Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 558

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It was noon, and the fog on the mountain had faded a little. There were six figures speeding ahead at
full force in the dense forest of Summerbank Mountain.

Their figures were already over ten meters away when the branches snapped into half under their
footsteps. They were deft and quick.

Not even commercially successful movies could shoot such a scene in real life. Their shadows were a
blur as they picked up speed. It took them only a few breaths to travel a hundred meters as they
disappeared into the fog.

As the saying went, it was easy to determine a winner between two martial artists. Martial artists who
were in the Grandmaster Realm, no matter their family backgrounds or statuses, were obsessed with
martial arts.

None of them claimed to be the strongest in the world, but they refused to be weaker than someone

Usually, it was hard to encounter one Grandmaster Realm expert.

After the six of them gathered together, they became competitive in secret.

Sofus led Jonathan and the other four down from Prima Majestica and headed toward the perimeter of
Summerbank Abyss.

As the six descended from the mountain, they displayed their prowess without holding back. The dense
forest, cliffs, thorns, and weeds along the way didn’t manage to slow down their progress.

“The entrance is just right ahead,” Sofus declared while traveling ahead at full speed.

He stepped onto a boulder lightly and leaped down a cliff.

The cliff was covered with a thick fog. Some tall trees were in sight, but it seemed to be at least a thirty-
meter fall.

If they were in the city, it would be like jumping down from a building at least ten-floor high.

An ordinary human wouldn’t survive a fall of this height.

However, Jonathan and the other four behind Sofus didn’t even falter.

Without hesitation, they rose into the air and jumped down the cliff mere moments after Sofus’ figure
disappeared from sight.

Up in the air, Sofus splayed his right hand and gave a forceful wave. A powerful burst of spiritual
energy appeared and formed an invisible wind that blew at the fog in the mountains.

The fog dispersed to reveal the dense forest beneath them. Jonathan was surprised at the sight.

Before they leaped down the cliff, the fog was so thick that they could only see the trees.

Now that the fog had dispersed, everyone belatedly realized that every tree was at least twenty to thirty
meters tall.

The height of the cliff was at least sixty meters, so it was taller than they initially expected.

Everyone was shocked by the realization.

It felt like stepping into an empty elevator shaft, so it wasn’t a great feeling.

That was what they felt right now. After preparing to land, they realized there were still over twenty
meters before they could land. The sudden difference was a hard pill to swallow.

Jonathan had a similar experience back in Yaleview when he was kicked out of a flying plane. He made
a series of hand gestures and used his spiritual energy to form an invisible barrier beneath his feet that
would help him balance his body and glide forward.


Sofus was the first to land on the ground following the sound of branches cracking.

The leaves within a three-meter radius were swept up from the ground and flew in the air.

Jonathan was the second to land. With the help of the invisible slide, he glided across the dense forest
and landed dozens of meters away from Sofus.

Due to inertia, he took two steps forward. After coming to a complete stop, Jonathan turned over his

Beside him, a sword descended from the sky and stabbed into the trunk of an ancient tree. The
moment the sword came into contact with the tree trunk, a pair of white sneakers landed on its body.

The sword curved as Lauryn used it to cushion her fall. When the blade was bent to its maximum, she
stepped away and hopped off elegantly.

Lauryn then grabbed her sword and gave it a slight tug.

As her sword slid into its sheath, she landed on the ground gently.

Lauryn shot Jonathan a smile as her ponytail moved slightly.

“Jonathan, that was a strange way to land on the ground. How did you do that?” she asked.

As she spoke, Irving, Bertel, and Torkild landed on the ground at the same time.

Both Bertel and Torkild used the branches of the trees to slow down the impact. It wasn’t surprising at

Irving’s way of landing was the most eye-catching of them all.

He smashed into an ancient tree around three meters tall and landed on the ground.

They stayed close to each other back when flying across the woods. However, Irving remained at the
back of the team.

He was able to land on the ground at the same time as Bertel and Torkild as he didn’t bother slowing
down. The cliff was around fifty to sixty meters tall, but he jumped down without figuring out a way to
cushion his fall!

Jonathan furrowed his brows as he glanced at Irving, who fell on his hands and feet. His spiritual
energy soared as he gave off a violent vibe.

When Irving lifted his head, Jonathan couldn’t help but feel that the former was a ferocious beast that
could gobble up humans. Irving didn’t look like a human.

At the sight of Jonathan and Lauryn standing together, Irving got to his feet slowly as his lips curled up.

“Jonathan, you should fend for yourself in Summerbank Abyss,” he announced icily.

“You should pray that you won’t run into me,” Jonathan responded with a chuckle.

He turned to Lauryn and gave her a nod as a form of greeting before going toward Sofus.

During their journey, they revealed a lot of information through their actions.

As the only girl in the group, Lauryn could land right after Jonathan and Sofus. Her landing was
elegant, and her breath was long and continuous. That showed that she had strong fundamental skills.

The mahogany sword she held looked menacing, so she was obviously skilled in light and quick

Irving’s cultivation focused on the explosive force, but his movements were a little lacking. Judging from
how he landed earlier by crushing the tree trunk, he had excellent defensive skills.

Irving not only trained his external force, for he was also well versed in internal cultivation methods.

Otherwise, falling onto a tree trunk from a height of over fifty meters was like falling onto concrete, even
if his spiritual energy had protected him.

If his internal organs weren’t protected, he would’ve suffered a serious injury from the impact of his fall.

There was no way he could talk nonsense calmly like he was doing now.

Irving is externally and internally strong. No wonder he can be this arrogant.

Bertel and Torkild trained on the same thing. They were calm and seemed at ease, so it was clear they
hadn’t given their best yet.

Sofus, who led them there despite being the youngest among them, came as the biggest surprise to

At the age of sixteen, Sofus was already in the advanced phase of Grandmaster Realm.

His spiritual energy was balanced, and his every move coincided with the law of nature.

Is a child capable of achieving this feat?

Jonathan couldn’t help but recall the writings in the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique. Only cultivators
beyond the God Realm would make others feel this way.

They had seen a lot and weren’t competitive at all. Only those who threw themselves into cultivation
would give off this vibe.

Jonathan replayed their actions and compared them to Philip from the Gomez family.

Philip was the first Grandmaster Realm martial artist Jonathan encountered. However, he was worlds
apart from the five of them.

Is this the difference between sect followers and rogue cultivators?

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