Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 556

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Jonathan looked up and shot a frosty glance at Irving. “You’re Irving Zeigler, aren’t you?” Jonathan’s
words stunned everyone. Ever since the beginning, Jonathan had behaved in a humble and polite
manner. In fact, in the face of Irving’s repeated provocation, he didn’t display any displeasure at all.

As a result, everyone—under the assumption that he was a pushover—was shocked by the murderous
intent contained in Jonathan’s words. He’s actually someone ruthless!

Given that all of them had achieved Grandmaster Realm, their sixth sense was especially sharp. The
instant they detected Jonathan’s murderous intent, Torkild and Bertel retreated at once. As for Irving,
who was seated opposite Jonathan, he sprang to his feet and rapidly unleashed his spiritual energy,
enveloping the room with it.

Following the expansion of his Grandmaster Realm force field, everyone else in the room cast their
own force field to counteract Irving’s spiritual energy.

Truth be told, they had no intention of getting involved in the faceoff between Jonathan and Irving but
were simply forced to do so.

If one was surrounded by a Grandmaster’s spiritual energy, one’s every movement would be seared
into the Grandmaster’s mind.

In fact, the Grandmaster could predict one’s actions from the extent of one’s muscular contraction and
the speed of unleashing one’s spiritual energy.

That was the reason why when a Grandmaster faced cultivators below the Grandmaster Realm, he
could take them on regardless of their numbers—making him close to being invincible.

Even though Jonathan was obviously Irving’s target when he expanded his force field, he would
inevitably surround everyone within it.

Hence, if they didn’t react by unleashing their own force fields defensively, they would be put at a
disadvantage if Irving were to attack them.

After all, even if one might not harbor any intention to attack, releasing one’s force field was still
considered an act of hostility.

That was how suspicious cultivators were of each other with no exceptions made for anyone.

“Mr. Windt, with your permission, allow me to cripple him first,” Irving sneered while staring at Jonathan.


Sofus had barely spoken when a light flashed in the center of his forehead. It was then that the aura he
unleashed began to swell.

Beginner phase Grandmaster Realm…

Middle phase Grandmaster Realm…

Advanced phase Grandmaster Realm…

Within the span of a few short breaths, Sofus had elevated his cultivation level to that of advanced
phase Grandmaster Realm.

“I have invited all of you here to find my mentor for me. If you insist on fighting, you can find a valley
after leaving Prima Majestica and settle your score there. I will not stop you from doing that. However, if
you intend to brandish your weapons here, there’s no way I’m going to allow it!”

Sofus, despite being only sixteen, unleashed an extremely intimidating aura, which was so powerful
that even Jonathan was pressured by it.

Two years ago, Sofus, whom he had encountered by accident, had given him a life-saving medication
when he was grievously injured.

Based on Hades’ report, Sofus was just an ordinary young monk with nothing remarkable about him.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been locked up by the soldiers inside a dark hut for three days and nights.

Thus, Jonathan was surprised to see Sofus demonstrating the power of an advanced phase

On top of that, he could sense that Sofus didn’t forcefully elevate himself to the advanced phase by
using any secret techniques. Instead, he had been suppressing his cultivation level all this while until
Irving behaved belligerently. It was then that he revealed the true extent of his power.

Having evolved from an ordinary person to an advanced phase Grandmaster within two years, Sofus is
not inferior to me in any way.

Staring at Sofus, Jonathan, for the first time in his life, felt pressured with respect to his cultivation.

As for Irving, who saw with his own eyes how Sofus broke through three phases, he shifted the energy
he was previously channeling at Jonathan onto Sofus instead.

“Mr. Windt, is this how you treat your guest after I have come all the way here to help you find your

No sooner had Irving lowered his hands than spiritual energy began to concentrate on it, forming a pair
of transparent claws that were ready to strike.

Behind him, Lauryn too readied her hands with her flying knives. Despite not saying a word, her battle
stance said it all.

With his robe fluttering in the air, Sofus spoke in a calm voice with the two who were prepared to strike.

“I’m sincerely grateful to both of you for coming to help me today. However, if you insist on violence,
you would be showing disrespect to the Phoebus Sect. Even though the Phantom Sect does not have
as many disciples as the Phantom Sect, it’s still an ancient sect with a history of a thousand years and
certainly one that you can trifle with. Therefore, if you dare make a move today, I’ll definitely kill you!”

Sofus had barely finished when he took the lead in dispersing his Grandmaster Realm force field.

As for Irving, he turned to look in Jonathan’s direction, “Jonathan, if you still have any sense left, leave
and stop disgracing yourself here.”

Just as he spoke, Irving, too, dropped his force field.

Everyone else, in turn, did the same before turning their attention toward Jonathan.

With a flick of his fingers, Jonathan dropped his force field too.

“I, too, would like to advise you to disappear from my sight. Or else, death will be knocking on your
door soon.”

“Who do you think you are?” Irving curled his lips into a smirk. “Is it just because you’re the head of
Asura’s Office? Or that you’re f*cking Asura?”


The moment they heard the words, Torkild and Bertel, in unison, turned their heads to look at Jonathan.

However, Lauryn didn’t show any surprise at all.

Evidently, she and Irving were already aware of Jonathan’s identity.

At the mention of Asura, Jonathan had an epiphany that instantly cleared all his doubts—he finally
understood the genesis of Irving’s inexplicable hostility.

It was just that he had too many enemies to figure out which faction Irving belonged to.

“Jonathan, I’m sure you must be curious as to how I know you’re—” Irving sneered.

However, before he could finish, Jonathan cut him off.

“I have no interest at all in knowing because I have just too many enemies—prominent families and
powerful corporate interests both within and outside the country—who want me dead. Hence, it would
be tiresome if I have to remember all these nobodies.

“You…” The moment he was labeled a nobody, Irving felt his blood boil. “How dare you speak so
brazenly? Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t care about the names of those who are going to die,” Jonathan flatly replied before turning his
attention back to Sofus.

“Mr. Windt, I’m sure killing him after entering Summerbank Abyss isn’t against the rules of the Phoebus
Sect, right?”

Watching how Jonathan and Irving were at each other’s throats, Sofus couldn’t help but frown.

“Please refrain from killing one another. After all, I’ve sacrificed a lot just to gather all of you here.”

Meanwhile, at the Northern Crimson Prison supply warehouse, Malcolm was standing by the side of a
stern-looking middle-aged man.

Reaching into his pocket to retrieve a pack of cigarettes, Malcolm gave it a gentle tap for the cigarettes
within it to slide out.

He then handed it to the middle-aged man beside him with a chuckle.

“Captain Queen, this one’s on me.”

Horace Queen glance at the pack of cigarettes before picking one out and lighting it.

Watching the soldiers in front of him moving supplies, Malcolm let out a gentle puff of smoke.

“Captain Queen, since you have traveled thousands of miles across Chanaea from the northeast to the
west just to come to Northern Crimson Prison, I’m really curious as to what sort of mission are you on?”

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