Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 563

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The Strategy Of Respectable Families

A cold glint flashed. All the crowd saw was a blur before the young man emerged. Traveling a distance
of more than twenty meters, the long sword behind his back found itself embedded into one of the
soldier’s torsos. “Fire!”

After that roar, the sounds of gun firing reverberated throughout the mountain resort entrance. On the
other side, the three people had shown up in front of the soldiers as if someone had pressed the fast-
forward button.

With a wave of his arm, the long sword a young man wielded slashed through one of the bodies of an
unlucky soldier. Moreover, half of the head of the soldier next to that one was sliced clean off.

Meanwhile, a short-haired girl tilted her head slightly, narrowly dodging a bullet that was fired. It went
past between her hair, brushing her ear.

Without missing a beat, her four fingers, straightened and held together like a sword tip, stabbed into
that soldier’s neck. Like a machine that had lost its power, the soldier fell limp on the floor, motionless.

Then, holding a gun’s muzzle, the girl slightly turned and slammed it onto a soldier’s head next to her.
With that forceful attack, the soldier’s head caved into his torso, killing him instantly.

However, the gun the girl held was bent, so she threw it in another soldier’s face with a flick of her

As for the middle-aged man, his way of fighting was straightforward.

Although he utilized only his fists and feet, his every attack was deathly, sending them one by one off to
the afterlife with every move he made. His attacks were simple yet swift and polished.

Five seconds barely passed, but sixteen lives were taken and turned into corpses.

Meanwhile, the young man dragged a near-dead soldier who had blood frothing from his nose and
mouth. Then, he placed his long sword against the man’s clothes and roughly wiped the blood off the

“Didn’t they say the soldiers trained by Jonathan were experienced fighters with high combat prowess?
But what’s this? Why do I feel like they’re nothing?”

Staring at that soldier at his feet, who wasn’t dead yet, trying to reach for a gun, the young man thrust
his long sword downward and stabbed through the soldier’s eye sockets.

Beside him, the bleary-eyed middle-aged man yawned.

“The reason Jonathan could unite all the scattered soldiers from around Chanaea was the chain
reaction of the event that happened to the Whitley family ten years ago. When the respectable families
wanted to gather their powers due to that incident, they summoned their forces back to their bases.
Unfortunately, the damages to their people were too severe, and the respectable families had their
guard up against each other too. Hence, with the fear that they might end up like the Whitley family,
these respectable families did nothing to maintain social order. Jonathan merely used the opportunity to
expand his forces. If not, why do you think an outcast from a prominent family in the mortal world like
him could exert so much power?”

“Stop chatting, you two! Get on with our mission!” the short-haired girl gently admonished as she
looked at both of them. “You don’t have to care how he gained power, but there’s one thing you need to
be clear of. Jonathan Goldstein is now Chanaea’s Military God. If you think he didn’t have the
qualifications to go head-on with the respectable families, why would our family leader want us to travel
thousands of miles just to kidnap Jonathan’s woman as his plaything?”

After that short-haired girl spoke, the young man and the middle-aged man were a bit offended, but
they couldn’t refute her.

After all, a martial artist of the Grandmaster Realm was an exalted existence in many places, let alone
the three of them.

However, the mission they received was to kidnap Josephine when Jonathan was away.

Even the hooligans of the mortal world wouldn’t stoop so low to do something as despicable as that.
However, that was the mission they received, so they had no choice but to carry out the orders.

Looking at the field of corpses before her, the girl reached out and picked up a hand grenade from a
dead body.

“According to intel, the Independent Elite Regiment of almost three thousand men is stationed in this
mountain resort. They are equipped with full gear, and our target this time is either Josephine Smith
from No. 1 Villa or Sophia Goldstein from No. 2 Villa. We should divide our work. Any plans?” the girl
said in a carefree manner like one would join in a leisurely chat after a meal while she walked into the
mountain resort.

The young man glanced at the middle-aged man.

“Hansel, I don’t think I’m suited at things like taking people hostage. Moreover, I’ve heard rumors that
Sophia is the goddess of Yaleview’s business world. How about this? After I take a look at her, I’ll kill
her and, after that, help you lure the army away. How’s that?”

The middle-aged man yawned again. “I’m okay with that. However, work a little more efficiently, please.
I need to catch up on my sleep later.”

“Then, that settles it,” the short-haired girl said calmly. “I’ll go with Hansel and kidnap Josephine while
you, Cal, eliminate Sophia. Remember that all of us must be fast. Although we’re martial artists, do not
look down on these soldiers’ modern tactics and weapons, especially the snipers.”

Just as she finished speaking, she darted off and disappeared into the forest next to the road.

The middle-aged man went after the girl in the same fashion and left the scene. As for the young man,
he sucked in a deep breath while he held his long sword.

“If she’s a beauty, it’ll be a pity to kill her,” he muttered.

Inside the courtyard of No. 1 Villa, Zachary had a chilling expression on his face.

He had received an order from Asura’s Office. After some contemplation, Zachary decided to redeploy
the Independent Elite Regiment under him to where he was at.

As he saw the three thousand people reallocating to their new positions, it occurred to Zachary that he
might have used excessive force.

However, Zachary was secretly relieved of his decision when he noticed the images from the
surveillance cameras.

Based on the level of skill these three people showed, if Zachary had only redeployed a small unit, all
of them might have been wiped out.

“Convey my orders. Our enemies are true martial artists, and many aspects of their physiques are
superior to an average human. Deploy drones and monitor the surrounding forests with infrared
scanners. The moment the intruders are discovered, attack them with suppressive fire. Notify all
soldiers to form a team of ten men, and each team forms a line in a volley-fire formation. Once you

have used up your bullets, let the second line replace your place while you reload. We must suppress
the enemy! Do not allow them to get in close range!”

Multiple commands were directed by Zachary in real-time to his subordinates.

Outside No.1 and No. 2 Villa, a group of soldiers started their patrol.

Surrounding them, the twenty drones took off and dispersed in all directions.

Meanwhile, on a third-story balcony of the villa at the side, Yasmin was resting with her eyes closed as
she leaned her back against the wall.

“Zach, if you discover the target, please send me the coordinates.”

Zachary turned to look at Yasmin. He remembered that Jonathan once told him not to consider the girl
one of theirs, but he need not specifically target her either.

After Zachary arrived at Edenic Heights, he did what he was ordered. However, as time passed,
Zachary noticed that girl had become totally different from when she first came here.

Her face still looked the same, but her personality had changed. So much that she seemed like a
different person—an unfathomable character.

“You should stick close to Josephine and guard her,” Zachary said with a frown on his face.

“I’ve drugged everyone from the Smith family to sleep,” Yasmin said indifferently before she continued,
“If not, when all of you three thousand people started firing simultaneously and bleed all over, I think the
scene will not only scare Josephine, she might hurt herself. If she miscarries, we will most likely be
killed when Jonathan returns.”

“How meticulous of you.” Zachary couldn’t hold back his smile. Then, he lifted his arm and threw a
single black earpiece to the third floor. “This is my backup piece. You can only listen, but you can’t
speak. Use it wisely.”


After that single word, Yasmin wore the earpiece and got up.

In her hand was a sniper rifle of the same height as her.

Her whole body moved, and Yasmin vaulted over the roof of the mansion. After that, no sound could be
heard from her.

However, from her earpiece, she heard a voice talking hurriedly.

“In forest area F8, two individuals are closing in at high speed and commencing suppressive fire!”

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