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Chapter 557

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Right Or Wrong

Malcolm’s words caused Horace to shake his head in resignation. “Commander Wallace, please don’t
put me in a difficult position. As part of the special forces, our mission is top secret. However, if you
insist on knowing, I can call my commander to check whether I can share the information with you.”

Horace had barely spoken when he reached out for the satellite phone. However, Malcolm stopped him

“Fine, fine. Of course, I know what the rules are. If you make the call, the Prince of Diyouli would
definitely complain to Excalibur King of War. When that happens, I’ll be in big trouble,” Malcolm ranted
after seizing the phone from Horace’s hands.

In the midst of a knowing laugh, Horace put the phone away before pointing at the watchtowers on both

Malcolm’s heart skipped a beat when he trailed the trajectory of Horace’s fingers.

“Captain Queen, what are you trying to say?”

Throwing his cigarette butt aside, Horace took a look, “The Northern Crimson Prison does indeed live
up to its reputation as one of the top three hardest prisons to escape. From the moment I stepped in
here, I have been observing the building’s design. Just look at how the buildings are arranged. They
might not look neat, but they provide the best visibility possible.

“Twelve watchtowers surround this supply depot. In the event of chaos, one only needs three towers on
different sides to have eyes on the entire warehouse. Hence, as long as you have snipers stationed at
the top, around thirty men, my four-hundred-strong special forces will end up as sitting ducks. Other
than surrendering, we clearly have no other way out.”

Horace’s words stunned Malcolm for a fleeting moment before he threw his cigarette away and laughed

“Captain Queen, I think you have misunderstood. The watchtowers within the Northern Crimson Prison
are part of the living quarters of the soldiers stationed here. Even the snipers at the top are there to
stop the convicts from escaping. Hence, they have nothing to do with your arrival at all.”

“I understand what you’re trying to say, Commander Wallace,” Horace replied with a sigh.

“The Northern Crimson Prison plays a very special role. Not only is it an important supply depot for the
Mysonna Army, but it’s also where thirty thousand of the most hardcore criminals in Chanaea are
locked up. Therefore, the precautions taken are entirely understandable.”

Taking a brief pause, Horace changed the topic.

“Don’t worry. We will leave once the repairs to our vehicles are done. After all, you have also provided
us with sufficient supplies to complete the rest of our mission. That way, you and your men do not have
to stand guard day and night.”

“Don’t say that.” Mysonna shook his head helplessly. “We are all soldiers under the command of
Asura’s Office. Hence, it’s obvious that we trust you. Now that you’ve arrived in Mysonna on a mission,
the Mysonna Army welcomes you as a guest. Just let us know if there’s anything you need.”

“In that case, thank you for your kind words, Commander Wallace.”

With that, Horace gave Malcolm a salute before turning around to look in the direction of his men.

“What are you idiots doing? Why haven’t you finished loading? Do you intend to empty out the
warehouse? Move faster, for goodness sake!”

Half an hour later, Horace led his men and drove out of the Northern Crimson Prison’s western gate.
Soon, their convoy disappeared into the golden sand of the horizon.

On top of the prison walls, Malcolm and Hayes both breathed a sigh of relief.

“They’re finally gone. I didn’t even sleep a wink over the last two days,” Malcolm commented with a
self-deprecating smile.

“Tiger, do you think I was being too paranoid?”

At that moment, Hayes, with a stick in his right hand, stuck it into a hole in the plaster covering his left
hand to scratch an itch. Upon hearing Malcolm’s words, he fell into deep thought before finally shaking
his head.

“The Northern Crimson Prison is a really special place. Hence, it pays to always be more careful.
Besides, there’s just something strange about our visitors.

Meanwhile, Horace’s convoy was rapidly moving forward across the desert.

Beside him, a young adjutant was wearing an elated expression.

“Captain, we have already spiked their supplies. Based on their current consumption, they will eat it
tomorrow morning, or at the latest, tomorrow afternoon. Therefore, everyone ordinary will suffer from
debilitating diarrhea across the entire prison.”


Staring at the golden sands outside the window, Horace let out a sigh.

He had been personally groomed by Karl and was one of the latter’s most trusted aides. In fact, Karl
had even saved his life once.

Thus, due to his debt of gratitude, Horace wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice his life for Karl, and that was the
reason why he led the troops into Mysonna.

However, the moment he left Northern Crimson Prison, his resolve began to waver.

Over the last five years, the Eastern Army had been in a standoff with the Medved Army of Remdik
across the River Onxy. During that time, the battle of River Onxy shocked the world. On that day alone,
both sides suffered death and casualties that totaled up to seventy-thousand men.

Due to that incident, Horace, together with the other members of the Eastern Army, became proud
members of their unit.

However, they had now started to take down the Mysonna Army.

As they were close to Chanaea’s western border, they were surrounded by a lifeless desert in every

It was in such an environment that Dorian—as the head of the Mysonna Army—camped there for three
years in the standoff against Ibica’s army ever since the establishment of Asura’s Office.

Even though the Mysonna Army didn’t fight a glorious battle similar to that of the Eastern Army, they
still deserved to be respected in all of Chanaea.

Boss, are we making a mistake?

Meanwhile, the young adjutant was still relishing in delight. After all, participating in the destruction of
the impregnable defenses of the Northern Crimson Prison was an especially exhilarating event.

“Captain, where are we going now?”

Turning to the adjutant, Horace fell into deep thought before replying, “Drive forward a hundred more
miles until we reach the sand dunes of Livingsfill. We’ll set up camp there and let the men rest, in
preparation for the battle tomorrow.”

“Yes, Captain!”

Meanwhile, inside a private room in Mirage Plaza, Summerbank, Ryan looked at the shattered window
with a frown. Standing beside him was the doorman who had arrived with news.

If Jonathan were around, he would either have the doorman killed or be crippled temporarily.

However, Leslie wasn’t that particular and didn’t take the doorman together with her.

Ryan looked at the doorman. “Did you see those two jump down from upstairs with your own eyes?”

“Yes,” the doorman replied cautiously.

“They were standing by the window and talking when Mr. Carlson suddenly shot himself twice in his leg
as if he was possessed. After that, he somehow ended up sprawled on the ground.”

“He wasn’t possessed. His mind was just controlled by a Grandmaster,” Ryan plainly replied.

“Grandmaster… Boss, I don’t understand what you’re saying.” The doorman softly suggested, “Boss, I
quit. I just want to leave. It’s fine if I don’t get my pay.”

“Of course,” Ryan agreed with a smile. “This job isn’t easy. As for your salary, you’ll get what’s due to
you. But please, keep what happened yesterday a secret.”

“I know, I know,” the doorman acknowledged Ryan’s instructions while nodding repeatedly.

“All right, off you go,” Ryan added with a chuckle.

With that, the doorman turned to leave. However, the instant he turned around, he felt a stinging pain in
his heart.

Lowering his head, he saw a bloodied hand sticking out of his chest, holding what looked to be his
beating heart.


Just when the terrified doorman wanted to say something, the only sound he could make was the
gurgle of blood out of his mouth.

Behind him, Ryan—despite his bloodthirsty eyes—maintained an indifferent expression.

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