the past few days.

“Make sure to defend Northern Crimson Prison. I shall send reinforcement troops right away.”

After that, Hades’ face disappeared as it faded to a black screen.

Meanwhile, Dorian wore an aloof expression. “My army is currently fighting the Ibica Army, so we can’t
possibly go on an immediate retreat. It will at least take me two days before I can return. Malcolm, you

have to defend Northern Crimson Prison! You hear me?”

“Understood, Sir!” replied Malcolm in all seriousness.

“The prison will not fall before I die! You must also stay alive! You are fully responsible for the large-
scale food poisoning within the prison. Who am I supposed to question if you died on me?” cried

“Yes, Sir!”

The moment Malcolm hung up the phone, he turned to the soldier next to him.

“Report on the enemy’s location.”

“They’re thirty kilometers from the west entrance and have not approved of my request for

“D*mn. Do they intend on striking right away?”

Malcolm snorted.

“Order the troops to prepare the short-range missiles. Continue with attempts for communication with
enemy troops. If they march past the red line fifteen kilometers away, fire at them directly. My approval
won’t be needed!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Amidst dunes of sand, Horace was smoking languidly in the command vehicle.

“Sir, they’re still requesting for communications.”

“Block them,” Horace ordered aloofly. “Tell the troops to stop advancing and dispatch all of our drones.
Fly the drones to maximum height and use high explosives during the first wave of attack. Use napalm
bombs for the second wave. Aim at the prison’s warehouses.”

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