Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 564

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The Battle Of Grandmasters

Edenic Heights was the most famous neighborhood filled with mansions in the entire Jadeborough.
Every mansion was about ten meters apart, and lush vegetation filled the area between the mansions.

However, the two villas with the best position, No. 1 Villa and No. 2 Villa, had more than a hundred
meters between them. Anyone who lived there would feel that he was living in the forest.

Meanwhile, the drones in the sky had already locked on the two figures moving in the mountain forest
through thermal imaging.

A series of gunshots filled the place as the eight drones in the sky started shooting at the two figures in
the mountain forest.

A rushed report sounded from the walkie-talkie. “The targets are still moving normally, and the drones
cannot lock on their tracks. The targets are approaching fast!”

Zachary frowned as he looked at the mountain forest in front of him. After that, he said coldly, “Napalm
bombs! Since the drones can’t lock on anything, burn the entire forest to the ground!”

The mountain forest in Edenic Heights was all connected. If the fire weren’t put out in time once it
started, up to a hundred buildings in the entire mountain resort would be burned down.

However, Zachary knew that only an attack like that would work against a high-level martial artist.

It was a soldier’s duty to obey orders. The moment Zachary gave that command, two cannonballs shot
out. In the blink of an eye, they crashed into the mountain forest halfway up the mountain.

Two loud booms sounded at the same time, and black smoke rose. The entire mountain forest had
turned into a sea of flames within seconds.

“The targeted area is already on fire. It’s too hot there, so thermal imaging is not working. They’re out!
The fire didn’t stop them!”

Two figures flashed out from the sea of flames while the report sounded on the headset.

“Hansel, do you still think those soldiers are trash?” a short-haired girl asked teasingly while running.

At that moment, the girl and the middle-aged man’s faces were covered in grime. It was especially bad
for that middle-aged man, Hansel. His shirt was filled with holes from the fire that even his back and
upper arms were black. Obviously, he was hit by napalm bombs.

“Sh*t! I’ll show them the number of ordinary men is meaningless against martial artists!”

Stepping on the roof of one of the mansions, Hansel kicked hard, and the rubble and gravel flew off.
Then, he leaped toward the direction of the mountain.

However, his face changed drastically in mid-air as he used all his energy to turn around.

Suddenly, blood gushed out from Hansel’s left cheek. Following that was a crisp sound that resounded
from the entire forest.

It was a sniper!

Hansel fell into the mountain forests, and the girl followed him closely.

“Ahhh!” Hansel screamed as he kneeled on the ground and started drilling his hands into the soil,
grabbing it like he had gone crazy.

Immediately, the girl took out a packet of medicinal powder.

“Don’t move! I’ll apply some medicine on you now!”

Hansel kneeled on the ground as she did that. At that moment, all of the flesh on the left side of his
face and his left ear were gone.

Because of that, his cheekbones and teeth on the left side of his face were visible.

He straightened his body with a low growl as he endured the extreme pain on his face.

After she opened the packet of medicinal powder, she simply poured the powder on Hansel’s torn left

“The enemy has a top sniper who can anticipate our move. You’re lucky. The sniper was aiming for
your head earlier. You managed to dodge it since the target was small, so the bullet just got your flesh.
If he had aimed for your heart, even if you were able to react and dodge in time, the bullet could take
out your entire left shoulder. I’ll distract them. You should find a way to rush into the military base.”

After she said that, she disappeared into the shadows. Meanwhile, ten drones in the sky started
shooting at the forest where Hansel was at.

Zachary looked solemnly at the roof in front of Villa No. 1.

Yasmin was the sniper who shot Hansel earlier.

She’s able to hurt a martial artist from the Grandmaster Realm. No wonder Mr. Goldstein thinks so
highly of her.

An urgent voice sounded from the headset again. “The enemy is coming at us now!”

“Open fire! Hold them back with firepower,” Zachary commanded plainly.

The current battle was an actual battle between hot weapons and high-level martial artists.

Since Zachary had no experience in that, he could only do everything he could to suppress the enemy.

No. 1 Villa was located on high ground and had a broad view. Looking down, Zachary could see the
figure dashing from over a hundred meters away.

However, the figure was running unpredictably. Even Yasmin, positioned in the mansion, could not
anticipate the enemy’s route.

Ninety meters.

Eighty meters.

Seventy meters.

The short-haired girl continued to get closer to the mansion. After that, with a wave of her right hand,
four black items were thrown into the military base from the middle of the mountain with the help of


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four booms seemed to blast at the same time. Instantly, the military base in front of No. 1 Villa
cracked, resulting in a gap.

“Hansel!” the girl shouted from somewhere halfway up the mountain.

After that, in the middle of the dense forest, Hansel rushed up with a security door he got from


Yasmin pulled the trigger.

The bullet landed in the middle of the security door right after.

However, when the security door broke, Hansel rushed into the military base as he held onto his left

On the contrary, the bullet only slowed him down. Hansel didn’t get hurt at all.

Although the soldiers were physically stronger than ordinary people, they were just like lambs waiting to
be slaughtered when they faced a Grandmaster.

The screams continued. Within a few seconds, more than twenty soldiers were killed.

“This is a military order! Spread out! Do not engage in a fire!” Zachary shouted his command. After that,
he threw his jacket away and took out a sword before rushing into the military base.

When Zachary got to the military base, the middle-aged cultivator, Hansel, was killing the soldiers
there. Each time he moved his hand, a soldier was killed. It was just like a wolf was placed among a
flock of lamb.

However, during Hansel’s killing spree, a cold light was slashed directly at his neck.

Hansel immediately backed away while grabbing a young soldier’s throat.

“These soldiers pose almost no threat to you since you’re able to come this far. I’ll get them to back
down. Then, you can kill me and do whatever you want,” Zachary said indifferently as he held onto the
sword with one hand.

Hearing that, Hansel chuckled and squeezed his hand tighter. Instantly, the young soldier died.

“You’re a beginner phase Grandmaster. So, it seems that Jonathan has a few decent subordinates.”

Since Hansel had already lost the flesh on his left cheek, he couldn’t speak clearly. However, anyone
could tell what he meant by putting the pieces together.

He continued, “But, from the looks of it, you just reached the Grandmaster Realm, didn’t you? It would
be too unfortunate to kill you. How about you join the Osborne family?”

“I’m afraid you can’t kill me,” Zachary said icily. After that, he said to his men, “All of you, back off by
fifty meters. Leave this to me.”

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