Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 562

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Man With A Sword

Jonathan centered all of his spiritual energy in his hand and wave it around to prove his theory correct.
An invisible blade made out of his spiritual energy emerged from his hand and disappeared into the

Then, his spiritual sense chased after the spiritual blade within a five-meter radius. A sound came from
his back. The fog emitted a spiritual sense, absorbed spiritual energy, and drowned out sounds. What
actually is that?

Jonathan, deep in thought, extended his spiritual sense five meters and walked in the direction where
the spiritual blade went. He proceeded for more than ten meters when a pit the size of a palm
appeared in his mind directly ahead, caused by the spiritual blade.

Mild surprise gripped Jonathan as he looked at the pitiful hole on the ground.

He had been absent-minded, but his pure spiritual energy should have left a mark one or two meters
deep, so he was caught off guard to see only a palm-size dent.

It would take a blink of an eye for the spiritual blade to travel the distance of fewer than twenty meters,
and its spiritual energy had been weakened significantly in that short amount of time. This fog was
really something.

If only he could refine a protective spell from it…

Once the idea was planted in his head, it started to take root. Unfortunately, Jonathan was unable to
make it work despite several attempts.

He glanced around and hurled two spiritual blades in front of him.

It didn’t matter if he was lost or if Sofus had lied to him, he had to try to find his way out of the fog.

What he didn’t notice was that several seconds after he left, the mark left behind by his spiritual energy
started to knit back.

Jonathan was able to estimate an hour had elapsed by measuring his breaths when he felt his spiritual
sense was no longer hindered.

This must be the edge!

His eyes lit up, and he dashed out of the fog in a flash.

Spiritual energy enveloped his body, and at that moment, he felt like new life had been breathed into
him again.

Though Jonathan was still wandering inside the fog, his spiritual sense could extend more than ten
meters, and he could clearly see his surroundings in his mind—every movement in the grass blade,
every animal foraging around. He was once again in control, and a wave of relief washed over him.

Turning his head, he studied the fog rolling around, which appeared to be contained from the outside
by an invisible wall.

It was unknown what was holding the fog at bay. If he knew, he would harness some of it for research

Jonathan felt a sense of pity at the possibility of using it as armor.

He was in the fog for an hour and lost track of how far he had traveled since entering the valley.

Gazing at the fog before him, he recalled Sofus’ words that it would disperse as one ventured deeper,
so he should be going somewhere without it.

He made up his mind and tapped his foot lightly, morphing into a flash that raced forward.

A Mercedes-Benz minivan slid to a stop outside the mountain resort in Jadeborough.

“Who is it?” yelled a security guard of Edenic Heights in military gear wielding a rifle.

Josephine and Sophia were both residing in Edenic Heights’ No. 1 and No. 2 Villas, respectively. There
had been a few assassination attempts on the Smith family in the past, so Zachary, the guard on duty,
tightened the security for the entire mountain resort.

The wealthy businessmen living in the mountain resort dared not stop Zachary.

They only had two choices when it came to heightened security. They could either pack up and leave
with their family or stay in the designated areas where everything was prearranged including food and
activities. Zachary’s army was in charge of delivering meals to everyone.

Initially, Zachary didn’t want to go to such extreme lengths to place Edenic Heights on lockdown.

However, Hades of the Eight Kings of War in Asura’s Office gave the orders, and because Asura’s
Office wasn’t on good terms with the respectable families of Yaleview, Jonathan had to make sure
things went as smoothly as they could.

Therefore, Asura’s Office would hold Zachary responsible if Josephine and Sophia were assassinated
or in danger.

The orders shook Zachary to his core when he first received them.

The Eight Kings of War had been through hell with Jonathan, and since the establishment of Asura’s
Office, he had evenly divided Chanaea into eight parts for them. Although he would always threaten to

banish them to Mysonna, everyone knew he would never do so.

Jonathan announced that he would take a step back after establishing Asura’s Office to avoid arousing
suspicion. After all, he wanted to create an organization that would intimidate Chanaea and reign over
others with him at the helm.

Three years later, Asura’s Office had nearly finished expanding, but they hadn’t punished anyone to the
fullest extent in the name of law yet.

However, the orders had come directly from Asura’s Office.

Zachary knew if he made a mistake now, it wouldn’t only be Jonathan’s disappointment awaiting him
but also severe punishment.

Hence, the security of Edenic Heights underwent a full overhaul, and even the guards at the gate were
replaced with elite soldiers.

Dozens of soldiers at the gate aimed their rifles at the minivan following his shouts.

“Hold your fire!” The door to the minivan opened, and a shriek could be heard before anyone emerged.
“We’re here to pick someone!”

Then, a short-haired girl walked out of the car with her hands raised.

“Everyone else in the car, get down for inspection!” A soldier yelled, the rifle still in his hands.

Two males exited the car with their arms raised high before the girl could move.

The older man, who was in his mid-thirties with lines of fatigue around his eyes, yawned as he looked
at the soldier.

The younger man rested both his hands on the back of his head, and what caught everyone’s attention
was the hilt of a blade protruding from his right shoulder, looking like an assassin in the movies.

“Put down the weapon, and everyone, get on the ground! Now!” The soldier shouted and started
reporting the situation to his superior via a walkie-talkie.

The younger man’s gaze grew really cold, and as he bowed slightly, the other guy smacked his palm
on the sword sheath.

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