Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 566

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A Pyrrhic Victory

As the young man held his sword, a determined gaze appeared on his face. “I didn’t expect an expert
like you to be present here. It seems that if I don’t pull out all the stops, I’ll have trouble leaving here
alive, much less complete the mission.”

“Glad you realized that.” Jason’s less than three centimeters long operating knife appeared even more
chilling under the sunlight. There was a mix of excitement and frenzy in his eyes as he stared at the
young man.

It was as though he had just seen a naked woman, which made his opponent uncomfortable. He lifted
his right hand, his operating knife appearing as though it were alive as it danced on his fingertips.

“Do you know? My family originally ran a private hospital. But because my father failed to save a
disciple from a branch family of a respectable family, everyone in the hospital was killed. I survived
because I was overseas at the time. After I joined Asura’s Office and interacted with a martial artist
during a battle, my research into martial artists started. In fact, that still hasn’t stopped yet. However,
martial artists of the Superior Realm or Grandmaster Realm are simply too difficult to find, and Hades
disallowed me to experiment with members of Asura’s Office. Since you’ve delivered yourself to me
today, don’t blame me for operating on you! Take this!”

After he concluded his sentence, Jason moved his right hand, transforming the sharp operating knife
into a beam of light that flew toward the young man.

“Spirit Armor, activate!” the young man shouted. The spiritual energy around him swiftly materialized
into an invisible armor, protecting him.

“Scattering Spirit, unleash!” He wielded a sword with his right hand while activating the technique with
his left. In an instant, his power grew, and his cultivation level was forcefully raised to the middle phase

of the Grandmaster Realm.

Jason’s fingers danced as three more operating knives slid out of his sleeves before they were shot
toward his opponent’s surroundings like light beams. “As a doctor, I feel compelled to tell you that
forcefully raising your cultivation level will only do more harm than good to you.”

“Shut your mouth and die!” the young man exclaimed as he launched himself toward Jason. The sword
in his hand raised into the air before he attempted to split his opponent’s skull in half.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

A series of metal clashing sounds were heard as four operating knives hit the same weak spot on the
long sword.


The weapon in the young man’s hand broke following the cracking sound.

The broken piece of the blade came down and flew toward the back of Jason’s shoulder. As for the part
of the sword that was still in his opponent’s hand, it landed directly on his left shoulder.

Blood gushed out of his wound as he allowed his chest to be slashed. There was only a calm
expression on his face. “It’s over.”

As he spoke, the four operating knives turned around, flew in the direction they came from, and
stabbed into the young man’s neck and spine.

Resentment appeared in the young man’s eyes as he stared at the wound that went from Jason’s left
shoulder to the right side of the abdomen.

Both of them knew that, despite the terrifying appearance of the injury, it was only a scratch because
the blade was too short.

If the sword had been a few centimeters longer, Jason would have been bleeding out at that moment.

Concurrently, even though the young man was holding the hilt with both hands, a broken blade sprang
out from the back of the hilt.

The sword was a trick weapon. If Jason had attempted to dodge the long sword by leaning to either
side, the blade at the end of the hilt would have instantly cut off his neck.

However, it didn’t work out because he was one step slower than Jason.

The four operating knives that stabbed into the young man’s spine had accurately blocked his nerves
and meridians.

His arms slumped down weakly, then he dropped to the ground with widened eyes. “You’re a

Unable to feel anything below his neck, the young man understood he wasn’t leaving alive.

“Precision is what surgeons are best at. I would’ve died if my attack had failed to break your sword.
Thankfully, I made the right bet.” Jason spoke as he sat on the ground with a pale face and stared at
the people walking out of the mansion. “Quickly… Give me a blood transfusion… I think I can still be
rescued… Also, remove all the joints in this brat’s body, including his jaw. It wasn’t easy to procure
such a prime test subject. He mustn’t die…”

Outside of No. 1 Villa, Zachary was lying on the ground as blood rushed out of his nose and mouth.

Next to him was Hansel’s corpse, with a sword lodged in the chest.

“Commander…” A military doctor rushed forward.

No one dared to move Zachary when they saw his condition.

“Summon Dr. Jason. Hurry!” the military doctor shouted.

Outside the mansion, a pubescent teenager was walking up with Jason.

“Jason fought with another martial artist. Because of a massive loss of blood, his ability to move is
restricted. I’m the deputy head of the special medical team of Asura’s Office, Donald Chambers. I’ll be
taking over and leading this medical operation. Everyone, please move the injured personnel to a
single spot and build a temporary sterile operating room…”

In the military, no one cared about a person’s age because a person’s ability was the only thing that
mattered. Their rank meant that they were skilled enough to hold the position.

Following Donald’s order, the entire army moved quickly.

As for Donald himself, he lowered his head and began treating Zachary’s injury.

“I’m moving your head and washing away the blood in your mouth. Otherwise, you’ll suffocate.” He
proficiently used a scissor to cut open Zachary’s shirt.

When he saw the patient’s already-collapsed rib, he frowned. “Your wound is severe. I’ll give you one
minute to relay orders you have before I inject anesthesia into your body and immediately begin your

Zachary turned to the adjutant at his side and uttered, “Put out the fire. Count the total number of
injured and dead personnel. Contact Hades. Report everything that happened in the battle to Hades. In

the time I remain unconscious, I’ll let you take charge of the defense. Before Hades arrives, you
mustn’t allow anyone to approach No. 2 Villa.”

“Roger!” the adjutant exclaimed with reddened eyes.

Zachary then turned to Donald, who was squatting next to him. “There’s a woman in the courtyard
called Yasmin Zielinski. She’s the one Mr. Goldstein wants to use. Without her, we wouldn’t have been
able to protect Josephine. Don’t let her die.”

Donald glanced at the woman next to him. Upon receiving her order, she led a group of people into No.
1 Villa.

After the person next to him handed him a syringe, Donald stabbed it right onto Zachary’s shoulder.

In the courtyard of No. 1 Villa, a short-haired woman was lying on the ground.

Black blood continued to flow out of the two bullet holes in her body.

Sitting across from her was Yasmin, who was hugging her knees on the ground. Black blood was
dripping down from the muzzle of the gun in Yasmin’s hand.

“Is this what you Grandmasters are capable of? You can restrict people’s movements?” At this moment,
her clothes were torn to pieces, and black blood was flowing out of the extremely fine wounds on her

The short-haired woman’s eyes shimmered. “I’m usually pretty careful… I really can’t figure out when
you released the poison…”

“I didn’t poison you. I poisoned myself. If your wound hadn’t come in contact with my blood, you
would’ve been fine,” Yasmin uttered with a smile.

The short-haired woman did, too. “A poison capable of killing a Grandmaster is also capable of killing
you. Why are you willing to go so far to kill me?”

“Why not?” Yasmin said, her face pale. “It was a gamble I wanted to take. Someone will give me a
blood transfusion later.”

As soon as she spoke, a tall, slender woman entered the courtyard. “I’m a member of Asura’s Office’s
special medical team, Kelsey Parham. Please tell me your blood type, Ms. Yasmin. We’ll make the
arrangements for a blood transfusion right away.”

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