Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 573

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Demon Wolves

“What you said makes sense, but since you want to help me, why don’t you just pass me your skills? I
can help you take revenge instead.”

With a cold sneer, Ryan waved his hand and charged toward Carmelo like a cannonball. The two rib
bones in his hand served as sharp weapons. He leaped up and pointed the bones downward, aiming to
gouge Carmelo’s eyes.

“You’re too slow!” Carmelo raised his arm to defend himself. As the two crashed into each other, the
two rib bones transformed into swords and pierced through Carmelo’s arm.

At that moment, Carmelo’s right hand was raised high. He faced his palm upward and slammed it
against Ryan’s chin. Instantly, Ryan’s body was sent flying toward the sky.

Feeling his consciousness slipping away, Ryan used the remaining strength in him and raised his right

Thud! His knee knocked against Carmelo’s chin forcefully as he moved upward. Carmelo was already
at his limits since he was physically dead. Following that blow, his head was detached from his neck
and shot up high.

Beside them, the burly bodyguard looked down at his pants. He had wetted himself. As the bodyguard
of a reputable family, he was a ruthless man. Yet not even he could bear to watch such a horrifying

Ugh! He retched violently before turning around and bolting outside. On the ground, Carmelo’s severed
head rolled around, but the look in his eyes remained vicious.

“Possess!” Following the hoarse voice, the bloody mist above Carmelo’s head started condensing. It
transformed into a human figure the size of a palm and entered Ryan’s head.

Because of the chaos they caused, the servants of the Jensen family were nowhere to be seen.

After some time, Ryan’s finger moved.

The next moment, his blood-red eyes shot open.


Ryan pulled his hair, feeling as though his head was about to split open.

He propped himself against the floor and made a few attempts before he finally managed to get on his

Outside, the sound of police siren pierced through the air.

Ryan glanced at Carmelo’s dried-up head on the ground. Raising his foot, he stepped on it and
crushed it into pieces.

In Summerbank Abyss, Jonathan was heavily surrounded by a pack of wolves.

He had wanted to look for somewhere with rich spiritual energy for his recovery, but he forgot that
beasts in this place had the ability to absorb spiritual energy.

Naturally, places with more spiritual energy would be occupied by stronger and more demon beasts.

And he had accidentally ended up in the demon wolves’ territory.

Jumping up, he grabbed the neck of a demon wolf and slammed the beast against the floor.


With that one move of his, three to four demon wolves were sent flying.

However, the next moment, more wolves appeared before him.

The pack consisted of a hundred or so demon wolves, each having reached the Superior Realm.

Jonathan was sure he could kill them all if they were cultivators.

However, these were demon wolves with thick skin. No matter how hard Jonathan struck, they would
stand up again and come at him as if nothing had happened.

As they were beasts nurtured by spiritual energy, they simply had no weak spots, unlike ordinary

“D*mn it. Am I really going to die here?”

Jonathan kicked away a demon wolf and looked around.

The creatures in Summerbank Abyss all possessed strange spiritual energies, so it would be useless to
activate his force field here.

Because of his hesitation earlier, he was trapped by the wolves, unable to leave no matter how many
times he tried.

Although these wolves were beasts, they were cleverly cooperative with each other as they attacked
and dodged. Every time Jonathan was about to kill one, the others would rush forward in time and force
him to give up and defend himself.

Jonathan figured that such a disciplined pack of wolves should have an alpha leading them. If he could
get rid of their leader, he might be able to deter the rest.

After kicking away two demon wolves, Jonathan finally spotted a white wolf standing tall and proud on
a huge rock behind the pack.

Although they were more than ten meters apart, Jonathan saw the calm and cold look in the beast’s
eyes as they met each other’s gaze.

It was a look only humans would have.

“It must be you!”

Jonathan sprang up. Immediately, around thirty demon wolves moved along with him.

As he hovered in the air, he spread his left palm open and concentrated his spiritual energy on his right
index and middle fingers. Then, he directed the energy at the bronze handbell on his left palm.


The sound of the bell rang in the air without warning.

Following that, a transparent sphere appeared and spread in all directions like waves.

It swept through the demon wolves that were leaping and struck them to the ground.

Jonathan, who was still floating mid-air, was also affected the moment the bell rang. To his surprise, the
movement of his spiritual energy slowed down.

What in the world is this thing? No wonder Garrison combusted when he used this against me. This is
such an odd bell! It seems to have a more severe effect on the person who uses it.

Jonathan channeled his spiritual energy with all his might and stepped on the head of a dazed demon
wolf, using it as a springboard to send him leaping more than ten meters across and landing on the

huge rock.

Below, dozens of lightheaded demon wolves wobbled toward him.

Opposite him, the snow-white alpha wolf started to howl.

Jonathan lowered his head and saw the demon wolves around the huge rock stopping in their tracks.

Right after that, they all raised their heads and yowled like the alpha wolf.

The atmosphere turned strange as the howls of more than a hundred demon wolves filled the air.

It was as if time had frozen. Even the chirps of the birds in the forest ceased at that moment.

Is this what they call a demon spirit?

The alpha wolf was two times bigger than the demon wolves below. As its white fur fluttered in the
wind, it slowly crouched down.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Hearing the noise, Jonathan narrowed his eyes.

The alpha wolf had merely lowered its body, but its sharp claws had penetrated the huge rock.

Jonathan couldn’t help but think that he had met a difficult opponent this time.

Without making any sound, the wolf turned into a blurry white shadow and zoomed toward Jonathan.

Just as Jonathan was about to raise his arms to shield himself, he felt a sticky sensation all around his

Upon seeing the bloody maw before him, Jonathan widened his eyes in shock.

What the h*ll? This demon wolf knows how to control its force field?

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