Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 576

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A Tough Girl

“Who are you?” Jonathan studied the girl from head to toe while chewing on the wolf meat. Though the
lighting was so awful that he couldn’t see anything clearly, he knew that the girl was extraordinary in
terms of appearance and physique through his spiritual sense.

However, she gave off a tough and powerful vibe with the way she dressed. She looked at Jonathan
and her lips curved into a sweet smile. “You’re from outside too, aren’t you?”

Outside? Stunned, Jonathan glanced at the girl. “What do you mean by outside? Have you been living

Even with God Realm cultivation, Jonathan had to be on high alert at all times in Summerbank Abyss.
So how was it possible that people lived here all year round?

The girl had no intentions to answer Jonathan’s question. Holding the primitive spear, she smiled. “Why
don’t you become my slave? That way, I won’t be bored anymore.”

Huh? Jonathan was taken aback, and he finally changed the way he perceived the girl.

She spoke matter-of-factly as if everything was completely reasonable and that was how the world
should work. She even demanded Jonathan to be her slave in that tone.

The scene was extremely eerie. She was like a child talking about killing someone with a wide smile on
her face, which made people feel rather uncomfortable.

“You will have to beat me first if you want me to be your slave.” Jonathan chuckled, holding the bronze
handbell in his hand.

Hearing that, the girl swung her spear and started approaching Jonathan.

“Why do you all say the same thing? Well, let’s find out if you can take a beating better than the
others.” Before she finished, she was already standing in front of Jonathan with a smile on her face.

She’s fast!

Jonathan could tell with his spiritual sense that the spear was being swung toward him at a speed he
had never witnessed before.

He immediately bent backward to avoid the attack, but the spear came crashing down on him when it
flew past the tip of his nose

The hit landed firmly on him, and all Jonathan could do was stare at the dark skies with his eyes

What is her cultivation level? She’s way better than me no matter the speed, strength, or reaction!
She’s someone I can’t defeat!

Jonathan felt as if his head was about to explode.

After all, the strongest individual he had met was only in the God Realm.

Besides, although he did not consider himself to be invincible in the God Realm, he did not fear anyone
because of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Yet now, the girl before him had completely overwhelmed him when there was only a faint spiritual
energy fluctuation on her.

Is it possible that she’s an expert above the God Realm? Is she perhaps the legendary expert from the
Divine Realm?

Jonathan tried his best to gather the faded spiritual energy in his meridian.

However, before he could get back on his feet, he was pushed back onto the ground by a snowy white

The girl stepped on Jonathan’s chest and smiled happily.

“Now, will you be my slave?”


Jonathan made a couple of hand seals, then gathered his spiritual energy and formed a five-meter-
wide Grandmaster force field.

He knew that this would not be much of a use, but he could break free from the girl if he could
immobilize her for a moment.

He figured that he could escape even if he couldn’t win against her.

Once the force field was up, rays of spiritual energy began converging, trapping the girl inside.

Using this chance, Jonathan raised his leg and kicked the girl’s knee.

He did not hold back. If his attack landed as expected, he would have the girl’s legs broken no matter
how strong she was.

However, just as his leg was about to hit the girl’s knee, a loud cracking sound could be heard in mid-

The Grandmaster force field is destroyed?

When this thought popped into his mind, his legs had already hit on the girl’s knee.

However, because of the broken force field, the girl rendered his attack ineffective by bending her left
knee, causing him to grit his teeth upon impact.

What the? Is she even a human?

Jonathan finally gave up after feeling the excruciating pain coming from his feet. He realized he could
neither win against the girl nor escape.

In truth, the strength he had used in his attack could have split an incredibly thick refined steel into two,
yet the girl had managed to counteract by bending her knee.

She is someone I can’t win! Maybe the only thing that can be of use is this mysterious bronze handbell.

However, Jonathan gave up the thought of using the bronze handbell in the end. After all, Garrison had
exploded into pieces, as he could not handle the aftermath after using the bronze handbell.

Aside from that, Jonathan detected no killing intent from the girl despite her pointing her spear at his

Hence, he decided to gamble.

“Look, I entered Summerbank Abyss by mistake. I swear I’m a good guy. Besides, I haven’t done
anything wrong to you. There’s no need to kill me on our first encounter, right?”

“Kill you?” The girl glanced at Jonathan in confusion. “I’m just playing with you. Since when I tried to kill

“You call this playing with me?” Seeing how harmless she appeared, Jonathan felt speechless. “Come
on. You could kill me already if you pushed this spear forward!”

“No, no, no.” The girl hurriedly kept the spear. “Who will become my slave if you die?”

Jonathan finally had a grasp on the situation. He realized that despite being absurdly strong, the girl
was incredibly naïve. In fact, she was so naïve that it seemed that she was not in the right mind.

At that thought, Jonathan asked tentatively, “Hey, if you step on me like that, I can’t play with you. Why
don’t you remove your leg from my chest?”


Just as he thought, the girl immediately moved her leg away from his chest.

He quickly got up while rubbing his chest and asked, “Are you a native of Summerbank Abyss?”

“Native… What does that mean?” the girl asked curiously.

“I mean, did you grow up here?”

The girl shook her head in response. “I don’t know, but I’ve been here for as long as I can remember.”

Seeing that the girl was willing to answer his questions, Jonathan asked again, “Then are there many
of you here?”

The answer to this question was crucial to Jonathan.

If there were plenty of natives in Summerbank Abyss, then there would be answers to the
disappearance of Sofus’ mentor. Jonathan could also locate the life-saving pills and leave quickly.

Unlike the rest, who were not in a hurry, time was of the essence to Jonathan. After all, Sophia was still
in a dangerous state, and she needed these pills to survive.

For this reason, compared to the life-saving pill, the abundant magical plants did not attract Jonathan’s
attention even for the slightest bit.

In reply to Jonathan’s question, the girl shook her head, a flicker in her eyes. “Aside from outsiders like
you, I’ve never seen anyone else. It’s always been me alone.”

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