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Chapter 568

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Welfare Of The General Public

There was a solemn look on Jonathan’s face as he gazed at the broken bronze mirror in his hand.
Although the message was being displayed, there was no sender’s information or a unique code to
identify the sender, so he could not tell who sent the message.

From the first few messages, Jonathan could still figure out it was a conversation between three
parties. However, as he read on, he became confused and could not associate the messages with any
particular party anymore.

The idea of creating the bronze mirror as a communication tool was good, but the design was bad, and
thus, the end product was pretty useless. He took out his phone from his pocket and saw the battery
was full, yet there was still no reception.

Summerbank Abyss is really a mystifying place. Jonathan turned around and looked toward the heavy
fog on one side of the abyss.

Although the place was a little unusual, Jonathan thought it wasn’t too bad, as it would not be difficult
for him to find his way out. He knew all he needed to do was head into the heavy fog, and he would be
on his way out.

Suddenly, he felt a faint disturbance of spiritual energy coming from a distance in front of him. There’s a
fight going on out there? Jonathan frowned slightly, then leaned forward and raced toward the direction
of the spiritual energy disturbance.

In the valley, Lauryn was swirling her sword around and waves of powerful sword energy were radiating
from her. There was a swift-moving silhouette circling around her and rapidly getting closer to her.

“Sword field, emerge!” Lauryn made a gesture with one of her hands as she chanted, and instantly, all
the sword energy turned back and swirled around her body, forming a protective vortex around her.

Right then, a black palm appeared in front of her, and it was coming for her head. When it appeared,
her protective pool of sword energy instantly gravitated toward it in an attempt to block it off.

Boom, boom… Following the sounds of explosions, a figure in black leaped up into the air and landed
firmly on a boulder. Lauryn, looking solemn, had her sword pointed directly in the direction of the man
in black.

“Who are you? Why did you sneak up on me?”

Her opponent’s face was fully hidden behind a black, full-face mask. The mask and his clothes
appeared to be specially constructed, as they could block off her spiritual sense.

“I’m killing you for the welfare of the general public,” the man in black said in his hoarse voice. “If you
know what is best for you, lay down your weapon and surrender. Otherwise, you’ll regret it.”

“Surrender? Me?” Lauryn smirked. “You think you can kill me? Let’s give it a try, then!”

“Well, since you asked for it…”

The man in black sniggered, and with a twist of his wrist, a worn-out long axe miraculously appeared in
his hand.

Lauryn’s eyes narrowed as her gaze lingered on the black axe.

The axe was about two meters long and its handle was so worn out that it looked like it could
disintegrate at any moment. The head of the axe was also full of rust.

Despite its shabby look, in the hand of the man in black, it gave out an imposing and daunting feeling.

“Kill!” the man roared and leaped into the air.

With the infusion of his immense spiritual energy, mysterious runes began to appear on the axe, and in
no time, the whole axe was enveloped by those queer symbols.

A faint shadow appeared behind the man. It was the silhouette of a strange creature with two horns on
its head holding a huge axe!

A glint of apprehension appeared in Lauryn’s eyes when she felt the forceful wave of energy coming
from her opponent.

“Unum, skywards!”

With another chant, followed by a change in the gesture of her hand, Lauryn’s spiritual energy
immediately flowed back into her body. The sword in her hand began to vibrate violently, causing a faint
roaring sound.

She made no fancy or frivolous moves. With just a simple but powerful upward flick of her sword, she
went head-on to meet the huge axe that was hurtling toward her at great speed.

Both Lauryn and the man in black did their utmost to infuse all their spiritual energy into that decisive
strike. When their weapons met, the two waves of intense spiritual energy clashed and exploded.

Lauryn threw up a big mouthful of blood as she was sent flying backward into the valley.


The ground shook when she took a hard landing in the valley. Her sword had flown off her hand, and
she was crouching on the ground in pain.

Her body went into shock after the forceful impact, and the spiritual energy in her meridian went
haywire inside her body. Severely injured, she could not move and lay paralyzed on the ground.

The man in black approached her slowly with his axe in hand.

“So this is what the poster girl of the Phantom Sect is capable of! I’m not impressed at all!”

“Who are you?” Lauryn hissed through her clenched teeth.

Hidden in her hand was a yellow talisman that was given to her by her master before she left for the
trip. When faced with danger, all she needed to do was to smear her own blood on that talisman to
activate it, and she could summon a spiritual angel from the Grandmaster Realm.

However, as that talisman was only good for single use, Lauryn did not want to make use of it unless
she was desperate and in grave danger.

She had not even found out who her opponent was, so she was unwilling to make use of her precious
life-saving talisman.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. All you need to know is that you have to die.” The man in black had already
come up to Lauryn as he spoke.

Just when he was about to lay his hand on her, he suddenly froze, then turned to look at the top of the
valley. After a brief hesitation, he turned around and left.

With a few leaps and bounds, the man disappeared out of Lauryn’s spiritual sense range, and his
presence could not be detected anymore.

Lauryn breathed a sigh of relief, but just as she successfully managed to struggle and sit up, another
silhouette leaped down from above and landed a hundred meters from her.

It was Jonathan, and the two were stunned to see one another.

Earlier on, Jonathan had sensed some disturbing waves of spiritual energy, so he decided to
investigate the cause of the unusual phenomenon. When he followed the disturbance in the air and
reached the valley, he was shocked to see Lauryn seated on the ground, looking disheveled. It was
apparent that a fierce battle had taken place there.

“Did you fight with someone just now?” Jonathan asked.

“A man tried to kill me.” Lauryn was still holding on to her sword and in a defensive mode when she
spoke to Jonathan.

“Who was it?”

“I have no idea,” Lauryn replied as she wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth. Stealthily, she
smeared a tiny drop of blood onto the talisman. “That man was in black attire, and his face was also
covered with a black mask. His clothes and mask must be made of special materials. My spiritual
sense could not penetrate them. But there’s one thing I can be pretty sure about. He’s definitely one of
us because he knew I was from the Phantom Sect.”

Looking at the pathetic state she was in, Jonathan couldn’t help but ask, “Six of us came in together.
Other than me, it would be either Irving, Bertel, Torkild, or Sofus. Have you offended any of them?”

Lauryn shook her head, then said, “Oh, that man also said he’s killing me for the welfare of the general

After saying that, she suddenly paused, and then turned to eye Jonathan warily.

Her sudden change in attitude was puzzling for Jonathan.

“You’re not suspecting me, are you, Ms. Blackwood?”

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