Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 567

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Strange And Desperate Situation

Jonathan was currently at the true Summerbank Abyss. Just as Sofus said, the further someone went
into the Summerbank Abyss, the less thick the fog became. Currently, there wasn’t any fog in sight at
where he was standing. However, even though the fog was gone, the environment inside Summerbank
Abyss was very different from the one outside.

The most obvious difference was the flora. Outside of Summerbank Abyss, pine trees were a common
sight on Summerbank Mountain. Mountainous vegetation could also be seen everywhere.

However, after he entered Summerbank Abyss, all the plants Jonathan came across were ones he had
never seen before. That roused his attention. In the many years he led Asura’s Office to conquer
Chanaea, he had stepped foot into every corner of the country.

Because of that, he was very knowledgeable about many things. Yet, none of the plants in
Summerbank Abyss, whether in terms of their smell or shape, were familiar to him. Some plants even
had an unnatural green on them.

Am I still in Chanaea? Jonathan was shocked by the surrounding flora. In front of him, a ping-pong ball-
sized beetle was slowly climbing up a short tree that was slightly taller than a person.

Because of his God Realm cultivation level, he had already achieved the ability to look at things in
great detail. So, as he stared at the bug, he studied the intricacies in the creature’s appearance.

Even though the beetle appeared clumsy, its climbing speed was extremely fast. On both sides of the
beetle’s jaws were two pincers. When it ate, the beetle only needed to bite forcefully with its pincers to
cut off a palm-sized leaf before quickly nibbling on it.

The thing that intrigued Jonathan the most was the fact that he could sense faint spiritual energy
pulsing from the beetle.

How is this possible? Curiously, Jonathan covered the fingers on his right hand with a layer of spiritual
energy as armor before grabbing the beetle.

When he did that, the beetle struggled violently.

Suddenly, he felt a jolt of pain coming from his finger. The bug’s leg had actually jabbed into his skin.

Then, the beetle used its sharp pincers to bite Jonathan’s finger fiercely.

Shocked, he quickly pressed on the beetle and squashed it like an egg.

An extremely foul smell rapidly spread from his hand and disturbed his five senses.

He frowned as he lowered his head to stare at the bug’s corpse. What the hell’s going on with this bug?
Sure, the layer of armor I made with spiritual energy was thin, but a bug shouldn’t be able to pierce
through it. Still, I saw the bug pierce its leg through my skin and go into my flesh, like a knife cutting into
a pudding. It was like nothing was obstructing the bug at all. My armor made of spiritual energy was as
weak as a balloon that could easily be popped by a needle.

Just as Jonathan was still observing the bug, numerous rustling sounds could be heard around him.

He turned around and saw another bug that looked exactly like the one he had killed on the original
tree. It lifted its pincers and waved them continuously, looking as though it were searching for

Then the beetle jumped straight toward him.

He dodged, but at once, dozens of the same black beetles began to rush toward him.

With no other choice, he activated a Grandmaster Realm force field.

Immediately, everything within a five-meter radius of him froze as though someone had pressed the
pause button. Hundreds of beetles were rendered immobile in the air.

Jonathan swiftly expanded his spiritual sense by fifty meters in all directions, and he immediately
detected countless amounts of beetles rushing toward him from the ground and the trees.

Even though he had only roughly examined his surrounding with his spiritual sense, he could sense at
least a hundred thousand beetles converging toward his location. By that point, he could no longer see
the original color of the ground because it was entirely covered by black beetles.

The worst part was that the beetles trapped in his force field had begun to move again.

Since the beetle could penetrate Jonathan’s spirit armor easily, it meant the creature had some sort of
ability to counter spiritual energy techniques.

The principle behind the Grandmaster force field was just to use one’s pure spiritual energy to cover a
specific range around the user’s body. Then, they would condense the spiritual energy to force
everything around the user to freeze.

However, there was no way that effect would last long against beetles with the ability to counter
spiritual energy.

I’ve poked the hornet’s nest! As Jonathan stared at the bugs flooding toward him, goosebumps crawled
over his body. Without hesitation, he jumped far away and started running.

Behind him, beetles that were previously rendered immobile in the air broke free of the effects of the
force field and began to fall.

Then, the most terrifying scene unfolded before his eyes.

The falling beetles start to spread its wings.

After the first beetle stretched its wings out, it was as though a switch had been turned on for the rest of
the beetle wave. All of them stretched their wings too and flew straight toward him.

“What the f*ck!” Jonathan cursed as he stared at the cloud of beetles chasing after him. He then
vanished into the fog like a madman.

He had no idea how far he had run, but according to his estimations, it had been more than ten minutes
since he started sprinting. His escape plan worked as the beetles were no longer chasing after him.

A God Realm martial artist was capable of leaping more than ten meters at a time. So, after running full
speed for more than ten minutes, he was at least more than ten kilometers away from his previous

As he hid on an unnamed crimson tree, he panted slightly.

He grabbed the bronze shard Sofus had given him and injected it with a small amount of spiritual

The shard instantly became smooth.

Soon, a message appeared on the surface: I thought you said it wasn’t dangerous, Sofus! I almost died
after being chased by a pack of wolves!

Moments after the message surfaced, more words showed up below: The thing I came across was a
vine. It slithered like it was alive. Thankfully, I moved pretty fast and managed to escape its attack

Another message read: I found a fruit with spiritual energy inside, but I don’t have the nerve to eat it.

If people saw how those messages appeared on the shard, they wouldn’t think it was too different from
using a messaging app on a phone.

Jonathan fell into deep thought as he read the messages. Sofus had given everyone a shard of the
bronze mirror.

Torkild and Bertel had gone in together. Lauryn and Irving, on the other hand, had entered after
Jonathan did, so he couldn’t tell if they had gone in together.

However, after reading the messages, he felt that they were all moving on their own. At the very least,
they weren’t in contact with each other based on what they wrote.

Even though Summerbank Abyss is an extremely dangerous and unusual location, Sofus said it isn’t.
What is he trying to do? Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows.

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