Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 578

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“Oh my goodness!” Jonathan was amused as he returned to the spot next to the fire. “Joselle, there’s
so much spiritual energy in these fruits, but you’re using them as seasoning? Are you a wastrel?”

“What’s a wastrel?” Joselle looked at Jonathan curiously. She did not question him calling her Joselle.
Jonathan knew that she was only able to communicate the bare minimum. Once he used more
complicated words, she would not understand him.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. You can eat whatever you want. I’ll eat all these fruits here first,” Jonathan replied
helplessly as he sat at the side. Then, he took a piece of fruit and started eating it.

The night passed quickly without them conversing. When dawn broke, Jonathan had finished eating the
last fruit. He felt his surging elixir field and wiped his lips in satisfaction.

After eating at least ten of those spicy fruits, Jonathan had lost his sense of taste. However, his
cultivation level had increased in return.

At this moment, if someone were to check Jonathan’s energy and elixir fields, they would notice his
elixir field was plentiful, and the golden core was floating in the middle of his elixir field was glowing.
There was no sign of decay.

He turned around to look at Joselle and noticed that she was sleeping on top of the alpha wolf’s fur. All
that was left of the five-meter alpha wolf’s corpse were bones.

She had eaten the whole wolf by herself. Indeed, one could not use common sense to judge
extraordinary people.

Perhaps Joselle sensed that Jonathan had finished his cultivation as she slowly opened her eyes and
yawned. She sat up and looked at Jonathan.

“Slave, are you done eating the fruits?”

Seeing her sleepy demeanor, Jonathan smiled. “I’m done. I have some questions to ask you.”

Joselle turned over to hug the alpha wolf’s skull listlessly. Then, she inserted her hand into its bloody
neck. After fumbling around for a while, she took out her hand, bringing out a green crystal core. Is that
the demon beast’s crystal core?

Upon seeing the green crystal core, information started emerging in his mind. According to Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique, when a demon beast reached a certain level in its cultivation, it would be
able to attain a demon crystal in its body.

This demon crystal was similar to a human’s golden core and was the source of spiritual energy for the
demon beast. It had the purest form of spiritual energy. If one used a special method to absorb the
spiritual energy, it would benefit their cultivation greatly.

There was blood all over Joselle’s hand as she turned her head to look at Jonathan. “Didn’t you say
you have questions? What is it?”

As she said that, she threw the demon crystal into her mouth and started chewing it like it was a
peanut, producing a crunching sound.

Jonathan’s mind went blank when he felt the tremendous spiritual energy emanating from the demon

You can eat it like this? Didn’t the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique state that every demon crystal
contains a huge amount of spiritual energy and therefore requires several formations in order for
someone to absorb the demon crystal?

However, Joselle was treating the demon crystal like it was a peanut.


It took a long while before Jonathan returned to his senses.

“Yes, I have questions to ask you. You said that you saw an outsider just like me before. What does the
outsider look like? Half a year ago, did you see an old monk called Vladimir?”


Joselle shook her head.

“I’ve not heard of this name, but if you’re talking about old monks, I’ve met two before. They
accompanied me for quite a while! However, they wanted to kill me after, so I killed them.”

“Two old monks?”

Jonathan thought about her words. However, he felt something was wrong.

“Joselle, are the two monks you are talking about the two who entered here thirty years ago?”

In Northern Crimson Prison, Malcolm was sitting in the control room reading the documents in his

Hayes sat opposite him, looking at the tablet intently.

“Malcolm, I don’t really understand this pathway.”

He scratched his head helplessly as he passed the tablet to Malcolm.

The latter took the tablet and glanced at it briefly before throwing it back to Hayes.

“This is the most basic meridian pathway. If you want to understand it, you have to memorize the entire
meridian diagram. No one can help you on this.”

Upon hearing that, Hayes let out a long sigh and took a cigarette from the table to light it.

“I’m not smart enough to learn this. I rather go on the battlefield and kill people. Are you trying to kill me
by asking me to memorize this?”

As the second-in-command of Northern Crimson Prison, Malcolm had the vision and intelligence for
Dorian to trust him and put him in charge.

He shook his head and smiled bitterly upon hearing Hayes’ sigh.

“Tiger, you should treasure this opportunity to be able to still learn about this.”

As Malcolm said that, he turned and walked over to the window. He looked at the soldiers and
prisoners below him and sighed.

“Previously, we always won through numbers and weapons on the battlefield. All enemies are mere
weaklings in the face of powerful firepower. However, look below you. Our prison already has around
ten prisoners with cultivation levels at Herald Stage. For some reason, more cultivators are appearing
nowadays. Tiger, I have a hunch that everything will gradually be replaced by cultivators in future wars
besides weapons of mass destruction that would still be useful.”

Although Malcolm spoke in a mild voice, his words sounded shockingly hostile to Hayes.

Jonathan was headed to Lumonburg. Be it the fallen Gomez family, Broderick from the Grand Forest
Mountain, or Allen, who replaced him and defeated around two hundred people with just three people,
these people were not normal.

He came to Mysonna to sort the matter where Juliette had tried to assassinate Jonathan.

Also, Jonathan had given all the foundational cultivation techniques from the Gomez family to him
when the former had left.

This was a sign that Jonathan had not given up on him. However, he was still too weak, and Jonathan
had realized this. In future wars, although Hayes was a talented commander, a mere human like him
would not be able to save himself when fighting against cultivators.

Especially when facing Xiara, a top-tier human assassin, Hayes still got hit and collapsed to the

He needed to treasure this opportunity this time in Northern Crimson Prison. It seemed that the first
group to be below Asura’s Office would be eliminated.

It was acceptable to rely on favors, but once one was left behind by their peers, it would usually mark
the end of the friendship.

Right then, someone knocked on the door urgently.

“Urgent news!”

The door was pushed open, and a young officer came running in.

“Commander, there is a massive food poisoning outbreak in the military base. From eight in the
morning till now, there have been twenty-three confirmed cases in the fifth complex of the prison!”

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