Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 575

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A Wild Beauty

White mist surrounded the entire Summerbank Abyss. In the day, though the sun was barely visible,
the sunlight could still make its way through the mist and shine on the ground.

At night, however, it would be so dark that one could see nothing. Before night arrived, Jonathan
forcefully smashed open a hole in the cave with his spiritual energy.

While it was done for self-comfort, it still gave Jonathan some sense of security when the other sides
surrounding him were solid rocks.

I’ve been out for four days. There’s no signal in Summerbank Abyss at all! I wonder how Aunt Sophia is
doing. Is everything all right? Yasmin is probably being hunted down by Xiara after her betrayal, and
then there’s the Osborne family. Aside from that, there is also Wilbur from the Yaleview Army, Joshua
from Zedfield, Punisher who joined Apocalypse, and Blaze, the undefeatable top one on Heaven List…

Recalling the names that gave him a migraine, Jonathan couldn’t help but feel upset. He had joined the
army because he had run out of options. His dream was merely to return home with honor and be
acknowledged by Josephine.

Yet, everything changed when he received the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique. Jonathan couldn’t
help but heave a sigh, and at the same time, he started drooling.

As he sat on top of the soft wolf fur, he gulped greedily. Somewhere not far away from him was a
massive wolf that was about five meters tall. It was completely skinned, and there was a thick branch
that ran through its body.

Right underneath the wolf was a firepit. Whenever its fats dripped down from its body, the fire would
burn stronger. It had been a day ever since Jonathan entered Summerbank Abyss.

In truth, when he achieved his current cultivation level, it wouldn’t be a problem even if he didn’t eat or
drink. It was the habits that he had maintained all these years that made his stomach grumble.

Besides, he was very curious as to what these demon beasts would taste like.

Noticing that the demon wolf’s meat had turned golden brown, Jonathan created a long sword with his
spiritual energy and cut a piece of meat from the wolf.

With just a bite, a unique flavor filled his mouth. The bite had Jonathan’s eyes glimmer with happiness.

Despite having no salt to season the meat, the roasted wolf meat itself was extremely delicious. Aside
from that, there was even faint spiritual energy in the meat. With every chew, the spiritual energy would
be released from the meat and absorbed into his body.

He had never expected the meat of the demon wolf that could cultivate spiritual energy to be so

Looking at the golden brown roasted meat in his hands, Jonathan felt nothing but joy and excitement.

He could tell that the faint spiritual energy in the roasted wolf meat was incredibly pure. When Jonathan
absorbed the energy, instead of flowing into his meridian to enhance his strength, it flowed right into his
flesh and blood.

This was a secret path to enhance one’s body strength.

Hurriedly, Jonathan feasted on the wolf meat.

The next thing he discovered about the roasted meat was that it was unchewable.

Perhaps it was because of the spiritual energy. The roasted wolf meat was far harder than dried meat
despite being extraordinarily delicious.

He had to chew more than a dozen times just to swallow the meat.

At this point, Jonathan couldn’t help but have mixed feelings as he stared at the golden brown roasted
wolf in front of him.

He wondered how long he would have to take to finish the roasted wolf and absorb the spiritual energy
within it.

However, as he was thinking about how to finish the meat, a figure yielding a spear slowly landed on
the mountain peak located a few hundred meters away from him.

Standing in the mountain breeze, the figure identified the directions and rapidly darted toward where
Jonathan was.

At the same time, Jonathan turned his head and looked into the distance with a piece of meat in his

Jonathan was on high alert ever since he ran into the wolf pack. Besides, he had also noticed a
spiritual energy fluctuation from the back a moment ago.

It was very faint, which meant someone was suppressing his spiritual energy.

Jonathan came to a decision in just a second and quickly vanished into the dark. When he was about a
hundred meters away from the fire pit, he hid on top of a tree and withdrew all his spiritual energy.

While chewing the meat, Jonathan stared in the direction where the spiritual energy fluctuation came
from without blinking.

He dared not believe anyone anymore ever since the man in black’s appearance.

Lauryn, of course, was an exception. Although he did not witness the attack on Lauryn, he did not
doubt her. After all, the scene back then was solid evidence that proved what Lauryn said was true.

The only thing that left Jonathan a little speechless was the fact that Lauryn did not believe him.

He had wanted to learn more about the ancient and hidden sects and their relationship with the
respectable families through Lauryn.

After all, despite ascending as a powerful faction, Asura’s Office was still relatively new in the game.
There was plenty of information that they could not get their hands on.

Jonathan let out a long sigh as he recalled how Lauryn was very wary of him when she backed off.

The next second, he leaped into the air, and the branch he was standing on fell to the ground abruptly.

If he had been any slower, he would have been cut off at the waist.

When he was still in midair, Jonathan quickly channeled his spiritual energy and raised the bronze
handbell without a thought.

A muffled thud rang out, and Jonathan swayed to the side as a jet black spear pierced through the air,
missing his waist by less than an inch.

Putting his feet together, he stomped hard on the spear and made a smooth landing on the ground.

He unleashed his spiritual sense and realized that a long-haired girl was standing at the spot where he
was just now.

She’s not Lauryn!

Jonathan stared at the figure in puzzlement.

She appeared to be around nineteen years old. Her hair was untied, and she was wearing clothes
made of animal skin.

The tight-fitting clothes couldn’t cover one of her shoulders and they only managed to cover her body to
her knees. In fact, the choice of her clothing was very odd, but it suited her strangely when she put
them on.

She was barefooted, and she wore a vine around her waist. The strangest part of her was the spear
she held in her hand.

That is not a spear! It’s just a stick with a rock tied to it!

As Jonathan looked at the girl’s delicate face, three words appeared in his mind: a wild beauty.

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