Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 555

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Magical Communication Device

When Sofus greeted him, everyone got to their feet and responded cordially. Thus, Irving had nothing
further to say. After all, Jonathan was the only one among the group who tagged along for the pill, while
the rest were hired by Sofus.

They were engaged for their skills in helping others deal with problems. As the ones who were present
were disciples of major sects, it was necessary for them to maintain some sense of decorum.

Bertel looked to be between forty to fifty. Dressed like a commoner, he had his hair tied up in a knot,
just like a monk. However, the rosary beads in his hand made it difficult to determine what he actually

“Mr. Windt, now that we’re going to enter Summerbank Abyss, I would like to say a few words first. Do
forgive me for the candid words I’m about to offer,” Bertel—eyes lowered—remarked in a raspy voice.

Sofus responded with a nod.

“Feel free to speak, Mr. Tanner.”

Upon receiving Sofus’ permission, Bertel stopped rolling the beads through his fingers as he turned his
attention to Lauryn and the others.

“Everyone, we have a duty to complete the mission we have been hired to do. Therefore, after entering
Summerbank Abyss together with Mr. Windt, we must try our best to seek out Mr. Vladimir Vasquez.

“However, there’s still something that I would like to highlight. Even though I’ve been paid to do this, it
doesn’t mean I’m willing to perish there. I do vow to do my best, but in the event that we face an
insurmountable foe, please forgive me for my cowardice, for I’ll choose to retreat on the account of self-
preservation. Thus, Mr. Windt, please don’t hold me against it.”

Bertel had barely spoken when everyone turned toward Sofus.

From the perspective of the mortal world, Summerbank Abyss was just a wildlife park with extremely
tight security.

The public was informed that the three peaks of Summerbank Mountain contained huge carnivorous
creatures which necessitated the sealing off from the world.

However, within the martial arts world—especially among the ancient and reclusive sects—
Summerbank Abyss was held in extremely high regard.

Shrouded in mist throughout the year, the mysterious Summerbank Abyss had always attracted many
curious cultivators who wanted to explore it.

Unfortunately, no one had managed to actually discover its true essence.

In fact, the reason for its fame started more than a hundred years ago when two God Realm warriors
entered it but were never heard from again.

After all, God Realm cultivators were supposed to be the strongest warriors in the martial arts world.

As for those who achieved the more powerful Divine or even Ultimate Realm—who had the power to
move heaven and earth—they only existed in historical records.

At the very least, no one had heard of such powerful warriors in real life.

Although the combined strength of two God Realm warriors was enough to take on reclusive sects,
they still disappeared without a trace after entering Summerbank Abyss.

That was how Summerbank Abyss became a forbidden area within the martial arts world.

Therefore, many in the group still held reservations despite the fact that Sofus had paid them a
lucrative sum to join the search for his mentor.

As a result, Bertel’s words simply reflected everyone’s sentiments.

Cognizant of their stand, Sofus acknowledged their concerns with a nod.

“I’m already extremely grateful for your willingness to help. Even though our objective is to rescue my
mentor, I recognize that some time has passed since he entered Summerbank Abyss. Thus, I’m under
no illusion that the chances of his survival are low.

“Nevertheless, as his disciple, I’m unable to rest until I’m able to confirm his fate. Therefore, my friends,
your safety remains paramount while we’re inside Summerbank Abyss. As to whether we can find my
mentor, that is secondary. Just remember, do not venture too deep inside.”

While he was speaking, Sofus retrieved a few pieces of bronze shards from his pocket.

“Everyone, these bronze shards came into my possession when I was training with my mentor a few
years ago.”

As Sofus flung them out, the five shiny bronze shards fell into everyone’s hands.

In response to the gentle force emitted by the bronze shard, Jonathan could feel his spiritual energy
rage before being channeled into it.

Subsequently, a ray of light began to glow with increasing intensity before a mysterious force linked all
the bronze shards together.

“What’s going on?” Lauryn asked curiously while holding one of the shards in her hand.

“These bronze shards are the shattered pieces of what used to be a magical bronze mirror.”

In the middle of his explanation, Sofus began to draw—using his hand as if it was a brush—on the
shard he was holding.

Soon, a sequence of words emerged on the shard in Jonathan’s hand.

“Is that a… magical communication device?” the slightly plump Torkild exclaimed.

Torkild wasn’t the only one surprised, as everyone else’s eyes widened in shock.

Staring at the bronze shard in his hand, Jonathan noticed that it had recovered its mottled look after
losing the support of his spiritual energy.

“Is this thing valuable?”

Jonathan finally got the burning question off his chest after a long hesitation.

From Jonathan’s perspective, the device functioned just like a phone but inferior to one, for it needed to
be powered by spiritual energy.

Irving and the others, upon hearing Jonathan’s question, threw him another look of disdain.

Torkild pinched the bronze shard in his hand tightly. “Mr. Goldstein, although there are plenty of magical
items used by a cultivator, they can be categorized into four categories—offensive weapons, defensive
weapons, storage, and communication. With regard to both offensive and defensive weapons, the
techniques for forging them have been handed down. Hence, despite how incredibly precious they are,
they can still be recreated. However, the situation is different for magical storage and communication
devices. Other than items that are inherited such as the one Mr. Windt had just shared with us, no new
ones can be forged, for the techniques for doing so have been lost in the passage of time. To be
honest, this is the first time I have even seen a magical communication device!”

Upon hearing Torkild’s words, Jonathan had an epiphany.

Recalling the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique within his memory, he couldn’t help but feel what a
shame it was, for the two lost crafting techniques that Torkild had mentioned were actually seared into
his mind.

When Jonathan only possessed the first half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, he only had
access to its cultivation method.

However, after obtaining the second half recently, he realized it not only contained detailed
explanations of cultivation methods but also techniques for forging pills and equipment.

In fact, he had even studied the chapter on pill making during his spare time.

Unfortunately, just the complicated names alone were enough to dissuade Jonathan from going further.

Even though the names of the herbs sounded exceptionally bombastic, Jonathan had no idea what
they were at all.

It was as if he was someone from the distant future reading a cooking recipe from the past. The recipe
required a certain amount of salt and sugar but he didn’t even know what those ingredients were. Thus,
there was just no way of carrying on.

Meanwhile, Irving, who was sitting opposite, let out a light chuckle in response to Jonathan’s silence.

“Mr. Fisker, why do you even bother to tell him? He is, after all, not a disciple of any sect. Hence,
there’s plenty he doesn’t know. Don’t tell me that you’re planning on explaining every single thing to

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