Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 572

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Close Relationship

Ryan was so thrilled that he accidentally revealed his identity when he heard Jonathan’s name. Once
again, Carmelo believed he had made the right choice when he learned about Ryan’s identity, as he
needed a person whose identity was a secret.

Carmelo’s eyes brimmed with greed when he fixed his eyes on Ryan. But too bad he has yet to reach
the Superior Realm. In other words, Ryan’s body was still not stable for him to possess.

Nonetheless, Carmelo was running out of time. He was still contemplating whether to make his voice.
All of a sudden, Ryan started pulling Lynn’s hair as if he had gone bonkers. “What is Jonathan doing
here? Huh? And where did he go? Answer me!”

“Triplex… Manifesta…” Lynn muttered as her pupils constricted. She eventually stopped breathing and
could no longer speak.

“Hey!” Ryan continued pulling Lynn’s hair as he wanted to ask her more questions, but the woman had
stopped giving him any response.

Carmelo looked at Ryan icily. “She has lost her spiritual sense and is now in a vegetative state.”

He reached out and tapped Lynn’s wrist. Suddenly, a red beam flashed across her arm. Lynn’s face
instantly shrunk, and a few seconds later, she turned into a dry corpse.

Right then, a security guard came in to look for Carmelo, but he started trembling upon noticing the dry
corpse on the floor. Nevertheless, he resisted the urge to run away from the body.

Carmelo turned around and shot daggers at him. “What is it?”

The security guard continued to shiver, as he could not turn his eyes away from the dry corpse. “M-Mr.
Jensen, the Summerbank cops have come up with an arrest warrant to nab Mr. Leiter…”

Ryan and Carmelo kept mum upon hearing that. The security guard stood by the door, not knowing
what to do. Carmelo lifted his head to look at Ryan. “Who on earth is Jonathan Goldstein?”

“I’ve no idea, but I know the respectable families are terrified of him,” Ryan said. He was telling the
truth. Ryan knew the Osbornes had ordered his family to hunt Jonathan down, but Jonathan ended up
running after them in Lumonburg.

He had no idea about what happened beyond that, as he was injured and taken out of Lumonburg.

That was why Ryan instantly thought of wanting to take revenge on Jonathan when he heard his name.

Upon noticing how distracted Ryan was, Carmelo looked grim. “Now you’re on the bounty list, and you
can’t stay in Summerbank anymore. What’s your next plan?”

Carmelo’s question caused Ryan to knit his brows. “I want to go to Summerbank Mountain to look for
Jonathan and avenge my family.”

“Avenge your family? What is his cultivation level?”

“He must have reached at least the Grandmaster Realm. Otherwise, the Gomez family wouldn’t have
been destroyed in his hands.”

“I see.” Disappointment flashed across Carmelo’s eyes. “Ryan, whether you’re trying to run away from
the cops or go after Jonathan, I guess you’ll still have to leave Summerbank.”

Ryan bobbed his head in response. “Thank you for your guidance, Master. I wouldn’t have made good
progress on my cultivation journey without you.”

“You’ve made good progress but could have done better to reach the Superior Realm,” Carmelo said
with a sigh. “Since all good things must come to an end, it’s time for us to part ways. Feel free to do
what you desire, but don’t forget about me.”

“I’ll never forget you.” Ryan bowed before Carmelo to express his gratitude. “It’s time to say goodbye.
Take care, Master!”


All of a sudden, the sound of metal clanging rang out.

Ryan had blocked Carmelo’s gold-gilded walking stick with his dagger.

A hard glint flashed across Ryan’s eyes when he lifted his head. “Master, I’m leaving soon. Why are
you doing this to me?”

Carmelo burst into laughter when he saw Ryan’s cold face. “Looks like I was not wrong about you,
Ryan Leiter. You put your guard up even when you’re around your master. I’m impressed!”

He continued, “Not only are you cruel, but you’re also a meticulous man. Had you appeared a few
years ago, I would have taken you as my disciple and imparted to you all my skills. But too bad. Now
that I’m severely injured and fighting for my survival, I have no choice but to sacrifice you.”

Carmelo gradually stood up. The scarlet spiritual energy manifested in chaos waves that surged
through his body. The waves then turned into countless runes that stuck to his skin.

“Though you haven’t hit the Superior Realm, you can still save my life!” Carmelo said casually, but he
no longer appeared frail and vulnerable.

Ryan, who had grown wary of the surroundings, also started looking psychotic. “If I’m not mistaken, you
want to possess my body, right? I wonder if you knew I’ve been thinking of eating you?”

The deranged-looking Ryan twisted Carmelo’s wrist, throwing the dagger in the latter’s direction.


After raising his walking stick to block the dagger hurled in his direction, Carmelo started fighting
against Ryan.

“Charge!” Ryan roared before clawing at Carmelo’s heart with his right hand.

“How dare you!” Carmelo tilted his body sideways to dodge his attack. He also seized the opportunity
to knock Ryan’s face with his elbow.


That impact was so powerful that it sent Ryan flying. Ryan’s back hit an aquarium, shattering the entire
glass tank. He pulled himself together and got up from the ground, but his face was covered in blood.

Meanwhile, Ryan was holding a pair of rib bones that had turned black.

Staring at the foul-smelling flesh and bones, Ryan gave Carmelo a confused look.

Carmelo’s left chest was ripped out, and the skin and flesh around it had vanished. A big part of his
body had also turned hollow.

Ryan could see the contraction of Carmelo’s lungs when he breathed, even though his thick and slimy
black blood had enveloped the organ.

He also noticed the contraction of a scarlet energy wave circling the outer edges of the chest.

Ryan instantly knew what had happened just by glancing at Carmelo. Carmelo’s dead. It must be the
spiritual energy that held his body together.

“Looks like the man I rescued was not the head of the Jensen family. It was you, wasn’t it?”

Carmelo looked at his hollow chest and nodded gently. “When I was about to lose my human form the
day I escaped to Summerbank, I had no choice but to take over Carmelo’s body. I thought I could only
live for a couple more days, but you appeared.”

He continued, “I did all I could to teach you what I knew and answered your doubts. Now, it’s time for
you to repay my kindness. All you need to do is give me your body. What do you think?”

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