Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 577

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Joselle Goldstein

Jonathan was taken aback when he heard what the girl said. She might not have said a lot, but
Jonathan gathered plenty of information.

First of all, the girl was not part of a tribe. That made Jonathan feel much at ease. The girl looked like
she was in her twenties. Yet, her cultivation level was so powerful that she could crush Jonathan.

If there were indeed a village there, that would mean that hundreds of them were wearing clothes made
of animal skins and holding spears.

The thought of it made the hair on Jonathan’s body stand on ends. Then again, it was very odd for the
girl to be all by herself.

Everyone grew up with parents. However, the girl mentioned that she had lived alone all her life as far
as she could remember. Perhaps, a female cultivator has come to Summerbank Abyss and died of

That doesn’t sound right either… If she died after giving birth, then who brought the girl up? There is no
way this girl is born with her existing skills right from the start.

Looking into the girl’s bright eyes, Jonathan eliminated the various scenarios and finally derived a

The girl might have been a cultivator of genius level. Perhaps, she had been injured, or something
happened that resulted in her loss of memory. By the time she became conscious, she was already in
Summerbank Abyss.

This must be it! The other thing that surprised Jonathan was the fact that the girl had seen other
cultivators. He eyed her warily when he recalled Lauryn mentioning a man dressed in black.

“How many of them have you seen before?”

“How many? I can’t remember. Let me recall.” With that, the girl began counting. “I have met a total of
twenty-three of them. If I include you, it will be twenty-four.”


Jonathan was dumbstruck when he saw how serious she was. Only six of them were there. Even if he
included the man in black, it would only be seven. Where did the rest of them come from?

Just as Jonathan was trying to make sense of things, the girl leaped and reached the spot next to the
fire. She raised her spear and sliced the leg of the wolf off.

The girl then began gnawing away at the leg that was around a meter long. It seemed that she could
not care less about her image.

Jonathan wanted to turn and leave when he saw her munching away. Although the girl seemed
frightening, she did not seem to have any ulterior motives at all. Seeing that she appeared to be
simple-minded, Jonathan thought she might be of some use to him.

With that thought in mind, Jonathan walked up to the fire.

“Pretty girl, how is the wolf meat that I have roasted?” asked Jonathan as he cut a piece for himself.

The girl nodded and replied, “It’s delicious. You are a much better slave than the others.”


Jonathan did not know how to respond to her comment.

What’s wrong with this girl? Why does she keep wanting others to be her slaves?

However, Jonathan did not pursue the matter as he looked at her.

“What did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t say anything.” The girl tore off a palm-sized piece of wolf meat and chewed it a few times
before swallowing it. She then looked at Jonathan in confusion.

Jonathan massaged his temples before trying again. “I didn’t say you said anything. I’m asking you… I
want to know what is your name?”

“My name?” The girl thought for a while and continued, “In the past, someone gave me a name. He
named me Puppy. Later on, I found out that it wasn’t a good name, so I killed him. After that, I don’t
have any name.”

Jonathan was slightly stunned when he heard that.

Someone named her Puppy…

That person must have seen how naïve the girl was and wanted to control her. That was why she was
given such a disgusting name.

“So, are you telling me that you don’t have a name?” Jonathan put down the meat that he had been
holding and asked with a frown, “Shall I give you a name then?”

Following Jonathan’s words, the girl pointed her spear right in his face.

“Do you wish to die?” the girl uttered in such a nonchalant manner.

She had a lovely voice, but at that moment, there was an air of murderous intent as well.

Jonathan stared into the girl’s eyes and shook his head.

“All humans must have their own names. I have no idea why the other person named you Puppy. But, I
promise you that I will give a better name than that.”

The spear went closer and closer to Jonathan until it pierced through the space between his brows.

One drop of blood fell from his nose and landed on the back of his hand.

As for the bronze handbell in his hand, it was completely wet with his sweat.

Seeing that Jonathan did not try to escape, the girl retracted her spear.

“I don’t need a name. Just address me as your master.”

“I won’t agree to that even if you kill me,” Jonathan said without looking at the girl anymore. “My name
is Jonathan Goldstein. I’m going to name you Joselle Goldstein. What do you think?”

The girl paused momentarily in her eating when she heard the name.

“I don’t need a name. I only require slaves.”

Jonathan smiled when he noticed that her tone was not as rigid as before.

“Joselle, this meat isn’t at its best yet. If we can sprinkle some flavorings on it, the taste will be out of
the world.”

As Jonathan was talking, a wolf leg came flying toward him.

“Hold this for me.”

With that, the girl jumped and landed on an ancient-looking tree.

One punch from her was enough to break the tree that was over ten meters in height. After that, she
began to hunt for something within the tree.

Jonathan looked at her in confusion. In the end, the girl found a few pieces of fruit from the lush
branches of the fallen tree.

“What are you looking for?”

Jonathan reached out to catch a green-colored fruit that flew in his direction.

The girl smiled and nodded at him.

“It’s edible and quite spicy.”

Jonathan put the spiritual fruit into his mouth with hesitation. The moment he took one bite, the pungent
and spicy juice filled his mouth.

In an instant, it sparked off the spiritual energy within Jonathan.

How can the spiritual energy in one bite of the fruit be equivalent to my cultivation of one rotation?

After the spiritual energy of the fruit dissipated, Jonathan quickly stuffed the rest of the fruit into his
mouth despite the pungent taste.

There was a wave of heat surging through his elixir field. The spiritual energy of that green fruit was
repairing Jonathan’s meridian and elixir field very swiftly at that moment.

That’s right. A place like this that has powerful demon beasts will surely have magical plants.

Jonathan had no idea what those spiritual fruits were even though he was seated a little over ten
meters away from them.

However, the girl knew Summerbank Abyss like the back of her hand.

It looks like I did end up finding treasure after all!

With that thought in mind, Jonathan began to open up his force field and turned his spiritual energy into
an invisible arm that searched among the crowns of the trees. After a short while, he managed to find
dozens of fruits and placed them in front of him.

The spiritual energy of those fruits was more than enough to repair his elixir field. In fact, they could
allow his cultivation level to go one level up.

Jonathan turned around and wanted to thank the girl. Instead, he saw her rubbing the fruit on the wolf
meat with full concentration.

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