Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 574

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Meat For Dinner

If Jonathan were fighting a human, he would have long activated his force field as a defense. However,
he didn’t consider doing so since he was facing a beast.

Yet unexpectedly, the alpha wolf before him was using a Grandmaster’s force field to restrict his
movements. Is this really just a wolf?

As the wolf aimed for his neck, Jonathan swiftly made a gesture with his hands. “Force field, expand!”
Right away, his body felt light. Milliseconds before the wolf’s sharp teeth grazed his neck, he flipped

The wolf missed Jonathan’s neck, but it managed to step on his chest with its front legs. “F*ck!” The
armor Jonathan had created using his spiritual energy shattered instantaneously, and he felt as if he
had been hit in the chest by a truck.

Collapsing on the huge rock, he could sense the spiritual energy in his body churning against the flow.
He felt extremely uncomfortable.

Despite that, he stood back up and looked down at his body.

His chest was dotted with eight puncture wounds that were bleeding. Fortunately, he had equipped
himself with the armor in advance, so the wounds were not too deep.

Jonathan turned around and looked at the alpha wolf.

At that moment, the beast was sitting nearby, licking the blood on its paws leisurely.

Contempt and mockery were evident in its eyes.

Jonathan covered his wounds and stopped the bleeding with his spiritual energy. He then put up his
force field, as he knew he could not afford to be careless.

The more human-like an animal was, the creepier it felt.

Thus, chills ran down Jonathan’s spine when he saw the alpha wolf’s expression.

Long ago, he had read about demon beasts in the second part of the Ancient Sacred Dragon

The creator of the manual had many detailed records about demon beasts. According to the creator,
the ancient Sacred Dragon was the basis of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, which Jonathan
was currently practicing.

The records repeatedly mentioned that demon beasts in ancient times had strong capabilities.

Like humans, these beasts could move mountains, fill oceans, and move around the world.

These stories were acceptable as legends, but it would not be the same case if they were to happen in
real life.

Facing the white alpha wolf, Jonathan only had one thought in his mind. I have to kill this beast!

He kept his bronze handbell.

With a cold look in his eyes, Jonathan touched the blood on his chest before beckoning at the alpha
wolf. “You want to have a one-on-one fight with me, huh? Come on!”

His taunting movements irked the alpha wolf.

Jonathan’s figure blurred, and in the next instant, he landed on a spot ten meters away.


When he moved his hands, countless stones on the ground floated up in the air. They moved under
Jonathan’s control and shot toward the alpha wolf rapidly.


The air in front of the alpha wolf rippled like water.

As the avalanche of stones hit the ripples, they crumbled into dust and scattered around.

Once again, the alpha wolf opened its mouth.

This time, it spurted out an eerie stream of spiritual energy.

It created a blade with its spiritual energy?

A mad look appeared in Jonathan’s eyes when he recognized the spiritual blade with his spiritual

“I actually want to see what else you have up your sleeves!”

He turned sideways and dodged the blade. As he rushed forward, his spiritual energy condensed into
an invisible spear. With his right hand, he hurled it at the wolf’s head.

The moment Jonathan’s hand and the wolf’s claws slammed into each other, a huge shockwave of
spiritual energy traveled across the area.

Levitating mid-air, the alpha wolf kicked Jonathan’s legs hard with its hind legs. A sharp pain shot
through Jonathan’s legs, but he remained expressionless.

“D*mn it! No matter what you do, I won’t let go!” He grabbed the back of the wolf’s neck and used all
his strength to twist its head to the side. “Get down there!”

Disregarding the fact that the wolf’s claws were still clinging to his legs, he flipped over and plummeted
toward the ground.


The two of them landed on the huge rock heavily, still entangled with each other.

Since Jonathan was the one in control, the wolf fell on its nose.

Feeling dizzy, it tried to stand up, but Jonathan sat on its back before it could do so.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

A series of muffled noises sounded as Jonathan turned his hands into hammers and smashed them
against the wolf’s neck. He had secured himself on the beast’s back using a long rope made from his
spiritual energy.

Thud! Thud!

More than ten minutes passed by. He continued to hit the wolf furiously. Finally, the wolf stopped
struggling and lay prostrate on the ground, whimpering for mercy.

Jonathan was a decisive man. When the wolf ceased its movements, he put his palm together and
fashioned a razor-sharp iron needle with his spiritual energy. Without hesitation, he stabbed it
downward in a swift and powerful motion.

The wolf cried and started twitching and trembling violently.

Jonathan, who was covered with blood, leaped to his feet and stood at the side. With a calm
expression, he watched the alpha wolf.

After taking a few breaths, the beast finally stopped moving.

The demon wolves around seemed to sense the passing of their leader. They howled lowly and gazed
at the huge rock.

Jonathan bent down and tugged at the alpha wolf’s ear with his blood-stained hands. Then he dragged
the dead beast to the edge of the huge rock.


Upon hearing Jonathan’s loud roar, the demon wolves turned around and ran for their lives. None of
them dared to stay behind.

In the world of demon beasts, things were quite simple. The strong one could lead the group, but if
someone more powerful came along and defeated the leader, then the followers would turn against the
previous leader resolutely.

Morality and loyalty were not present in their principles. They only cared about what was beneficial for

“Haha! You’re just beasts, after all.”

Looking at the dead wolf in his hands, Jonathan chuckled and sat on the huge rock.

Above him, the sky had started to turn dark.

Although the sun was not visible in Summerbank Abyss, Jonathan could guess that it was already

“Guess I don’t have to worry about dinner now!”

On a hill, a snake almost twenty meters long was lying immobile on the ground. Beside it, Bertel was
panting heavily with a sword in his hand.

“This trip was worth it! It takes at least a thousand years to grow a mulberry-colored bone cleansing
plant like this. This is practically something that only exists in books!”

Beaming at the spiritual plant on the ground, Bertel squatted down and began to dig it up.

Bone cleansing plants were often seen in the Phantom Sect, but they were for the use of disciples who
had yet to reach the Superior Realm. Moreover, they were merely young plants that had grown for
twenty to thirty years. None of them were over a hundred years old.

On the other hand, the thousand-year-old bone cleansing plant before Bertel could be used by
cultivators in the Grandmaster Realm. It was capable of cleansing one’s body.

Just as Bertel was digging the plant enthusiastically, a hoarse voice sounded behind him.

“You should pay attention to that snake instead. Its crystal core is much more valuable than the bone
cleansing plant.”

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