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Chapter 560

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Mutated Spiritual Energy

Sensing the numbness in his right arm, Jonathan was surprised. Irving’s spiritual energy was quite
unique. When their fists met each other earlier, a trace of his spiritual energy had entered Jonathan’s
veins. Although it was minimal, Jonathan felt strongly threatened.

He had used his own spiritual energy to squash Irving’s eerie spiritual energy in time, but it had caused
him to consume ten times the energy Irving used up. What kind of spiritual energy is this? It’s so

Jonathan put up his guard discreetly and lowered his arms. In the next second, he expanded his force
field rapidly. Everything within the twenty-meter radius was clearly reflected in his mind.

Seeing that, Lauryn backed off with her sword in hand.

It was a common fact that the wider the force field was, the more spiritual energy the cultivator would

When cultivators fought, they usually only needed a force field with a five-meter radius to handle the
attacks around them.

The fact that Jonathan activated such a huge force field clearly showed that he was putting up a
defense in case Lauryn suddenly attacked.

That was exactly what Jonathan’s intention was.

He didn’t mind Irving and Lauryn joining hands to fight him since he had many trump cards.

However, he believed that he should give his best even when dealing with minor problems, not to
mention a life-or-death match like this.

Lauryn and Irving both belonged to Phantom Sect. Judging from their conversation earlier, they may
not have a close relationship, but they were still from the same sect.

If Lauryn actually launched an attack out of nowhere, it would be troublesome for Jonathan.

Moreover, it was natural for someone in the Grandmaster Realm to have a secret weapon.

Though Jonathan didn’t know much about the martial arts world, he had spent half a day with these
Grandmaster Realm cultivators. He could see that they were way more powerful than an amateur like

If he fell into their trap here, he would surely wallow in regret later.

While staring at Irving, Jonathan sensed Lauryn exiting his force field.

It was a sign that she didn’t want to be part of the battle.

In his subconsciousness, Jonathan could see Irving’s figure turning blurry. Following that, even the
area around the latter started to look misty.

Irving had wrapped the force field around his own body. The next moment, he suddenly appeared and
charged toward Jonathan.

“Manifest!” Irving roared and clasped his hands around an invisible item.

An invisible hammer took shape between his hands quickly as he aimed it at Jonathan’s head.

Everything happened too quickly.

Standing aside, Lauryn watched the two men with a frown.

Although Irving was much slower than her, the capability he had just displayed was beyond her

She had to admit that the move he just made was powerful enough to rival the mighty Sofus.

He’s only in the beginner phase of Grandmaster Realm, but he has the skills one would possess in the
advanced phase. What kind of monster did the Zeigler family make?

While Lauryn was stunned, Jonathan had a different reaction as he stood in the force field.

Although Irving’s attack was brutal, Jonathan could see its many weaknesses.

Earlier, Irving had expanded his own force field to stop Jonathan from checking the surroundings.

However, the spiritual energy in Irving’s force field crumbled and converged on his hands when he
utilized a huge amount of spiritual energy to form the hammer.

Although the weapon took shape the moment the spiritual energy dispersed, gaps appeared on Irving’s
force field. Thus, Jonathan could see through Irving when the latter approached him.

Irving’s right shoulder was relaxed, while his left calf was tightened so he could back off at any time.

He did not exert all of his strength.

When Jonathan realized that, the hammer was already inches away from his forehead.

Right at that moment, he turned around on his left foot unexpectedly.


Following an explosive sound, branches flew everywhere. A huge hole around four meters deep
appeared under Jonathan’s feet, spanning more than ten meters.

The loud boom echoed around the valley thunderously, almost turning people deaf with its vibrations.

At the edge of the massive hole, Jonathan stood there with his arms shielding his body.

Lauryn looked over and noticed that his sleeves were tattered and sooted as if they had just been

Across from Jonathan, Irving rubbed his shoulder with a grimace. There was a solemn look in his eyes
as he stared at the former.

They were neck and neck in the match that just happened.

Jonathan lowered his hands slowly. The tingly and numb sensation in his arms disappeared quickly
under the effects of his spiritual energy.

“Your spiritual energy is quite interesting,” he remarked calmly while looking at Irving.

After testing the waters earlier, he finally began to understand what was special about Irving’s spiritual

Usually, a cultivator would absorb the most untainted spiritual energy in heaven and earth while
cultivating. With that, the spiritual energy they ended up cultivating and keeping in their bodies was
pure and refined.

Yet, for some reason, Irving’s spiritual energy seemed to have the attribute of thunder to it.

It was ruthless and vicious like a mad dog. Once it sensed someone’s spiritual energy, it would trace
along the spiritual energy and enter the person’s body.

At that thought, Jonathan remembered something from the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

There was a rare type of mutated spiritual root called the thunder spiritual root.

According to the records, that mutated spiritual root was extremely tough and vigorous. Cultivators with
this kind of spiritual root could cultivate much faster than the average person.

Since the spiritual energy produced by this mutated spiritual root was utterly powerful, once the
cultivator absorbed the spiritual energy from heaven and earth, the thunder spiritual energy in the
cultivator’s energy field would immediately purify that spiritual energy. It was, so to speak, very

Moreover, it was terribly dangerous for one’s body to be attacked and invaded by this special kind of
spiritual energy due to its thunder attribute.

Once this thunder spiritual energy entered one’s body, one could suffer damaged meridians. In the
worst-case scenario, one’s elixir field would be destroyed, rendering one unable to cultivate anymore.

Jonathan was unscathed only because of the gap between their levels.

It was true that his meridians were injured, and the spiritual energy in his elixir field was scarce. In fact,
he only possessed the amount of spiritual energy a cultivator in the Grandmaster Realm would have.

However, Jonathan was in the God Realm.

As a cultivator, every time he advanced into the next realm, he would break through his previous self.

Although Irving was more powerful than cultivators of the same level because of his thunder spiritual
energy, it was still difficult for him to overcome his difference from Jonathan. If he really wanted to do
so, it would only be possible when he reached the advanced phase of Grandmaster Realm.

As of now, it was still too early.

Standing opposite Jonathan, Irving retracted his gaze.

Ever since he entered the sect and started cultivating, he rarely fought with others.

Besides, the elders of Phantom Sect trained him with the goal of making him the sect’s trump card.
Thus, he was very well-protected.

During training, his mentor once told him that although he was not yet an invincible existence among
the Grandmaster Realm cultivators, he could very well defend himself with his current prowess.

However, Irving felt somehow pressured when he fought Jonathan head-on.

He felt that he hadn’t figured out how powerful Jonathan truly was.

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